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Overthrow Jevin

Created by TheblueMan003 external

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An evil ruler has taken over the world! Team up with some neat characters. Explore a distopian 2D world. Defeat some enemies in turn-based combat and solve puzzle. Save the world from Jevin Spring.

This map was made in 3 days for the Yeggs' Spring Maps Jam.


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Creator: TheblueMan003 external
(53 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 46.75 MB
Added: 2021-05-25
Downloads: 3,737
Category: Adventure Maps

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+1 CreepFan52 Spectacular! Despite the simple battle mechanics, the game was fantastic! Absolutely loved it, I've never experienced anything like that from a Minecraft map.

2021-06-18 06:48

+2 Charred4Life This is a really well-made game for only taking 3 days. hope to see more of this/continuati on in the future. keep up the good work

2021-06-01 06:00

+2 Ancarung That was one of the best experiences i`ve made in a long time. A 2d game in minecraft? I`ve never sawn that in any map i`ve played so far. It wasn`t really the gameplay that lied in focus but the artstyle was great and i have no idea how to do that with command blocks. Big priece from my side.

2021-05-28 21:33

+2 Sir_Fine Bro I can't even beat the ender dragon in 3 days, but you made an entire game? Insanely well designed map that feels like Undertale almost. Also the memes are great lol. Amazing job! I really wish there was more to this!

2021-05-27 00:59


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