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Mysterious Mine

Created by Diamond

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Map Info

You were invited by your friend, who is a miner. In the gold mine, where he is working, is something nasty going on. But when you arrive to his village, he isn't there and the only thing you found is a message from him.

Now it is up to you to solve the mystery of the golden mine and save your friend.



Map Details

Creator: Diamond
(59 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 16.4 MB
Added: 2021-01-11
Downloads: 499
Category: Adventure Maps


0 sopa havent been ableto find the stone button where is it lol

2021-01-17 01:17

0 Dragamer Once I closed closed my eyes nothing happened so I looked at the command blocks and saw that you put in /tp TNTeamC4 instead of /tp @a.
The command blocks teleports to the ending, so check the command blocks, and update the map.

2021-01-16 23:50

0 Nosiume Hey ! I played your map and actually enjoyed it, i think it's a pretty cool chill map but i have to point you some defects that i've found while playing the map which made me completely unable to finish it without fixing commands in gm1 or something like that:

- When you have to find the button in the mine, the button is not placed (i had to check in spectator to find the command blocks and i noticed there was no button)

- At the end, the "click" thing in the chat triggers a setblock to a line of command blocks, the last tp command is set to teleport "TNT" something which is a username and not a selector. Therefore, i had to modify the command with @a instead to be able to get teleported to the ending in the house with Igy

Those are just a couple mistakes but they would make anyone trying your map without command knowledge or mapmaking knowledge to be completely stuck. Great map though ! Have a nice day

- Nosiume

2021-01-16 16:26

0 no where tf is the stone button in the mines

2021-01-14 07:22

0 siona where is the stone button i cant find it

2021-01-13 22:12

0 Jwosh Doesn't work; just dumps us into a brand new, vanilla world.

2021-01-13 17:21

0 Mizzle Is it only me that can't get further than the mine itself?

2021-01-13 13:44

0 sopa I have been looking forever in the mine for the stone button from note 1 and i cannot find it anywhere, send help pls

2021-01-13 05:55

0 natasha warner plz where is the button i have been searching for ages

2021-01-12 21:45

0 natasha warner WHERE IS THIS BUTTON LOL

2021-01-12 21:39

0 baddie amazing map i enjoyed it !!!!

2021-01-12 18:48

0 jank Hello in phase teleportation with igy home you have in command with teleport /tp Your nick and not have @a.

2021-01-12 10:36

0 AkujiSakura when you get to the minecart tunnel and it tells you not to get off the Minecart, and the gravel falls, what are you supposed to do next?

2021-01-12 00:15


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