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Mission Duty

Created by Zombie1111, _Elton

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Map Info

Mission duty is large open world map with 27 different missions to do, inspired by GTA 5. These missions vary a lot! They can be anything from rob a bank to elytra race!

In this map you will experience missions there you plant bombs to blow up a bridge or missions there you defend your base from enemies.

The map has an overall medium difficulty and will take around 2-3hours to complete. Can you complete all missions and find all 50 hidden easter eggs?

Map Features

  • Multiplayer friendly
  • Reset and replay the whole map infinit times or replay a specific mission
  • Custom items, grenades, sticky bombs, flamethrower...
  • Large custom built world full of secrets and details.
  • 50 hidden easter eggs to find
  • Around 2-3h of play time
  • Custom mechanics such as. Unique fail "animation" and a special item pickup system.
  • Fun for all players, both begginers and minecraft veterans.
  • Custom texture pack (Included in world file)
  • Many different missions that vary a lot so it never gets boring
  • A simple nice story and many hint messages
  • Many /trigger commands

Trigger Commands

List of /trigger commands [​Run these commands in ingame chat]/trigger Cheat_Mode (Unlock all items and give infinit ammo to guns)

/trigger Credits (Shows credits, links and fun facts)
/trigger Fast_Travel (Teleport to reach location)
/trigger Ghost (Enter or exit spectate mode)
/trigger Next_Mission (Cheat complete current mission)
/trigger Next_Stage (Cheat complete a part of current mission)
/trigger Previous_Mission (Reset current unlocked mission)
/trigger PvP_Mode (Enable or Disable pvp for multiplayer)
/trigger Reset_Game (If you want to reset eveything run this command)
/trigger Suicide (A quick way to die/fail mission if you want to restart from last checkpoint)


Map Download [​mc1.16.5 v1.0] (Recommended)
Map Download [​mc1.17 v1.1]
Video Trailer


-Fixed so a door no longer blocks the path in mission 18
-You now get more sniper ammo in mission 20 (30 instead of 10)
-Fixed a few grammar errors
-Added a new hint message in mission 6
-Made mission 25 much easier
-Mission 2 is now easier
-Updated the map to 1.17
-Removed the blood effects (To make it realm friendly)
-Changed the name of all items (To make it realm friendly)
-And a few other minor things


Map Details

Creator: Zombie1111, _Elton
(50 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.17
Size: 16 MB
Added: 2021-07-01
Downloads: 5,268
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 OrangeThePretzel when i spawn in i spawn on a fountain and cant do much, is that meant to happen?

2021-07-19 18:44

+3 Bee Hey, so i don't know if its just me, but does anyone else struggle with the beginning of the map? cause all i can currently do is walk around. I don't know if its a glitch or not

2021-07-07 12:33

0 A.hadi i have 2 request for you plz fill these requests i will rate your map and tell my friends to rate and play it to this is the best map i ever played.
request no 1:plz make a part 2 of this map and can you plz make it on version 1.16.5 plzzzzzzzzzz.
request no 2:can you plz make a "Dreamworks Dragons" map plzzzzzzzzzzzzz z.

2021-07-07 08:03

-1 plkalyer when on the first misson when it says press f if your ready after i pick up the steak i just get stuck in a never ending floating up and down stuck cycle even if i reset the game i am also playing with a friend if that is important

2021-07-06 21:44

+1 Zak Quoting Unknown404:
mission 2 is so damn hard
the range you have to be in is so so so little you loose bc you use shortcuts
and he's so much faster than you you loose him soo fast

If you are struggling on Mission 2, I can help you. Instead of using shortcuts, chase the pillager. Make sure you're sprinting and just sprinting, don't jump and sprint as you have a speed effect on so just sprinting is faster then jumping and sprinting. After that, don't stop for eating or anything just keep following and moving from left to right so the pillager doesn't shoot you. By the way the pillager is the mob sitting on the horse.


2021-07-06 15:53

+1 Kassious Fun, but can be WAY too persnickety. I would get shot off the side of the boat and try to get back up, but it makes me restart because I "Abandoned the mission/area"

2021-07-06 02:14

0 Zombie1111 Quoting Unknown404:
mission 2 is so damn hard
the range you have to be in is so so so little you loose bc you use shortcuts
and he's so much faster than you you loose him soo fast

I have made the horse race much easier in the new version. But it often takes a while before the map gets updated

2021-07-05 20:24

+3 Zombie1111 Quoting A.hadi:
how can i skip a mission

If you read the description it says you can do /trigger Next_Mission to complete a mission (Skip)

2021-07-05 20:23

+4 A.hadi how can i skip a mission

2021-07-05 15:47

+1 A.hadi mission 2 is so hard i can not get rid of the zombies and also i accidentally removed the bossbar pls tell me how to skip that mission plzzzzzzzzzzzz

2021-07-05 12:03

+1 aaaaaaa worst map ever mission 2 chasing horse so damm

2021-07-04 07:32

+1 Player where do i get the sword

2021-07-02 16:40

+5 Unknown404 mission 2 is so damn hard
the range you have to be in is so so so little you loose bc you use shortcuts
and he's so much faster than you you loose him soo fast

2021-07-02 13:22


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