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Created by JekNJok

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Midland reached over 8000 Downloads on CurseForge! Thank you for your support ;)  

Midland is a Story-Driven RPG adventure map where you use Fantasy RPG-style special abilities, your guts, your friends' guts, and more to experience a squad of Red Cross Knights' tale of fighting creatures from the Other Side.

In this Multiplayer-friendly map, you will experience Original story, Puzzles, Mazes, PvE combat, Epic boss battles, Dungeons, Parkour and many more while also using Fantasy RPG-Style skills and spells.

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፠ Over 50 visually amazing and powerful spells/skills to choose from, with their own unique upgrades that gives newfound powers.

፠ 3 different archetypes of custom armor that emphasizes on different roles. Or mix them up to serve you with the best combinations of bonus stats you desire.

፠ 50+ Custom Challenges and Advancements!

፠ Play through 10 Acts in 7 beautifully built giant areas.

፠ Play solo or with your friends and beat puzzles, mazes, dungeons, monsters, bosses, and solve mysteries of a small piece of the Mystical World of Mageria!

፠ No additional Texture Pack / Behavior Pack / Resource Packs required to be Downloaded. All required dependencies is automatically downloaded and loaded when the world is loaded.

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If you are in an online server, please enable Command Blocks and Data Packs. Please only play in VANILLA servers. Any Spigot/Bukkit/Paper servers will cause problems.

This map is heavy. If you are using Aternos, or any server hosting that has less than 3GB RAM, its GOING to be VERY laggy.

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Tools used:

World Edit mod

Advancements Generator by thedestruc7i0n

Heads are taken from

Particle generator

ParticleConverter [ ]

Animated Java Blockbench plugin

TextCraft :


Dwarven Stonecraft


The following music are used in this map. If there are any one missing, please contact me!


Yokovic Boss Theme

Fight for your rights

Music by Playsound from Pixabay

Revanant Theme

The Great Escape

Music by 20691430 from Pixabay

Astaria Fields

Rest of the fallen

Battle in Astaria

A sinister power rising


the power of a heroic epic story

Wave Preparation

epic travel on celtic roads

Songs of wolves and dragons

Battle Songs

Kingdom Come

Battle of the dragons



2022-01-13 - Map Released.

v1.4.2 -> 1.4.3

- Emerald Pouch - a utility item that can store all your emeralds at once.
- Directional compass on your actionbar when you're not holding anything.

- Skills have their UI Improved:

- no known bug fixes.

v1.3.3 -> 1.4


World is now more traversable. More areas are linked to each other so that areas feel more connected to each other.

Added traversable paths:
Myrdinn Quarry -> Zerr Passage
Zerr Caves -> Astaria Chapel Basement
Cliffhearth Mine -> Cliffhearth Mine Depths

- All custom music is now controlled through Jukebox/Note Block Slider.


Experience them yourself! ;)

-Regular Knight model update. Better 3d model and smoother animations.

- Even more puzzles scattered around the areas.


- No bug fixes

v1.2.1 -> 1.3


  • Revenant Boss remodeled. Has smooth animations, better 3d model, and new attacks.
  • your companions (Aileesha and Nel) and all the Pillum Opus Members are remodeled. They now have smooth animations and better 3d model


  • - Tome Of Memories : an item you can get after clearing the game's main story questline. With this item, You can RE-PLAY Midland's Acts.
  • - An option to turn off high quality NPC animations back to your standard armor stand models for performance reasons. Located in the guild. You can also toggle it anytime by running /function ampsurv:use-aj-switch.
  • - Skill Disenchanter given to all players as a starting item. It is an item that allows you to unlearn a skill.


  • -Shadowstalkers not behaving correctly.
  • -Necromancers spamming skeletons like crazy.
  • -Damned Wraiths not firing.

Map Details

Map Creator: JekNJok
(86 votes)
Map Version: v1.4.3
Minecraft Version: 1.18.2 (Java)
File Size: 65.9 MB
Date Added: 2022-01-13
Downloads: 6,196
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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