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Mayan Temple

Created by samster99

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Map Info:
Stranded in the middle of no where. No idea how you got there. It is your job to make it through the Mayan Temple without getting killed. 

Solve ancient puzzles created by the Mayans to protect their ancient treasure... or are they there for a different reason? Guided by Mission Control, can you make it through the map, or will you meet your end in the Mayan Temple.

Hope you like it. (Please report any bugs!)

Need help? Watch the Walkthrough.

* 28 Secret Chests.
* 10 Puzzles.
* Parkour Challenges.
* Redstone Challenges.
* Collect Emeralds along the way.
* And Much More!

* Play in Adventure mode.
* Play on Peaceful.
* Set render distance to short.

Update 1.1:
*Fixed problem with falling sand.
*Improved redstone.
*Added command block checkpoints.
*Made the lava puzzle a little bit more clear.
*Simplified the rules.


Map Details

Creator: samster99
(8 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 2 MB
Added: 2013-06-09
Downloads: 81,121
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Fixer Quoting Maroon:
This is a really good map. However, I could not get past the last parkour with the pistons, as the redstone signal went by too fast. I can't get to the last piston fast enough. Please fix this! Thanks!

Maroon, it was made for 1.5.2. That means if you were playing 1.7+, the redstone signals chagned AGAIN, so you can't do things intended to be available for 1.5.2.
-Fixer the Man

2016-06-21 20:22

0 Austin I got 350 emeralds great map and didnt die once and i didnt cheat so..... I loved it and I got lucky at lava

2016-05-26 01:55

0 Maroon This is a really good map. However, I could not get past the last parkour with the pistons, as the redstone signal went by too fast. I can't get to the last piston fast enough. Please fix this! Thanks!

2016-03-06 06:23

+1 Anonymous Really good map, I got 335 emeralds :)

2015-07-12 05:16

0 Tony I cant even get past the first puzzle! ?Its so hard but fun! Can any1 help me?

2015-05-30 18:30

0 Lijthesurvivor 366 emeralds.
Did I get them all?
Forgot to play on peaceful
Mainly great map though!
I thought is was real till stage 10
4.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 stars!

2015-05-06 02:59

0 Lakes Awesome Dude Nice map i know that it is really hard to build something like that. I envy you dude.....

2014-12-23 08:39

-3 TrendyGoat Nice map i just hitted 322 emeralds :D

2014-12-20 13:44

-2 WARPAKS I have 5 stacks and 24 emeralds and I really like this map !

2014-11-22 20:34

+2 InDre4mZ the best map i ever played my score is 350 emeralds the best place is the end i exploded all the map

2014-08-09 17:27

0 mas582 5 stacks and 28 emeralds I give this map a 9.999 because the lava bit was really hard. Good job though really good map! Keep making maps like this and you will become popular!!!

2014-07-26 05:15

0 Stratis11 I have 4 stacks and 45 emeralds

2014-07-04 11:42

+1 BudderWarlock My score of emeralds was 360 emeralds. I loved this map it was built amazingly and i loved the plot twist ending. Plz make more maps like this in the future!

2014-06-07 03:56

0 joel really liked the ending, very portaly. i got 10 stacks

2014-05-25 04:19

0 Hunterothir I got 288 emeralds or 4 stacks (of 640 and a half (which is 32). It was epic but maybe you shouldn't have shown the twist ending as a photo? But still I rate it 9.999 (That other 0.001 percent would be if you fixed this one little hole at the beginning).

2014-05-10 20:42

+2 Inkwell_Artist I have 4 stacks of emeralds,and 25 other emeralds! XD This was a fun map! I got it after i viewed the Not What You Expected map! Keep going with these awesome maps!

2014-03-26 17:43

+1 jie I got 495 emeralds!

2014-01-18 09:26

+1 keven i love the map you made it was cool and bye!

2014-01-05 18:12

0 Fela 373 emeralds!!!! Very good map!!

2014-01-02 03:16

0 ccm963 357 Emeralds. Love the map! Please make more!! :)

2013-12-30 20:26

+1 thegerd367 first adventure map i've played. 363 emeralds. i know where one of the chests i missed is, too.

2013-12-14 19:58

+4 Sonofad8biscuit Quoting Anna:
my score: 274 plus first comment :D

399 is what I got (maximum quantity) and also you are the 3rd comment not 1st. You've been beaten. :p

2013-12-01 17:48

+1 Sasori_Naooki Awesome Map!
My score is 378 Emeralds (42 Blocks)!

2013-11-17 01:29

+1 RocketMilly This was AMAZING!!!i really liked it and actually finished it because it was not impossible like all the other puzzle maps out there. THANK_YOU! (: i got 350 emeralds

2013-11-04 03:34

+1 Dragonlover56 I got 399 Emeralds!

2013-09-10 21:11

-14 wartsniplez This was terrible. The story was badly explained, the puzzles were way too easy, and there was almost no instruction on what to do. 3/10.

2013-08-26 20:00

-3 fail Quoting samster99:
I'm really not sure of the total amount of emeralds in the map I can try to find out but it may not be accurate. (There are A LOT) In the V1.1 I fixed the sand room but you really have to be fast if you want to get those emeralds. Glad you liked it.

There is a little problem in the sand room: If you die at the first time there is only a lot of sand and no way to continue

2013-08-20 09:12

+5 InfiniteGamer I found 363 Emeralds! It was super fun and easy. I congradulate samster99 on this great map!

2013-08-10 01:59

-5 Qtrds After the tnt room there is an iron door without a switch or something, cant continue

2013-08-08 17:59

-2 Adventurezone1 found 391 emeralds

2013-07-29 01:33


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