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Kinda Random

Created by PmkExpert

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Kinda Random is a map featuring parkour, puzzles, combat and an immersive story, all created with the new advanced tech of Minecraft 1.14.

Conquer entire planets, solve mysterious enigmas, battle against waves of enemies and escape an abandoned city in an immersive adventure full of action and secrets.

Want to play with friends? This map is fully multiplayer compatible: help or compete with each other and have fun!

Want to know how the map was made? A developer commentary accompanies the map, giving insight on what I was thinking when creating what you're now playing.


  • Multiplayer compatible
  • 5 advancements
  • A custom resource pack to make rain less intrusive
  • Parkour around planets with special properties
  • Puzzles in a mysterious place with no words written
  • Combat waves of enemies in a challenging arena¬†
  • Exclusive lock-on feature activated by sneaking
  • Help for players that die too much
  • An immersive story that will captivate you
  • 4 optional secrets for the more expert players
  • A timer to let you know how long it took to end the map


Map Details

Creator: PmkExpert
(38 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 2.4 MB
Added: 2019-09-27
Downloads: 3,401
Category: Adventure Maps

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+2 Legolord00 I got all of the advancements!

2019-10-05 15:53

+7 w1nDrunn3r360 This was a great map. I can tell that you put your heart and soul into it, even though some of the mechanics didn't work out as planned. I enjoyed the different creative puzzles but I got really triggered for a while on the gravestone puzzle. It was still a lot of fun though. I myself have been trying to make maps, but they haven't been very good so I have stopped. I appreciate your motivation given in the map though, and 10/10.

2019-10-05 04:29

-9 nothing Map is unenjoyable.
First of all, lets start with the first section, the parkour.
If was fine, nothing special, seen every idea in this parkour before.
Section 2 are three puzzles, in the first puzzle some particles look too similar, which leaded me often to the wrong direction, second one was (compared to the whole map) pretty good, but the third one was simply too hard, not because of not knowing what to do, but of instead using different sounds, it seemed to be the same sound just different pitched, which made it VERY hard to hear which ones are the same.
Now section three:
A way too long arena which is even in gamemode very long, probably the most boring part of the map.
The same mobs all the time, seriously, if you want to flood the chat even more about history of development nobody cares, then atleast do more variation and not constant skeletons that give you 24/7 slow.
Section four is the actual adventure part, just that you have to dig hundreds of graves.
In the end it seems like the whole map was just made to annoy us with how you made the map, everywhere is information about how you made what, i like it when you sometimes get some funfacts about the making of a map, but that was way too much.
It made me stop reading basicly everything, also because most books are way too long.

2019-10-02 10:46


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