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Created by Sixix & xbuttonsx

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Map Info:
You awaken in a room of white, with no memory of why you are there. The only thoughts you have are of recurring nightmares. Your only company being the abusive guards and the man in the cell next to yours, but with a chance of escape your journey begins, leading you to uncover truths you had long forgotten and that test the limits of your sanity.

This map is a mixture of both puzzle and adventure, with a heavy story base to suck the player(s) in. Designed to be both a single or two player map. Complete with jumping puzzle, maze, fighting, finding a key, and so on.

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Map Details

Creator: Sixix & xbuttonsx
(32 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 1.1 MB
Added: 2012-09-02
Downloads: 140,027
Category: Adventure Maps


+3 Adrienne Very good map, and it had an interesting story to it

2018-04-14 02:01

+3 some_guy The way you made the content of the map add to the story was great. I'd love to see more stuff from you.

2018-02-20 15:22

+5 GoddessofDeath One of my favorite maps!!! It was epic!! Great storyline!!!!!

2016-05-08 01:07

+4 chezduddabomb Quoting cAssiusPvp:
Not bad story but... You just walk around and read books.It is quite simple for an adventure map

The point of the map is the story. It wasn't supposed to be too challenging. Kida like watching a movie. It was a nice while for me.

2016-02-15 16:03

+3 cAssiusPvp Not bad story but... You just walk around and read books.It is quite simple for an adventure map

2016-02-01 17:16

+4 hh989 All I want to say to this map: It's an amazing map with a good gameplay. Thanks for it :)

2015-01-11 06:09

-1 Beck Interesting storyline, but had zero challenge. Seemed like all I was doing was walking along uninteresting corridors and reading signs or books. With some puzzles, this map could be a lot better.

2014-12-09 04:49

+3 Ziz Hey guys, first off- great map- very disturbing- but great, recorded my playthrough which is going live on youtube on 13th and 16th of august, channel is Zizgames, will link this page in description :) but yeah, great job, you freaked me out a bit at the end haha

2014-08-10 15:26

+1 olivia best map ive ever played by far my favorite

2014-08-10 03:31

-1 KatKam24 Best Map I have ever played!

2014-08-01 07:25

0 EndlessSomber Wow. i really enjoyed this map. It had a very interesting storyline!

2014-07-28 23:37

-1 Hi I love this map i played a while ago and just played it again. I saw the map coming up "As the World Burns" and looked it up but i can't find it... :( Anyway GREAT map!!!

2014-07-25 18:22

+1 SuperBigTeddy Just played the map with a couple of friends. One of best maps I've ever played. So simple, yet brilliant. Thank you.

2014-06-28 23:00

+4 UnicornPotato Hi, I'm working on a german version of this adventure map (I absolutely love it) is it okay if I could upload it somewhere (minecraft-foru m or somewhere else)? You have the full credit and I just add me as translator.

2014-05-18 18:07

+1 TREX0326 one of the best maps i ever played

2014-05-03 00:58

0 TRENT_THE_TRUCK great map got a little dark and twisted some times but i enjoyed it

2014-02-20 01:02

0 Daxx_S1ayer Just got it bout 2 hrs ago, and I loved it, the way you see him slowly realize his insanity is great. Keep up the amazing work guys!!!

2014-02-14 03:00

+2 Cecil Hello! LOVED THIS MAP! So much fun, and such a good plot!
We made a little series of it, and here's the first episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHQl0GSBAGA

2014-02-07 16:50

+2 Annababi929 BEST. MAP. I'VE. EVER. PLAYED. In the end, it says there will be another one in the credits. Is that out already? If not, when will it be because.. THIS ONE WAS AWESOME!

2014-02-05 23:08

-1 Lulu Wow. This is one of the best maps I've ever

2014-01-20 00:48

-3 Micah Chorost This was a really fun map. It was challenging and puzzling and moderately short. At least I think. I'm not sure but I think I broke the map towards the end. But it was still really fun.

2013-12-27 17:15

-1 belle121212 such a good map
good job!!

2013-12-22 23:41

0 Alec Hoffman Loved it, the story was awesome!

2013-12-09 04:30

+1 Stijn it was an awesome map! 11/10 :P

2013-11-29 17:52

+1 Pieman626 I am amazed by this map it is possibly the best map i have ever played! the story was very in depth, the puzzles were easy so it did not distracted from the story (which i liked) and the ending was fantastic, it made me feel the warm fuzzy feeling of happiness after completing it, this map is a must play for any minecrafter

overall i give it 10 out of 10 (and i rarely give 10 out of 10) :)

2013-11-12 03:19

0 UniqueEcho This is definitely one of my favorite maps, it has good but simple graphics and a very creepy and well-built story. I'm sure that I am not only speaking for myself when I say you should definitely made a sequel!

2013-11-11 00:13

+3 Yergink This map. Was. Amazing. I cant say any more because if I went into detail the comment would be too long.

2013-10-21 01:15

-5 Peanut Heres a playthrough:

2013-09-06 20:34

+1 zdang The only bad thing is when I die I respawn at the start of the map, but apart from that it was amazing

2013-09-06 19:04

+2 _Kumuro_ This map is possibly the best map I've ever played. Especially the story. My god, I loved the story. I would read the story even if it wasn't with the map because the dark/dreary dramatic storyline just makes it, well, great! You made great cliff hangers, and you know how much I love those. Great job on the map!

2013-08-15 20:55


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