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Infiltration (Season 1)

Created by Cloud_Wolf external

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Map Info:
Playing as a Government Secret Agent, you are tasked with taking down notorious criminals. You need to break your way into dangerous situations to arrest them. As the story progresses, you will be forced to make game changing decisions which result in 2 similar, but different endings. In Season 1, the story focuses on setting up feelings of betrayal and revenge while having plenty of action in between.

The map spawns you in a lobby where you can play all 4 parts in, or out of, order. Each part has a difficulty scale and an estimated game time. In total the map can take as little as 15 Mins, but it could take much longer. 


  • Many Custom weapons and enemies
  • 4 Maps with unique landscape
  • Varying levels of difficulty
  • Custom chat advancement
  • Resetting Enemies on Death
  • Checkpoints
  • Special Effect and Music

Originally build for rsmalec's 60 Minute Tournament, each part was made in just 60 minutes as a part of a challenge and turned out quite extraordinary. It did, however take many hours to fix the maps and compile them into one world.

Map Details

Creator: Cloud_Wolf external
(137 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 14 MB
Added: 2016-01-16
Downloads: 10,720
Category: Adventure Maps

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0 Name I havent tried it but everyone says it has a lot of glitches.. i will try the map and give you feedback

2020-05-18 20:02

+1 Sam Winchester Are You going to Make season 2

2017-03-15 10:02

-1 Seegle Great map, no trouble at all, can't wait for the next season!!GREAT WORK!!!!

2016-11-28 20:49

-3 Gotham Michael Quoting the wither:
im stuck in the prison it says silas is gone i better cheek jackson and i cant find jacksons cell they dont tell me where it is

Jackson is on the very top floor. your welcome! :D

2016-06-19 02:37

0 EdPlays Very interesting story. Had a bit of trouble with the third part, but overall very enjoyable. Made a video that might be able to help some people out: https://youtu.be/Slkwkvz1eFA

2016-05-18 00:16

0 Ellen Very difficult to play because of lack of spawn point that is actually WHERE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE.
Died twice, spawned outside of the place.
First time I was able to switch to creative mode and fly to the place.
Second time, I have no idea where I am.

Also had to spawn a second dog in because roger wouldn't come with me, even though I spent 5 minutes trying.

2016-05-16 23:15

0 the wither im stuck in the prison it says silas is gone i better cheek jackson and i cant find jacksons cell they dont tell me where it is

2016-04-28 11:12

0 ??? I got stuck on second part could not go to lobby.

2016-04-04 03:10

0 wjay I died on second level had to tp to lobby how do i continue

2016-03-19 17:45

+2 wjay I cant get out of the first level

2016-03-19 13:11

0 oscar its a really good map I made a videos for them but I could only do the first three parts part 4 would glitch out :(

2016-02-27 20:19

0 AndonPickles Awesome but how do I save jackson

2016-02-27 17:04

0 Michelle I'm sure this would have been a fun map if I could have gotten it to work. I wasn't given any food (unless I just missed it) so I couldn't regen my health and I died on the first level, but instead of respawning in the lobby or at the beginning of the level, I respawned in the middle of nowhere. Then I went into creative mode and tried to find the level again. I was able to find the place you click the button to teleport to the level but even though I pushed my dog into the room it said I had to have my dog with me. After flying around and smashing into several different places I gave up without being able to find the level. I might redownload the map and try again.

2016-02-11 01:00

-1 Cloud_Wolf If part 3 is too hard just do /kill @e[type=Skeleto n] to kill them. Jackson spawns in part 3 at top level right side in the cell without bars in front. If you still can't see him. Reopen the world.
Thanks for your support. Hopefully the next map will not be as differential(so me say great some say terrible).

2016-02-04 23:49

+3 the wither im stuck in the prison it says silas is gone i better cheek jackson and i cant find jacksons cell they dont tell me where it is

2016-01-31 01:50

+1 grizzly47 Jackson wont spawn plz help

2016-01-31 01:46

+1 The_TigerTank the first 2 parts were fine but the 3rd was just stupid. I would die within 30 seconds 2/5 cause of the first 2 parts 0/100 for part 3

2016-01-27 19:53

0 batman338811 do another season that was awesome

2016-01-26 02:46

-1 StevenPlaysMC One of the best maps I've ever played. Great job! I really hope for a sequel.

2016-01-24 20:42

-1 Cloud_Wolf Oh that is not good. As a notice for all, please do not right click constantly. Chances are you clicked too fast. You may have to check out the commands or reload the map and give yourself cheats to quickly get back to where you were.
I am sorry for the inconvenience.

2016-01-20 21:22

0 Anonomous so.. i found jackson on part three, what do i do now? i have right clicked on him constantly.

2016-01-20 01:54

-3 Cloud_Wolf Making the map parts in 60 minutes was not really a stylistic choice. I made it for a tournament. I just happened to finish all the parts and wanted others to be able to play them because prior, only the map judge played them.

2016-01-18 16:03

0 Cloud_Wolf Thanks hotline pig, it's nice to hear good feedback. Remember what the text at the end of part 4 said. *wink* *wink* likes on trailer vid= sooner season 2 release

2016-01-17 18:40

-1 MimoDX2 The map is really great, but making each part in 60 minutes wasn't a good idea at all, maybe you can do a better version, or at least fix some bugs that people are complaining about.

2016-01-17 17:46

+1 Cloud_Wolf If you die and spawn in a forest, type /to 90 155 -360 to go back to lobby. That happens if you go too fast in the lobbies and chats. Just take your time and you should be good. Don't spam click things. Also, each level has food except part 3. You get it from the kitchen area chests. The map has bugs because it was made in 60minutes each as a part of a tournament.

2016-01-17 17:05

0 Badevil When i died i respawned in the middle of nowhere in a forest. Im gonna be honest, the map was pretty bad because all of the bugs.

2016-01-17 14:29

+1 Hotline_Ping Even though this wasn't in the best quality, I still loved it! Definitely make part 3 and 4. It's been a while since I've played a map that actually changes your experience with the choices you make. Awesome map dude.

2016-01-17 05:29

-1 Dahbestcod Nice map. Although I have one minor complaint.
Throughout the game, food doesn't seem to be given so I couldn't regen any health. Can you add some steak into the chests?

2016-01-17 04:56

0 Techpig57 When I die I spawn in the middle of a forest and There is a hill in front of me that has a red beacon on it

2016-01-17 04:41

+1 Cloud_Wolf If you get stuck on finding Jackson in Part 3. Go to the top floors and check the cells. He should be in one of them.

2016-01-17 03:41


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