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Escape from Zanzer Tem's Dungeon

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Map Info:
The local wizard, Zanzer Tem has been abducting people and putting them to labor in his salt mine. You are his latest victim. Will you meet your end at the hands of the wizard's ogre taskmasters, or will you escape and render justice unto Zanzer?

Based on the classic D&D adventure "Escape from Zanzer's Dungeon" included in The Classic Dungeons and Dragons boxed set (published by TSR in 1994).

Play on Easy or higher Difficulty.

Minecraft Version: 1.7
Using any other version guarantees a clusterflip of awfulness.

Resource Pack:
CrEaTiVe_ONE's Medieval Pack
Required for story elements to make sense.
Note: If the skin server is down, the enemy heads will not display properly.

This is my first adventure map. I hope you enjoy it. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Read the rules in the initial room. Seriously... do it! Take special note that the "keys" (named levers) should only be used on the specifically marked doors. There are iron doors elsewhere, but they are only meant as scenery.

On your first playthrough, take it slow and take note of the little details. In D&D it's a bad idea to blaze through the dungeon and it's no different here. You miss a lot and it increases the chances of the DM creating a grudge dungeon for not appreciating their work. Enjoy the journey. It's a short map, but there's much to discover.

The map set in the world of my Pathfinder campaign:

Changes in 1.3:

  • Tiledrops are back on, making being unable to escape the pit just sad.
  • Creative Mode blocker is no longer lethal.
  • Want to use creative mode? Finish the map to earn it.

Changes in 1.2:

  • Cannot skip over encounters.
  • The pit is now very escapable.
  • Secret rooms now have incentives for finding them.
  • A closer encounter with Zanzer's golem.
  • Brutal retaliation against going into creative mode. Trust me... you want none of it.

Changes in 1.1:

  • Harder to get off the plot railroad.
  • Difficulty is set to Easy by default.
  • A Difficulty switch has been added to the starting room.
  • Some NPC dialogue has been changed.
  • Tiledrops are now off, so you can't reuse levers.
  • There is a consequence for going too far behind the scenes.


2014-04-12 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Axcalibar
(13 votes)
Map Version: v1.3
Minecraft Version: 1.7
File Size: 1.5 MB
Date Added: 2014-04-12
Downloads: 82,026
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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