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Escape from Zanzer Tem's Dungeon

Created by Axcalibar

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Map Info:
The local wizard, Zanzer Tem has been abducting people and putting them to labor in his salt mine. You are his latest victim. Will you meet your end at the hands of the wizard's ogre taskmasters, or will you escape and render justice unto Zanzer?

Based on the classic D&D adventure "Escape from Zanzer's Dungeon" included in The Classic Dungeons and Dragons boxed set (published by TSR in 1994).

Play on Easy or higher Difficulty.

Minecraft Version: 1.7
Using any other version guarantees a clusterflip of awfulness.

Resource Pack:
CrEaTiVe_ONE's Medieval Pack
Required for story elements to make sense.
Note: If the minecraft.net skin server is down, the enemy heads will not display properly.

This is my first adventure map. I hope you enjoy it. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Read the rules in the initial room. Seriously... do it! Take special note that the "keys" (named levers) should only be used on the specifically marked doors. There are iron doors elsewhere, but they are only meant as scenery.

On your first playthrough, take it slow and take note of the little details. In D&D it's a bad idea to blaze through the dungeon and it's no different here. You miss a lot and it increases the chances of the DM creating a grudge dungeon for not appreciating their work. Enjoy the journey. It's a short map, but there's much to discover.

The map set in the world of my Pathfinder campaign: heroshi.pbworks.com

Changes in 1.3:

  • Tiledrops are back on, making being unable to escape the pit just sad.
  • Creative Mode blocker is no longer lethal.
  • Want to use creative mode? Finish the map to earn it.

Changes in 1.2:

  • Cannot skip over encounters.
  • The pit is now very escapable.
  • Secret rooms now have incentives for finding them.
  • A closer encounter with Zanzer's golem.
  • Brutal retaliation against going into creative mode. Trust me... you want none of it.

Changes in 1.1:

  • Harder to get off the plot railroad.
  • Difficulty is set to Easy by default.
  • A Difficulty switch has been added to the starting room.
  • Some NPC dialogue has been changed.
  • Tiledrops are now off, so you can't reuse levers.
  • There is a consequence for going too far behind the scenes.

Map Details

Creator: Axcalibar
(12 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 1.5 MB
Added: 2014-04-12
Downloads: 81,947
Category: Adventure Maps


MeanSomeThink I just played this map and it is really cool. Thumbs up for sure - if you want to check my gameplay of the map with my commentary - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLQyTooiedc -
have a nice day!

2015-09-19 18:04

jormor007 I havent played this map yet but i want to play it with my friends. The command blocks dont get confused on multiplayer right?

2015-03-06 08:10

Catire_Lynnsburg this map and stonefast where the first maps i played and i loved them. I hope your coming out with more maps!

2015-03-05 21:54

Daniel I liked this map. Was confused in the room with the levers, but still, got through. Some of the secret stuff was funny.

2015-02-07 20:35

Axcalibar Quoting flamember:
it was fun until i got to the part with the keys! the game is impossible to finish and i cant place the ladders, torches, or keys that im supposed to be able to place! >:( useless

The explanation of why they don't work for you occurs at least 3 times on this page. XD Read!

2014-11-17 18:48

flamember it was fun until i got to the part with the keys! the game is impossible to finish and i cant place the ladders, torches, or keys that im supposed to be able to place! >:( useless

2014-11-15 23:19

AerZork This was a great map! I absolutely loved playing it :)
I did a playthrough of it over on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN3lvi2RluE&feature=youtu.be&a

Can't wait to play Stonefast!

2014-10-31 21:36

Axcalibar Quoting Lewis:
My Friends and I played this map yesterday really fun, we are going to play the sequel soon.

How did you set up the not going into creative mode thing. I was trying to explore the commands you used in the map, but cannot get into creative mode until i complete the map, how did you set that up, It would be an awesome feature in the map I am making.

Thanks for playing! As for the Creative Mode Blocker, I've made a video explaining that.

2014-10-28 16:41

kolonelnick i just finished your map pretty cool map, i'm playing stonefast next


2014-10-26 20:57

Lewis My Friends and I played this map yesterday really fun, we are going to play the sequel soon.

How did you set up the not going into creative mode thing. I was trying to explore the commands you used in the map, but cannot get into creative mode until i complete the map, how did you set that up, It would be an awesome feature in the map I am making.

2014-10-10 22:42

person I like the map but i couldn't place any keys so i couldn't finish it but it was still fun!

2014-10-05 17:01

eric_shift1 Had a lot of fun playing this map, however I cheated on the part with all the mobs, as it seemed inpossible.

2014-09-24 02:44

taustsome great map! love it

2014-08-22 15:14

Phineas Rage Hey Axcalibar,

I really enjoyed this. It is short, but I liked that about it. Nice job.

It's a great length for a Let's Play, so maybe I should do that. :)

2014-08-20 06:40

Axcalibar Thanks everyone, for the support of this map. If you enjoyed it (and perhaps thought it was too short), you'll be pleased to know that its sequel, "Stonefast", is being beta-tested. However, I will likely wait for the official release of 1.8, as there seem to be some odd bugs in multiplayer at this time.

@APERSON: ZTD seems to work well in multiplayer. This should be obvious, but expect the difficulty to scale downward with more players.

2014-07-23 19:31

APERSON Can this be played with more than 1 person?

2014-07-20 23:49

Mel It's great, just really short (it took us 30-40 minutes, but it felt like we had just started the adventure and hadn't come apon any hard parts yet) and it was too easy (We even played on medium) - If you extend the map, it would be AMAZING.

2014-06-21 12:13

randomer Loved it!Please make more!I really liked the hack and slash runnig looting and practically everything!!!

p.s I need more

2014-06-08 19:07

THATGUY This map was horrible, the story was nonexistant (Or at least, EXTREMELY poorly explained), there was no aparent linearity at all and all i did was run around empty halls with chests full of loot. No progression, bad explanation and NO fun at all.

Im sorry, but this map was extremely poorly explained and very boring.

2014-06-06 16:59

PrinceofSha This was an amazing adventure map! I loved every second of it, and decided to record it for my gaming channel. I'll upload the video soon. But kudos to you, sir! I loved the map, and I'm very excited for part II.

2014-06-05 12:57

Salarfriedflame amazimg one of my best maps and its your first map

2014-05-30 08:03

MCFan Brilliant, just brilliant!!! I just barely started the map but I love it! The only complaint is that all the creatures heads look the same, maybe there is a glitch on my end.

2014-05-26 21:19

SneakyNinjaDog Played this map and like it a lot. Looking forward to see what Axcalibar comes up with in the future.

2014-05-23 14:52

Axcalibar Just a notice until I can update again: I've decided the Creative-Blocki ng mechanism I implemented is too heavy-handed. I will be removing the lethal element. In the mean time, to diffuse the device (if you really must use creative mode) in the starting room "/give [yourself] wooden_hoe" and plow the block under the "Discoveries" sign. You will be able to reach a lever underneath that deactivates the blocker.
"We apologize for the inconvenience.” - Douglas Adams, So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

2014-05-22 18:37

Axcalibar @MyName: I frankly don't see how that's possible. If you were playing on peaceful, didn't search any chests or pay attention to anything, and you knew where you were going prior to playing... it would still take longer than 2 minutes. Check your difficulty and version against what's specified above.

2014-05-10 05:14

bo39 hey finished your map last night made a play through had some honest coments and concerns at the end i have help make maps for a couple of ppl and they terned out amazing but thats at least in my eyes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTD4UcF-QAB6oU1dRE87yls0GWYeZfftF&feature=mh_lolz

2014-05-09 19:02

MyName Did I find a glitch or something, or is this just really short? I literally finished this in about 2 minutes.

2014-05-08 01:52

IDK Gaming Great Map
Here is a video play through of the first part of this map hope you all check it out and enjoy.

2014-04-25 22:22

Axcalibar @Damion: No no, it is 1.7. I asked because what happened to you was what I experienced when I loaded it in 1.8. So, what version did you use, out of curiosity?

2014-04-23 01:08

Damion Its 1.8? I didn't notice. Thank you.
Yay! My first comment that actually got a response!

2014-04-22 21:54

Axcalibar @Sol: Congrats, that's the end! I am working on a sequel however. Here's the trailer:

2014-04-21 23:27

Sol A rather impressive adventure! I've started recreating classic modules in Creative but making them any kind of playable is a far off fantasy to me.

Once you get out and into the town, is that it? Just turn it off?

2014-04-21 01:38

Axcalibar Some basic adventuring advice:
1) Always check for traps
2) Never split the party
3) The Dungeon Master's word is law!
4) Have fun! >:)

2014-04-16 17:40

Axcalibar @Damion: Did you play the map in 1.8? That's the clusterflip of awfulness I mentioned in the description. The plates are removed properly in 1.7, but I used the old ID format.
@coowhip: I've been a dungeon master for 15 years, so fair to say I'm a bit sadistic. Bwua ha ha ha!

2014-04-16 17:36

Damion Honestly, I actually did not enjoy this map. On the first fight with Zanzer Tem, the fireball pushed you away, there for making you have to step on the pressure plate again , summoning another witch. It felt like many structures filled with mob-spawning machines. I think that you should have a pressure plate vanish after you step on it using setblock. And when you want Zanzer Tem to shoot fireballs, you should have the plate cause a constant signal that summons them. But what I really like is the effect of the orc dude giving you bread. That was cool. The custom enemies are very nice also. Thank you for reading this comment.

2014-04-16 00:40

coowhip It was a good homage to the D&D adventure you modeled. The only thing i might say is the 'Keep Inventory' command would make it a bit smoother... but other then that, Great map.

2014-04-15 19:07

MrCarri I really enjoyed the map, it was great. The only "problem" I found was that I got confused when I did the final boss battle. I didnt realize i had finished the map because i brewed strength 2 potions in the brewery and I killed the boss so easily. Nice map, i had a great time playing it. Waiting for another map from you!

2014-04-15 15:32

Axcalibar @BippityBoo: When you pick up Gorgo's cursed golden ball, it attaches to your leg by a silver chain (gameterms: you get a slowness debuff). In D&D, it could be broken by anyone except the one it was attached to. I saw no way to implement that. Since the only way to remove a debuff (other than a clear command at a fixed point) is to drink milk, I researched what substance could dissolve silver, and named the milk bucket after that.

2014-04-15 10:40

paulx Very great map! I hope you make another one!

2014-04-15 08:51

BippityBoo Hey so how does the nitric acid work on melting silver? I realize its just a milk bucket but all it does it let me drink it. i drank the one in the frame but nothing happened i found the one in the dwarven place but dont know if i should drink it again or what. its really not clear.

2014-04-15 01:43

Turge83 I am just the same as you fullmetalvlad. I played a map one time and they left water buckets in a dispenser so I took them and cheated the whole map. Me and you are useful as beta testers you know. That's why my brother is usually busy. :3 Looks like a cool map though so I'm gonna download it now. Have a nice rest of the day everybody!

2014-04-14 15:25

jimblejam Quoting #budder:
First comment oh yay. By the way very fun map.

not the first comment :P but fun map definitely

2014-04-14 11:11

fullmetalvlad Hey man, great map! It was easy to get stuck at some points, but if you pay attention it's easy to see what to do. I like how you had a great mix of combat and puzzles, and it did not feel like it was just an endless swarm of mobs (lookin at you hypixel). I think you should continue making maps like this. I only have one complaint, at some points it was easy to cheat out of the map. One i thought to craft the shears, i saw the dirt and was like "oh i bet if i use my axe to break that wood i can make a shovel and there will be something here!" I actually did dig through it and ended up messing up a bit of the redstone. So try to watch for stuff like that (although im sure im the only person to think of that). Other than that this was one of the most fun mas i have ever played. I hope to see more from you.

Keep doin' watcha do,


2014-04-13 20:10

#budder First comment oh yay. By the way very fun map.

2014-04-13 15:22

The random potato AWESOME MAP! :D

2014-04-13 15:13


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