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DragonQuest - No Time Left!

Created by fdragoneye

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Map Info:
You are a noble knight, a knight of the high court of the queen. You are sent to the nether city of Nyon to fend of a Dragon; a Dragon which curses the valley and visits them every so often. You banish the fiend back to its own dimension, but there are threats that, the dragons helpers are summoning an equally powerful creature to help defend the dragon. You will need to battle through the map facing a variety of things going from Hordes of Mobs to the Dragon himself. You must be prepared... Are you?

This map is my first adventure map and I plan to construct more along the way, I hope you will like it because I really enjoyed making it, Thank You for checking out my adventure map and I hope you try it for yourself!

Map Details

Creator: fdragoneye
(9 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 36.45 MB
Added: 2012-12-04
Downloads: 76,416
Category: Adventure Maps


+3 craftkiller_99 2nd best map i have played a little bug at the witches shack and thats the only problem

if it didnt happen it would beat revenge of the gods

good luck on your other maps


2014-04-10 16:56

+7 Treeness It was an OKAY map...It was really confusing though.

2013-08-05 19:47

-6 Creeper man Im confused one minute im in the nether then im out the front of an ender portal which is confusing how'd you even find it its like there is a huge gap in the storyline D=

2013-07-09 05:36

+21 KevinEnder It's amazing!
'Nuff said...

2013-04-19 10:02

-11 Marionast Okay, the map overall was pretty good considering it was your first map. But still, that's no excuse for all the showing redstone and all the bugs with the map. There's not much story-line to it and its really confusing, even to smart people. So overall I would give the map a 4/10 because it was your first map, but its was really messy.

2013-03-29 04:21

+10 the boss what difficulty do i put it on? Recommended texture pack?
You forget to put a lot of information bro!

2013-03-15 22:16

-22 dk5963 Where's the computer in the witches hut?

2013-02-23 18:20

-11 MY_RULES_ROCK don't get upset with my usrrname its random but I didn't like the map I found it hard in a few ways cuz I am young and it confused me when the witches hut, I put the lever on the iron block (computer) and it brang me back to spawn I had no idea what to do

2013-02-17 07:44

+24 Minecrafter To get past the witch's house, you need to put a lever next to the computer (iron block) and flip it, you teleport to the next place.

2013-01-21 03:38

-10 Mastercat same thing as everyone. But could turn out way better if you make it longer, better scenery and longer quests.

2013-01-18 20:15

+24 Tra_kad Seriously? why the frick is EVERYONE complaining about the witches hut? IT"S. BLOODY. OBVIOUS. lever on computer, pull, and HOLY CRAP it does stuff.
Sorry bout language, just trying to make a point to brain dead humans.
but however, if this was NOT your first mp I would probably not even be writing this because (again, if NOT your first map.) sucked. but since it IS your first map I think that you did a pretty decent job, and nice work with command blocks, I think if you had a bit more work on the scenery and a few grammer issues you would be fine. :)
(see, I'm actually nice unlike most critics and point out the good things first and then the bad.)

2012-12-27 22:23

-24 DarKreeper99 This is my least favorite map. There was stuff everywhere. Yeah i got past the witches house and through the parkour part but at the end of the parkour it said something like you were supposed to jump in the lava then i spawned on some random box out of redstone lamps. Just dont download this map. It is extremely confusing

2012-12-27 19:09

+13 fdragoneye After the witches house you put the lever next to the computer! It activates the computer and teleports you away!

2012-12-23 17:40

+18 amazingness what to do after witch's house?

2012-12-21 17:42

+19 Master Q How do you I get into the witches house

2012-12-17 00:15

+16 AgentLeo54 This entire map is confusing. Where am I supposed to go after the witches house?

2012-12-16 17:35

+24 dude what to do after the witch's house?

2012-12-13 11:29

-39 person where is the quest book?

2012-12-09 23:12

+9 drocks14 i got as far as the computer but after that ? can you help me

2012-12-08 22:30

+6 ~IvoryShadows~ Rating: 2/10

I am afraid I must agree with Clyde S. on this one. This map is totally messy. Some of the commands don't work, the manual teleporting is a pain, and the layout was poor. The story was unclear, and there was an excessive amount of unneeded items that were pointless to the experience. The map is WAY too short, which surprises me because it says the map file is 36 MB. There was clearly a very small amount of effort put into this. Please do not assume I'm rude, but this map is really just a bunch of mixed up junk. Next time you release a map, try to make it a little more refined and tuned up. Then this map could be turned into something actually pretty good. :)


2012-12-08 21:04

+1 gdsfghbj Recommended texture?

2012-12-08 19:55

-13 qwertycreator How to enter the witch's house?

2012-12-08 18:53

+2 qwertycreator Quoting MiriMonkey:
Hello! I liked the village but when i arrived at the point that said to jump in to the lava i did but nothing happened.
What do i do?

You die and get teleported to the witch's house.

2012-12-08 18:52

-21 Battlefront No offense, but I can't wait until my map, The Wither Wars, is up so that you guys don't waste your time on this. It took me 2 days just to get past the witch's house part, and all the portals mixed so you had no idea where to go. In addition, I couldn't read half the books and all the map's redstone showed. All in all, very confusing and not even worth playing.

2012-12-08 18:39

+6 MiriMonkey Never mind i had a sort of bug that didn't let me die...
now i died and i think i'm in the right place!

2012-12-08 13:14

+6 MiriMonkey Hello! I liked the village but when i arrived at the point that said to jump in to the lava i did but nothing happened.
What do i do?

2012-12-08 13:10

+5 xThemadgodx I wonder if this is anything like the walking dead game episode 5 "No time left"

2012-12-08 11:49

+6 HellixBG What should I do after killing the witches ?

2012-12-08 08:58

0 zephous9 this is awesome

2012-12-08 02:24

+1 AznOrtiz Cool! Looks fun, trying it out.

2012-12-08 00:07


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