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DANK-Tectives S2 C7: China Challenges

Created by SuperT external

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Map Info

After discovering the mysterious organization, called the DTSA, under your house, you start to question who they are, but no matter, they already have a mission for you. You are their "new recruit", after all. In the Ancient (and very made up) village of 神奇的土地 Shén qí de tǔThe Chinese sorcerers have noticed some Americans among them, those of which are very suspicious. Accompany James Li, a member of the DTSA on your journey to China! James is also a sorcerer, who is actually quite good at magic. Help him figure out who is behind these American men, who have been found out to be stealing magic from the Chinese sorcerers. ??


You do not need to have played the other maps in the series, there is a book to inform you of the events of the maps in Season 2. Just know that this map is a continuation from Season 2 Case 6, where you meet a secret organization under your house. If you would like to play them, here is a link to all the maps I have made: Click Here!

Extra Info

There is Chinese voice acting in this map (minimal, but there so it gives a realistic feel, but the map is mostly in English and the Chinese is mostly for spells/minimal characters who don't know English that well)

James Li is actually a real person. He was born in China, and lives in America now, he is my best friend and he helped me with the builds, story, and translations/pronunciations. (Yes, I voice act a character who speaks Chinese in the map.) Couldn't have produced this map without him!

If you need the resource pack for any reason, here is an external download. Click Here!

Vocal Credits

Fen Fang- Twitchstar3231

Sorcerer Jenny- Twitchstar3231

Garrith- SuperT

James Li- James Li

Master- James Li

Old Man- James Li

Elite Sorcerers- James Li

Old Woman- James Li


Map Details

Creator: SuperT external
(71 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.3
Size: 31.7 MB
Added: 2019-07-08
Downloads: 10,377
Category: Adventure Maps

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arvinaaa Quoting hipatrick12:
china is my birthplace

And I am next to you

2021-12-16 02:10

hipatrick12 china is my birthplace

2019-07-31 04:45

username please help my map doesn't work at the part where you train with jenny
no animations or vocals happen

2019-07-25 18:55

SophieM1406 Im stuck in the Tibet section. i cant break any logs/trees is this a bug or am i just blind

2019-07-15 18:14

SuperT Quoting Cool:
Interesting, but at some parts, It could be more explained so the player know where or how to do something

Care to explain some specific parts?
I used to explain so much stuff and it made the map feel stale.
But I can potentially change some dialogue or something if it needs to be.

2019-07-11 20:03

Adundance__ Even though I haven't played the other 6 cases, this one is really good so far!

You can see part 1 of my playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yw416UHPTQ&t=1s

2019-07-11 17:13

Cool Interesting, but at some parts, It could be more explained so the player know where or how to do something

2019-07-10 22:31


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