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Chronotide (Halloween Edition)

Created by Vladimyr

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Map Info:
From the creators of the popular map Wintertide, comes Chronotide. This new adventure map is set in the once peaceful city of Chronotide, that now lays in ruins.

One day, a great darkness struck the powerful Chrono Crystal that lay within the city, causing a massive shock wave that teared through everything in its path. To save the inhabitants of the city, the powerful Chrono Crystal was then activated, in order to preserve them in temporal stasis.

You have now been summoned through the time stream by the Chrono Crystal to try and help the remaining inhabitants of the city.

Chronotide adds a lot more atmosphere than the previous map, creating a very spooky and creepy experience. Average play time is about 2-4 hours. It's recommended to lower the music volume, but increase the sound, as well as lower the brightness, for added creepiness. You should be playing it on at least easy or normal mode.

Map Details

Creator: Vladimyr
(11 votes)
Version: 1.4
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 6 MB
Added: 2012-09-07
Downloads: 46,762
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 Inheritance04 Completely and utterly amazing. I remember playing Wintertide about a year ago, and simply being amazed. This is another map which makes me look upon what Minecraft is, a community. In the modern day, all the maps seem to either stink, or use a ton of command blocks, but it is clear but this map that billions upon billions of command blocks are not necessary. This map stands up to the newer maps that have dozens of new features, this map shows how much could be done, even in 1.4. I can't believe that this is what it used to take to make an adventure map, I really do hope that the creators of this make some more maps, in the same 'tide' series or stand-alones, you guys are amazing map makers.

2014-11-26 03:20

+4 sciencefreek03 That was by far my favorite map ever!!!


It took me a minute but I love the A Perfect Circle song played at the end!


2013-02-26 02:34

+9 jjt_ninja A really good texture pack to use is Athrey's Ascension. I might of misspelled that. So don't copy and paste looking for it.

2012-12-11 03:10

+4 Filipe13 one word:


2012-12-08 17:15

+8 unkillable94 First discovered this when CaptainSparklez played it and I finally got around to playing it myself, watching someone doesn't do it justice, nice work :D

2012-12-02 02:25

+9 That Guy Ending was INSANE and crashed my pc

2012-11-24 21:35

+6 lumapup oh. my. gosh.

this map is awesome, creepy, and just overall good!

2012-11-07 21:19

+9 Jayney28 Quoting Vladimyr:
I just released a new version of this map, Chronotide: Halloween Edition.
It has been updated to 1.4. has tons of updates/additions and the ending has had a complete overhaul.
Let's hope the link above can be changed to the latest version soon :)

You're amazing at making maps :)

2012-11-03 22:20

+6 gman2001suck Whats the texturepack used for it?

2012-10-31 02:33

+12 Vladimyr I just released a new version of this map, Chronotide: Halloween Edition.
It has been updated to 1.4. has tons of updates/additio ns and the ending has had a complete overhaul.
Let's hope the link above can be changed to the latest version soon :)

2012-10-25 18:23

+5 jerkybeef this is the best modless map ive played

2012-10-25 06:54

+6 top onelly this map is being done by the YOGSCAST!!!!!

2012-10-23 23:46

+5 Klemic THIS IS THE BEST MAP!!!!

2012-10-09 21:38

+9 JDogg Wow, The best map I have ever played on!
The noises the Blazes made weer scary! XD

2012-10-08 04:06

+6 Slotti Hey. Thank you for this awesome map.
Only at the end i was a little bit disappointed, because the cristal didnt shine.
And i have a question, how did you place and remove the villagers?

2012-10-07 14:13

+5 GodOfTimeBR Can I play this with 4 players?

2012-10-06 20:08

+5 camel111 this was an awesome map...although a blaze once fireballed the energy core so i had to start over...amazing, amazing, awesome..thanks vladimyr!!

2012-10-04 14:02

+6 Saturoda Quoting beshead0:
I would like to see what it looked like before the cataclysm

Then watch the preview.

2012-09-28 23:20

+6 beshead0 I would like to see what it looked like before the cataclysm

2012-09-25 01:12

+6 Bibzy This is the first adventure map I have played. I accidentally blew up a bed in the cemetary, making it even more confusing... It was very challenging to find all eight. Awesome map!

2012-09-24 03:40

+5 me Is this the one CaptainSparklez played, if it is Im downloading it

2012-09-22 22:51

+6 Morgan It was a great map, the cemetery was somewhat confusing, (I might of missed a book or something) and the quest with the shaman was screwed up, (I put the lever on the emerald block, flipped the switch, and nothing happened...) and I wanted more interaction with "The Darkness" It was really cool, and I liked the map as a whole. It did end rather abruptly...

2012-09-19 02:05

+6 AA6556 cool but no texture pack i would expect that

2012-09-16 11:51

+8 Priem short... sort of... had to restart a few times (like 5) but really really good

2012-09-15 18:52

+9 aasdfasdf The map was amazing and very well thought out. It had a few red stone problems here and there but they were just chunk problems. nothing i ever seen compares to this.

2012-09-15 17:56

+6 jean very good i had a lot of fun :)

2012-09-15 17:24

+8 Toli This map Is great , would be awsome if you'll make one more :)

2012-09-15 16:22

+10 FredTheTeapot Absoloutely brilliant. How the hell are you meant to build something like that?

2012-09-14 16:17

+17 JKdestruction This is the first adventure map I ever played I'm more of a survival map kinda guy. But this map was so good it didn't matter what genre I played this was so good!


2012-09-11 20:13

+10 P0rkch0pninja this is by far the best modless minecraft map i have ever played and i have played quite a few

2012-09-11 19:08


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