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Castle to None

Created by Ash, ChaoticImme

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Map Info

Castle To None is a 3-6 player cooperative raid map, inspired by Bungie's Destiny 2 raid designs and adapted into the Minecraft world.

  • Infiltrate an old castle haunted by monsters and survive all encounters.
  • Three distinct classes to play (Ranger - Defender - Support).
  • Randomized loot table system (Charms - Armor - Weaponry).
  • Advancements, challenges, and achievements if you're up to the task.
  • Encounters will not solved from the first try, you will need to improvise and go through trial and error to eventually succeed.


Castle To None is a map and property of Ash and ChaoticImme. Do not re-upload or alter the project without direct permission from either owners. YOU MAY NOT RE-UPLOAD THIS ON A SEPARATE MAP WEBSITE.

If you would like to record Castle to None game-play, make sure you include the map's main page on MinecraftMaps and both names of the owners in the video description "Created by Ash and ChaoticImme."



  • The map will not function properly or won't work at all in any different versions.
  • Minecraft Vanilla server
  • Co-op 3-6 players (you CANNOT play this map less than 3 or more than 6)
  • 64 bit java (reccomended)
  • Difficulty: Normal - Hard


  • Clouds: OFF
  • Dynamic Lighting: ON (fast/fancy)
  • Render Distance: 10+ chunks
  • particles: ALL
  • Shaders can be used but not advisable (could hinder the brightness)
  • brightness: Bright (100%)
  • Music: Recommended to keep on as there are custom tracks


  • Once the game begins, you may not add more players. If one player leaves during an encounter, he may come back but only during the encounter, he may not rejoin during later encounters.
  • Do not type any commands as the map is very complex and simple lines of code can ruin the whole command block system.
  • Playing on LAN is not advisable, use a vanilla server instead.
  • I highly advise you check the achievements and advancements by pressing the 'L' key.
  • Make sure you read your class's description, if you want to know what an item does, hover over it from your inventory.
  • Apologies to the fps drops on the first encounter, that is a minecraft-related issue but it's not too severe. (hopefully)


  • 1- Support: Healing class, can remove debuffs and grant fire resistance, primary weapon can be used both in melee and ranged combat with right-click, faster health regeneration.
  • 2- Defender: Has a shield, can produce the highest damage output, has stew that provides damage resistance, and a higher overall health.
  • 3- Ranger: Crossbow, explosive arrow (right-click to engage in crossbow), slows enemies when hit, best duelist class.


(Vanilla server recommended)
difficulty normal or hard

How to Install if you will host the map (server)

  • 1- Download Castle_To_None.zip from the "download map" button above.
  • 2- Extract Castle_To_None.zip, inside there will be a file, another compressed file (zip), and a notepad.
  • 3- Move the file to the "saves" directory on your vanilla server.
  • 4- Move the compressed file "CTN" to the resourcepack in your minecraft files.
  • 5- Run minecraft and change the resourcepack from default to the CTN one.
  • 6- Press done and you're good to go.

How to install if you're a client

  • 1- Download Castle_To_None.zip from the "download map" button above.
  • 2- Extract Castle_To_None.zip, inside there will be a file, another compressed file (zip), and a notepad.
  • 3- Place the compressed file to the resourcepack in your minecraft files.
  • 4- Run minecraft and change the resourcepack from default to the CTN one.
  • 5- Press done and you're good to go.


Special Thanks to our beta testers: Reaper, Chocopanda97, Senpai, Frac, NeRv, Miedo, Wicked, The_Iron_M, Cookie_Cyclone, Ocelot, ShadowReaper, Lonely, Crimson_rebel, Lem0n_Ju1ce, sralsaeed, FORTNITEISSTUPID, Arsalan2356

Sorry if I missed anybody, let me know in the comments if you actually did take part in the beta tests. x(

Schematics taken from:

Trees: Exsilit

King Statue: Ukcal

Created by Ash and ChaoticImme, goodluck!




Map Details

Creator: Ash, ChaoticImme
(214 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 39.8 MB
Added: 2020-07-08
Downloads: 14,513
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 yerdem123 amazing work great story

2020-07-29 22:20

+8 kletskous1 he Creater of this amazing map.

i want to say that your map in undiscripeble it is better then best.
we played through it first the map is amazing. i think you put a lot of time and affort in it and it is worth it.
we were a long time stuck by the place with the core but afther a hour of work we did it.
i think you for creating this amazing map.

Thank you so mutch for the wonderfull time

ps: the bosses were amazing :)

2020-07-29 21:35

+6 Petran Amazing map, I played this together with 5 friends at a LAN party. It took us a few hours, and it felt realy worth it when we finished! I love the design and encounter mechanics! Would recommend to friends. Thanks for this amazing map!

2020-07-29 21:32

+9 Chiauhuaon Im really a fan of your game as well as destiny's raids i loved to play. Thanks for bringing joy to our fireteam.

2020-07-29 21:32

+1 nowhere, pie, and jb the minecraft map was pretty solid, my mates and i finished in 3 days but it was all worth it in the end as we finally beat the map and finished the final boss (the spirit). Otherwise, the map was very beautifully done and designed, however, there are barely any hints whatsoever during boss fights and how to beat them. It took us around 100 deaths to figure out how to go around and defeat each boss but in the end, we finished it. Great map just a bit hard, giving that dark souls theme.

2020-07-28 12:40

+6 Destinyskullbro Please help! My friends and I are stuck on the level in the end with the obsidian pillars and wither skeletons. We are not sure what to do. Could you please tell us the instructions?

2020-07-23 03:33

-1 StormDracyan Great Map, I do wish there were more instructions with what you do. I'm not sure if it's an server issue but the whole soul revival thing didn't work for me on an aternos server. There also a bit of lag on the server on aternos but that was about it.

2020-07-22 14:05

0 Abner Question when I play with friends and I die I float up above with barrier blocks all around how am I supposed to get out of them or is that the end of the game for me?

2020-07-21 22:55

+2 frenetikinho very nice map, I played with my friends and we loved it!!! please make another one

2020-07-19 21:49

0 Snowday_Aurelion Holy crap this is the most insane map I played since Herobrine's Mansion. Jesus its intense

2020-07-19 19:47

-1 Amr Ez clap

Theme idea: Interstellar (travel?): cyber-punkish/s ci-fi, spaceships, different planets, black holes, etc.

2020-07-18 18:24

-1 Splacten Loved it! would like to see another of your works

2020-07-18 07:26

-1 zoloyolo06 this is awesome i am going to love playing it with my brother and sister.

2020-07-17 03:20

-8 PurpleMemes I don't like this map, because I don't understand what to do. Where are the instructions?

2020-07-14 20:35

-3 Yoyo95639 sadly I just spawn in a regular superflat world with no villages

2020-07-14 06:20

-1 Szareletu We can't get through the Well stuff. After we feed it it says we have to clear the rest. But we don't have time and it blows us up. Stuck

2020-07-13 19:25

-3 Hihihih I picked a healer class, but when i die i cannot revive? but the other classes can auto respawn??

2020-07-13 09:38

0 ADAMANT1UM97 Amazing Map! Would highly recommend people to play this! It's difficulty can be somewhat well difficult but it adds to the experience! Very well done! Would be awesome to see a sequel later down the line!

2020-07-11 22:44

0 Joel Fairhurst Very good map to play with friends, difficult but man it was worth it!

2020-07-11 22:44

-2 IradiatingHuman Played it real fun with friends can get confusing when sleep deprived.

2020-07-11 22:43

-2 AJ The Fires! Put out the Fires!

2020-07-11 00:28

-1 Nokia map is good but how tf do you do the void / entropy level its impossible we tried to figure it out for an hour or two

2020-07-11 00:22

-3 Anon Plenty of Destiny raids can be done solo, they are just much tighter and more difficult to execute. So why does this map outright lock out single players who want the challenge?

2020-07-10 23:28

+2 itssYuna Holy crap, I just played the map with my friends today. Although the little hassle to download optifine and move in the resource pack. The concept is very unique and brings the adventure map to a whole new level. After playing many adventure maps together with my friends, we have sure seen low effort and high effort maps, and before even completing half of the map, we already mentioned that this really surpasses the high effort maps that we played. I really recommend this adventure map, honestly if you'd like a challenge, 3 people is fine. However i believe this map is the more the merrier, it requires communication between your friends and teamwork!! We have planned to REPLAY the map with 6 players next week, really love the map and hope you creators can create more awesome and amazing maps like this. Love the effort!! Keep it up!!

2020-07-10 20:00

-1 no stuck on the obsidian pillar section...not sure what to do with the core?? tried putting it everywhere and it just blew up and nothing happened. wish we were given more information on what to do :\

map was also pretty glitchy. my bow kept rapidfiring and that got pretty annoying. wish bosses were a bit more interesting too

2020-07-10 06:15

-1 Seuzon Is the map not playable in 2?...

2020-07-09 10:51


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