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Bounty in the Shadow Lands

Created by Tealcman/Hazerwar

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This is the sequel to The Creeper's Bounty.

Map Info:
The Bounty Hunters are back for another adventure, and this time they are hired by a Lord Protectress to help save the Citadel of Light, a lonely beacon of hope in the sunless Shadow Lands. Created by the Deity of Luminance to protect the Deities' greatest secret, the citadel is now home to many villagers trying to survive. Can the Bounty Hunters save them in time?

The adventure continues for the brave band of bounty hunters as they travel to a land of mystery and danger, the Shadow Lands. Unlike the rest of the world, the Shadow Lands have not seen a morning for a millennium and are haunted by a diabolical monster.

The only safe haven for the many villagers living in these lands is the Citadel of Light, but now this beacon of hope is in jeopardy. It’s up to the bounty hunters to save the day!

Classes: The Keen Knight, The Rad Ranger, The Awesome Alchemist and The Super Summoner.

- No breaking or placing blocks.
- You’re allowed to take redstone torches and break spawners
- Crafting, brewing and enchanting are ok, but no crafting redstone torches, buttons and levers.
- Emeralds are currency.
- Only Alchemist can use splash potion but xp potions are for everyone.
- Only Summoners can use pets (they’ll be useful).
- Don’t go beyond cliffs.

- There are vendors for just about everything.
- There’s even a shadow market.
- Plenty of hidden chests.
- Team Puzzles.

You’re going to need the epic gear hidden around the map, so exploring is strongly suggested.

Have you played the first map? You should totally click here!

If you don’t spawn in the tutorial area tp to these coordinates (x -908, y 150, z 1069)

Made by Hazerwar and Tealcman.

Map Details

Creator: Tealcman/Hazerwar
(8 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 2.8 MB
Added: 2013-05-02
Downloads: 36,151
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Killing_Machine Was this inspired by the Shadow World mod?

2014-08-28 07:00

+1 Bob Boy Good map I enjoyed it

2014-06-21 15:37

+3 Someguy Dude this was an awesome map though I honestly think that the Creeper's Bounty was better, but still I really want a prequel. WHO HERE WANTS A PREQUEL. I BET YOU WANT A PREQUEL. SEE THEY ALL WANT A PREQUEL.

2014-03-13 01:57

0 Superman Fantabulous work! Next Map Im Gonna Fly Around And Save Villagers.

2013-08-09 02:47

-2 Tealcman I am not completely sure what the problem is is the Tutorial button.
But If you are having problems with it type the command /tp -1076 140 1174 to teleport to the ship.
We'll see if we can fix it in the update. speaking of which, I would like to hear some suggestions on how to make the map better. What worked? What didn't worked? What do you want to see more of and the what not. Thanks

2013-06-27 18:07

+1 Tealcman Quoting somerandomeguy:
What if you are playing this alone
is it strictly a co-op map or can you play it alone?

You can play it alone, although I suggest you play as all the classes.

Quoting Flamelord054:
Me and my friend are stuck trying to find the vault can anyone help

The vault is underneath the city. To get to it you have to go down the stairs in the tower.

2013-06-27 18:01

+3 somerandomeguy What if you are playing this alone
is it strictly a co-op map or can you play it alone?

2013-06-23 22:04

0 Flamelord054 Me and my friend are stuck trying to find the vault can anyone help

2013-06-22 21:38

0 IoEther The tutorial button failed for me too, however a brief flight in Creative mode got me to a floating ship. It looks a lot like the ship from the first adventure. After that it's beed smooth sailing. :D

2013-06-13 01:33

+6 MC Master AWESOME MAP!!!But I think you should add more hints or clues cuz I was having hard time just wondering around >"

2013-06-07 15:20

+4 John This is one good map

2013-05-31 19:20

-2 Awesome123 Great map, but i think it should be more open world like the creeper's bounty.

2013-05-27 03:16

+3 Tealcman Captain_Goldfis h- "Tutorial button fail. Does it really do anything? Definitely stuck in tutorial area."
The problem might be on your end. If you're running a server make sure that command blocks are enabled in the property file.

2013-05-09 22:47

-17 Captain_Goldfish Tutorial button fail. Does it really do anything? Definitely stuck in tutorial area.

2013-05-05 23:25

-7 Toboscus I really enjoyed this map. make a threequell.

2013-05-04 13:13

+16 Newsies ThX for making a new map. It's been a while since we've had one.

2013-05-02 17:13


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