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Between Two planets

Created by QCxPanda

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Between two planets is a 45 minutes gameplay with PVE, Quests, Puzzles and more..

It is made by a 17 years old boy.


You wake up earlier one day and you learn that a nuclear missile is about to be launched from the Moon and that it will blow up the whole world.

You are the only one who can solve this horrible situation. So, you dress in your space suit and leave for the unknown.


Map Details

Creator: QCxPanda
(89 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 36.3 MB
Added: 2020-06-07
Downloads: 4,523
Category: Adventure Maps


+5 MendelGemmer I cant find the radio :(

2020-06-21 11:03

+6 WardiBardi The map wasn't tested before, I guess.
You can block yourself in the first minute of the game by pressing the a button next to the "fridge" made out of pistons.
You can skip the part of the keys in the rocket and just launch it by going up the ladder.
There is no explanation on how to pay for stuff. Maybe there is a command that pays the amount of coins that are required and it just doesn't work.
You can easily steal stuff without going to the jail.
The sound of slimes can be extremely annoying at the beginning of the map.
There is no reason to give the player torches when he is in adventure mode.
The dungeons are extremely easy - no need to fight, just run through them.
The last section of blowing up the missile doesn't work. The commands block are rearranged in a chaotic way (please look at where the arrow on them points. Without it it just changes your gamemode to spectator and teleports.
And lastly - space everything is a bad storytelling.

Now to the good parts:
The map is short, yet cute at some points. The moon looks great and the ability to choose a way of reaching the missile is nice.

2 out 5.

2020-06-19 20:12

0 TheKingmario2 definitely one of the worst maps i ever played. Its short, there are no barriers and holes everwhere were to erroneusly fall, you made enemy spawn from mobspawners (when there is on internet a proper website that can help you make spawn special mobs using command blocks), and cherry on the top of the cake........you even failed to place correctly the command blocks that makes you unlock the ending (i was forced to fix the resdstone mechanism by myself in order to finish the map).

Little advise: before uploading a map, be sure that is possible to finish and most important...... .refine it, don't leave so many things incomplete or crude (im talking of your villager shop).

2020-06-12 16:46

+1 Conner First bit of map you go into in bathroom there is a hold that I went into to see if there was anything needed and couldn't get out. Could do with more of a story line to begin with as feel very lost the whole way through and can also see the outside of the map at various points. Majority of the map is bugged in some way esspesicaaly after the dungeons.

Could do with some serious updates and map testers before published. Aslo you don't need to mention that you are a 17 year old boy on here or in the map. I built maps when I was 15 on xbox but never advertised my age and neither has any other map I have ever been on.

Please retry building the map as is great consept ut just needs some major fixes. Wouldn't bother downloading until there is an update.

2020-06-11 16:33

+1 SilicaSandwhich The ending sequence is broken, it only teleports you and puts you into spectator mode as opposed to destroying the nuke and teleporting you and the rest of the sequence. also, if you press the right button on the sink, it blocks the path to the radio. otherwise pretty good for a first time.

2020-06-08 20:46

+6 Someone I tried for a while to find the radio, but no luck. Can someone tell me where to find it?

2020-06-08 00:07

+1 Xx_Blurryface_xX Great map dude, although there is one problem you should probably fix. There mobs randomly spawning in the map. I saw a endermen when i got to the part with the hidden shelter. If you can fix it that would be better. But it's very great though.

2020-06-07 22:56


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