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Atla's Hope

Created by MelechMenuse, Jordan

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Atla's Hope is a story driven adventure open world map set in Norse mythology, it takes place right before the start of Ragnarök, a colossal war that causes the end of the world in mythology. It's known for being absolutely inevitable, to the degree where even gods can't prevent it.

But Atla, a goodhearted witch, doesn't believe that to be true. She thinks she found a way to turn the tides of the coming war and save the 9 realms. After you, a fearless warrior hears of it, you embark on a journey to carry out her plan and eventually arrive at the cursed island in Midgard.

Before you play please make sure you have this texture pack on: CLICK HERE

That pack was made by tomaxed44

This map took us around 3 months to make and we really hope you'll enjoy it :) Feel free to contact us via twitter or discord if you have any questions or recommendations.


Discord: MelechMenuse#3702, Jordani#4004

The map is for 1.16.1!


- Removed a few misplaced blocks that give the player the option to break out of the maps boundaries.
- Corrected some command blocks that didn't work like they should.


Map Details

Creator: MelechMenuse, Jordan
(71 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 127 MB
Added: 2020-09-23
Downloads: 1,121
Category: Adventure Maps

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