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Atla's Hope

Created by MelechMenuse, Jordan

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Atla's Hope is a story driven adventure open world map set in Norse mythology, it takes place right before the start of Ragnarök, a colossal war that causes the end of the world in mythology. It's known for being absolutely inevitable, to the degree where even gods can't prevent it.

But Atla, a goodhearted witch, doesn't believe that to be true. She thinks she found a way to turn the tides of the coming war and save the 9 realms. After you, a fearless warrior hears of it, you embark on a journey to carry out her plan and eventually arrive at the cursed island in Midgard.

Before you play please make sure you have this texture pack on: CLICK HERE

That pack was made by tomaxed44

This map took us around 3 months to make and we really hope you'll enjoy it :) Feel free to contact us via twitter or discord if you have any questions or recommendations.


Discord: MelechMenuse#3702, Jordani#4004

The map is for 1.16.1!


- Removed a few misplaced blocks that give the player the option to break out of the maps boundaries.
- Corrected some command blocks that didn't work like they should.


Map Details

Creator: MelechMenuse, Jordan
(104 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 133 MB
Added: 2020-09-23
Downloads: 4,057
Category: Adventure Maps

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+4 Shoe Laces I loved playing this map, it was very confusing at times and I would've loved a walkthrough but it was one of the best maps I've played before.
I got stuck many a time but it was satisfying being able to figure it out. Regardless, I think everyone should play this cause it's awesome, thanks, map creators!

2020-11-09 11:47

0 j I got stuck because I didn't have the crafting materials for the superweapon when I got teleported, I had to enter into LAN and turn on commands, and now I don't know coords for the palace, help plz

2020-11-02 19:14

+1 j Quoting A person:
couldn't even get past the tutorial, the part with the four buttons is undoable.

It's a puzzle about the four seasons, you need to press them in the order the book says, summar=summer=s un picture Haust=autumn= leaf picture vetr=winter=sno wflake var=spring, I think order is vetr, var, sumar,haust

2020-11-02 19:08

+1 Tax_The_Poor The map was extremely well done! Except the mead of poetry was annoying as hell.

2020-10-29 21:14

+1 Jordan Quoting e:
can the map be played in multiplayer?

The map is meant for singleplayer so I can't promise it will work perfectly, but they only thing that should maybe not work correctly are the weapons (they may only work for one person), but completing the map in multiplayer should be possible.

2020-10-28 09:06

+2 CaptainKharjo Can this map be played with more than one person?

2020-10-18 18:02

+4 AndrewACEGaming yt this is a great map and all but i cant find the sulfur at all

2020-10-16 12:46

0 cat Was the minecart in the mineshaft with the topaz important? Because I just accidentally broke it, and it fell outside of my reach, at which point it despawned. If it was, I'm not sure how to restart it... Besides that issue, this is a really cool map that obviously had a lot of effort put into it. It's a bit of work figuring out what you're supposed to do, but exploring is really fun.

2020-10-15 04:34

-2 A person couldn't even get past the tutorial, the part with the four buttons is undoable.

2020-10-10 00:36

+4 Jelli I'm lost in the very beginning. I climbed the vines to the area with the spiders, but I can't figure out how to proceed. I try jumping the gap maybe? But I end up falling in the pit with nowhere to go. I see a block of ruby or redstone. I'm just very confused.

2020-10-02 23:59

Did that take forever.
Especially in the ending with the terrain parkour.
Still, it was quite enjoyable.
Maybe a little more handholding on where to go would've been nice.
Will be waiting for the next map

2020-10-01 06:19

-2 wift can this map be played in single player?

2020-09-30 16:39

0 nicodemons pretty cool the map really liked it

2020-09-30 13:43

+4 Connor I really enjoyed this, I love the usage of Norse mythology. And the few times I got stuck were satisfying to overcome. However, there is a small hole at the back of the house on the hill that will trap players if they fall in to it. That was the only downside to this map, however I did not finish it due to this fact. However, this does not take away the enjoyment I got out of playing this. Good job.

2020-09-30 03:40

0 Alex So you need mods?

2020-09-29 18:05

+1 XxDragon0710xX I don't know if I'm just being stupid, but what the heck are you supposed to do once you reach the four buttons. The random book just seems to be gibberish, and there are no hints anywhere. For now I'm just not gonna play the map because I'm so darn confused

2020-09-29 00:15

0 Der Führer very confusing and not very fun

2020-09-28 22:39

-1 Fantasticmeme78 It seems like heavily inspired by GOW4!

2020-09-27 07:07

+2 darcy lyon i wish you allowed chests on here. ive been trying to jump in stuff to get onto higher place's. its driving me nuts

2020-09-26 17:30

-2 Bruh How do you do the first dumb puzzle with the seasons, been trying to solve it for an hour and I have no clue how to beat it.

2020-09-26 06:00

+1 HyperPants What should be done in laboratory. I've been in that room for an hour and I don't get what to do

2020-09-25 21:02

0 Simon942 Nice map. But it is really hard to navigate. Without any information it is impossible to complete the map, I don't know what to do, I am stuck!

2020-09-25 20:08

+1 Sir Welp The details of this map and the texture pack are great! I just got really turned off at the fact that 3 min into playing I had to spend 30 min trying to complete a parkour puzzle. I ended up pulling it off (yay!) and was faced with another puzzle, that upon failing after trying to understand it, sends you right back to having to go through that horrid parkour BS all over again. If your going to make a parkour section in a map tricky, the least you can do is set some check points. This map would be awesome if it didn't punish mistakes with having to redo time consuming progress.

2020-09-25 04:38

0 WorldTerminator6 I was not expecting this to be an open-world map, plus I think the storyline is broken.

2020-09-25 02:09

-2 Delta There was an attempt and a decent attempt at that. Some things to criticize:
- Load times are veeery long
- Map is still rather glitchy, do a test run b/c you should have done one
> I got stuck in the command block room of the frost tower things
- Better optimize the map by learning how to do datapacks
- I don't know norse or whatever was written in the book so I spammed it, this is a UX problem
- The map has very few directions, add some dialogue not just books
Overall, not player friendly

2020-09-25 01:41

+2 Rachel Looks like a fun game but doesn't work for current version on mine craft, please update for 1.16.3

2020-09-25 00:01

+1 sunflower122 Im stuck at the first puzzle. All the buttons do are kill me.

2020-09-24 17:15

+1 Craze Hi :3 I don't know if I got soft locked on the map or I really really suck at parkour? Here is my vid. plz help

2020-09-24 12:47

+1 Rightgame Can you do a walkthrough i'm kinda stuck on a puzzle

2020-09-24 09:36

+1 ruby this is a great map but im stuck in a hole and cant get out

2020-09-24 07:10


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