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Assassin of Steve 3: Endergeddon

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The Assassin of Steve has escaped once again, with the Squiggly Replic, and a plot to end the world. You and a collection of allies, both old, new and unexpected, are the only ones who can stop him from bringing about Endergeddon.

In your quest you must discover the way to enter the Assassin's domain so you can stop him while being relentlessly hunted by fleets of End Ships. But when you discover the true nature of the Assassin's plans, Minecraft will never be the same again.

This is the epic conclusion to the Assassin of Steve trilogy, the first two maps, Assassin of Steve and Assassin of Steve 2: The Tribal Snouts, having collectively gained over 60,000 downloads.

A year and a half's work went into creating this map.

Notable Features

- Heavily customized mobs and loot tables.
Assassin of Steve 3 was built from the ground up supporting loot tables, and contains a much more diverse amount of weapons you can obtain and armor sets with varying different attributes for different play-styles. The resource pack grants over 100 different 3D weapons in total that range from custom swords to bows, as well as axes, maces, daggers, scythes, guns, rocket launchers, tridents (not throwable, unfortunately...) and much more!

- Difficulty setting.
A returning feature from the first two maps, you can choose from three difficulties - easy, normal, and hard, which affect how strong mobs are, and also difficulty will increase in multiplayer as groups of mobs get larger. - Incredible challenges, puzzles and boss fights. Across Assassin of Steve 3's fifteen missions you can battle it out in over twenty unique and original boss fights and against waves of mobs in arenas. To shake things up a bit there are also simple puzzles and parkour.

- Epic music from a variety of different royalty free music providers. Ideal for bringing a perfect atmosphere to the map!

- XP Shops, Consumables, Legendary Boxes and Runes.
XP shops return from the first two maps, but you can also unlock special consumables by finding and completing Hidden Missions, and also rarely find Legendary Boxes to gain some epic loot, and unlock Runes to give yourself some game-changing special powers.

Extra Info

  • Players: 1-4
  • Gameplay time: 16-20 hours.
  • Minecraft versions: 1.11.2

Do not play on 1.12 or higher! If you do play on 1.12 an in-game security measure will prevent you from playing.

Feel free to play Assassin of Steve 1 and Assassin of Steve 2: The Tribal Snouts if you wish, however it is not required (at the start you can read a book that explains everything that happened in the first two maps).

Using the Custom Resource Pack

If you are in singleplayer it will load automatically, however in multiplayer everyone (except for the host if playing by LAN) will need to download the resource pack here.

If you want to play with custom music on download this pack. Warning: It is nearly half a gigabyte in size, so it may take a while to download.

Download the official walkthrough here! (Only use if you're really stuck!)

If you are a Youtuber

If you are recording a series of this map, please credit us in the video or in the description, and leave a link to this map's page.

If you finish the map your series might just get featured on Assassin of Steve 3's Minecraft Forum threads!

Oh, and send us a comment or message with a link to your video, too. We'd love to see you play our map! And remember to pronounce our names right! Cavinator1 is cave-in-eight-or and MichaelMKenny is michael-em-kenny.

Required settings, troubleshooting and tips can be found in the Read Me document that comes with the map. Be sure to read the document.


Map created by BlazeandCave.

Cutscenes created using CutscenePro by The Redstone Scientist.

3D Models created using Model Creator by Mr Crayfish and Blockbench by JannisX11.

Music by the following composers:
Kevin Macleod (
All music licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Jason Shaw (
All music licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Tim Beek (

Twin Musicom (

Cinematic Waves (

A full list of the exact titles used can be found in the Read Me document that comes with the map.

Special thanks to all the Youtubers who played Assassin of Steve 1 and 2, as well as everyone who posted praise, criticism, and bug reports, and everyone who got hyped for this map. And to you, if you download and play this map.

We hope you enjoy it. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for news and sneak peaks: Cavinator1: @_Cavinator1_, MichaelMKenny: @MichaelMKenny 

If you spot any bugs please comment in the comments. If you are able to, we recommend commenting on the Planet Minecraft page, Minecraft Forum or Hypixel Forum thread instead for a more immediate reply.

Also please check the Read Me document before commenting to us anything, as a few known issues are listed down there.


Version 1.2:
Special one-year anniversary update.
- Added Baby Sand Monsters, which spawn in place of some Sand Twisters in the boss fight, and also sometimes in the Fringe. Baby Sand Monsters were petitioned to be added by the community.
- Added new chair-weapons to many missions and every hidden mission. They drop very, very rarely from rare mobs unless a special cheat code is used, which makes them far more common for the purpose of chair-only playthroughs.
- The chair-weapons are: Wooden Stool, Cowboy Stool, Mesa Stool, Cactus Stool, Green Ender Hoverchair, Chair of Light, Steampunk Armchair, Golden Throne, Gem Studded Armchair, Pharaoh's Throne, Electric Chair, Distorted Chair, Cave's Gaming Chair, Blaze's Gaming Chair, Dragon Cushion.
- Added some other new weapons to fill out the legendary weapon loot tables:
- The new weapons are: Cyclone Wand, Pumpkin Mace, Grave Blade, Sickle of Light, Abestos Shield, Clock Hammer, Crystal Wand, Purpur Greatsword, Sun and the Pyramid Shield, and Dagger of Greek Fire.
- Spruced up the town of Moostern a bit so the buildings all look less just like giant cubes.
- All dagger and scythe weapons are now spam-clickable, however ones that previously weren't have had their base damage slightly reduced.
- Increased the damage of bows in the mid and late game to be more in line with axe-weapons.
- Mobs in Hidden Missions 1, 2 and 4 can now drop steak, potions and xp bottles.
- Fixed one of the items being displayed in Moostern's general store being the Gravity Device.
- Attempted to fix the final cutscene in Mission 4 sometimes glitching and leaving the player trapped in spectator.
- Fixed an exploit where it was possible to get no points on the secret Maze Code using the Gravity device.
- Fixed there being a hole in the ceiling of the maintenance tunnel at the end of Mission 6.
- Fixed the Solid Gold Helmet not giving any stats when worn.
- Fixed the Golden Edge, Golden Pick, Dwarven Hammer and Necro Staff not having "Part of ____ Equipment" in bold text (Thanks BlackBird_6).
- Fixed being able to go around some of the force fields projected by Blue End Fighters in Mission 11 (Thanks Superman4252).
- Fixed being able to skip the forest parkour in the Fringe by elytra-ing to the water flowing down from the snow area by blocking off the water (Thank you very much BlackBird_6 ;P).
- Fixed being able to skip collecting Fringe Dead Bushes by elytra-ing through a 1-block high gap in the barriers where lava flows through (Thanks again :D)
- Removed an unused chest on the Yellow Ender Island in Mission 14.
- Made something hazardous at the top of the pyramid...

Version 1.1:
- Added Lore Books.
- Added a new side area to Mechanical Island containing cargo being delivered somewhere.
- Added a new side area in the Blue End Ship where they design and produce the Illager Virus.
- Added some extra minor details relating to the Lore Books.
- Added a link to the Blaze and Cave discord server.
- Added a link in the chat that accelerates the prologue cutscene if it is moving too slowly, as some players seem to experience intense world lag at that bit.
- Fixed a bug where if you got a Hazmat Mask from a Legendary Box before obtaining Steam Masks it would allow you to skip part of Mission 6.
- Fixed an exploit in Mission 7 that let you skip destroying the northern and southern Steam Pirate Ships and going straight onto Steelbumper.
- Sliced the amount of mobs that spawn in Hidden Mission 4 by half.
- Reduced the number of mobs that spawn on Mission 11's bridge, especially around where Blue End Carriers show up.
- Attempted to fix a bug where sometimes after finishing Mission 14 it doesn't set your spawn to a new place in the Overworld properly.



2018-01-16 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: blazeandcave external
(532 votes)
Map Version: v1.2.1
Minecraft Version: 1.11.2
File Size: 82 MB
Date Added: 2018-01-16
Downloads: 26,164
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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