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Ancient Shores

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Welcome to Ancient Shores! I've been working on this for a long time, since Dec 20th 2019 to be exact.

In this game you can explore, cook, fight, basically a poor man's BOTW.

And yes, the fog seen in the screen shots are 100% vanilla.

everything seen in this project is made without world edit.

world edit was only used to change biome. Wurst was used to help speed build, fly at faster speeds, binds allowing quick game mode switches, etc.

/! Do not try playing this with Optifine or Sodium, trust me I tried it's not worth it./!

using either of these mods will cause Fog to not work, sodium will cause the game to crash!

I know, Kinda click bait for the thumbnail. But at least it looks cool! :D

Also, it's not recommended you play this on a low-end computer. It works, but try to get something more powerful than a 2011 Mac book air.

This is a dungeon and exploration game. Played in [​1.17.1]
Very similar in play style to Zelda BOTW.
You must find the Temple of Notch and unite the eyes in it.

Explore the world to find temples, villages, shops, food, outposts, caves and more!

Each area also has music.
specially chosen to fit its theme.

The over world will always play Minecraft’s music with outside sounds playing.

dungeons will have their own music.

There's a custom cooking system.

Toss the required items into a cauldron and see the results.

Do not spam items however, you're only supposed to cook one thing at a time. Expect glitches if you attempt to speed run it.

Bread can be cooked by tossing ONE egg and ONE wheat into the cauldron.

Press L to see your recipe book. This is an advancement chart that shows all the things you can make.

Food works differently in this game.
there is no hunger bar, it’s like ye olden Minecraft where food goes straight to your health bar. There is still a cool down however.

Some food restores more health than others.
Bread only restores 2 HP where as a Grilled Sandwich restores 4.

Each Dungeon contains one eye of ender. These is used to open the End Portal.

note that not every structure has one.
some might just contain a helpful item or two.

Make sure to look closely, and think carefully. Some switches may not be obvious at first glance.
Some dungeons are more puzzle oriented and others are combat oriented.

Keep render distance above 8. (Can be more, 8 is the minimum.)
Load resource pack before opening the world.

in fact, it’s recommended you play straight vanilla.


all music used in the map can be found here

Spare download link in case of mishaps :^)



2021-09-11 - Map Released.

*Update 1.2
- Replaced splash texts

*Update 1.2
- Fixed Noclipping mishaps
- Added telescope 3d model
- Fixed Texture issues occurring with auto load
- Added more splash texts (remember they are for fun, don't get cranky :^) )
- Crossbow texture updated!

Map Details

Map Creator: SilverCaptain
(53 votes)
Map Version: v1.3
Minecraft Version: 1.17.1
File Size: 164 MB
Date Added: 2021-09-11
Downloads: 2,900
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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