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Ancient Artifact

Created by Jailow

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You are trying to uncover the secret of your father, who before his death left you a book with a mysterious cipher, can you solve it and find out what your father was hiding?

You will see a beautiful world, very challenging puzzles and much more! and remember, for some puzzles you will need to use the internet!

Map time: 1-2h (Depends on how long you solve puzzles!)



  • * don't use any command's!
  • * dont press F3 and F5
  • * play without shaderpacks!
  • * HAVE FUN


Map Details

Creator: Jailow
(104 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 207.6 MB
Added: 2020-03-11
Downloads: 4,845
Category: Adventure Maps


+36 James Where is the start? I´m spawning in the middle of an Ocean

2020-03-11 21:33

+159 JackieQ Hi, Jailow,
how about adding some hints to the map? I am stuck at solving that Caesar riddle (in the basement at the beginning of the map). I really can not figure out what levers to pull. I am really desperate about it. Could you give me a hint somehow? Thx very much.

2020-03-11 08:38


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