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An Adventure of a Lifetime.. A Fully Voiced Adventure

Created by Mick_5 external

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Map Info

Explore highly detailed biomes, builds and landscapes, all

voiced NPC's have different accents and voices.

Use real working blunderbusses, muskets and hand cannons

and 3d modeled and animated swords and items..

Must be Played in 1.14.4 Only...


The Story

You have lived in Seagate Town your whole life but something happens that

changes your life forever, and so your adventure begins..

Go on an amazing journey across the lands exploring detailed biomes, dungeons and temples..

Fight enemies and find out why you ventured beyond your hometown to this vast world

full of mystery in the first place, and have an adventure of a lifetime...


  • Over 150 custom fonts used
  • Amazingly detailed builds and landscapes
  • Custom mountains and trees
  • Use real working Blunderbusses, Muskets and Hand Cannons
  • Use 3d modeled swords
  • Use custom textured armor
  • Every character and NPC fully voiced
  • Every voiced character is different with different accents etc..
  • Custom music for every area in the map
  • Custom music will always play again when you exit and re-enter the map
  • Custom music and Custom voices can be volume adjusted separately
  • Custom sound effects
  • Fight 100's of modeled mobs
  • Fight giant rats, scorpions, sharks, strange bugs, cyclops's, trolls, snakes
  • Encounter poisonous spitting flowers, spike traps, witches, pirates, ghosts
  • Fight custom bosses with boss bars and hit detection
  • Fight bosses with unique patterns
  • Colorful trees and villages
  • A fully explorable world
  • Every block fully textured
  • Animated textures on items and weapons
  • Block pushing puzzles
  • Sliding block animations
  • Awesome cutscenes
  • Custom death screen
  • Fake advancements with custom fonts
  • Scripted events
  • Detailed villagers and guards with custom models
  • Trade in shops
  • Sleep in inns
  • Use boats
  • Explore highly detailed dungeons and temples
  • Explore huge ships, caves, castles, towers and towns
  • Follow an immersive story with lore and history
  • A full currency system
  • Find Ammo to use with guns
  • Discover 100's of secrets
  • Custom chests
  • Custom keys and items
  • All items and weapons have colored lore
  • Custom colored potions
  • Better leaves in texture pack
  • A fully detailed texture pack that loads with the map
  • 11 datapacks that load with the map
  • Lots of advanced commands


  • PLAY IN 1.14.4 ONLY

If the texture pack does not load with the map for some reason download it here

All builds, landscape, story and commands made by mick_5

Some textures from the John Smith Legacy Pack have been used, but 90% of textures were created by mick_5


  • All music was written by mick_5 and Nathan Totton
  • All voices done by Nathan Totton
  • All female voices done by Louella Telfer
  • Map trailer by Bleaker
  • Credit to NNiXX for his Better Leaves Pack used in the Map Link to Pack Here
  • Morryatay's Tree Compendium and Ghost Xavier's Tree Pack

Please do not repost this map without permission

If you make a Youtube video or playthrough of this map, it would be appreciated

if you could leave a link to the map so others may download it and enjoy it..


Update v1.3:
Fixed a bug in the Jungle Temple that was not removing the fence for some players, causing them to go into creative, which could easily break the rest of the map..


Map Details

Creator: Mick_5 external
(342 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 574 MB
Added: 2020-10-17
Downloads: 9,959
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 CaptainPotter Dude this was an absolutely incredible map! Super well made with an incredible story! I'm off to check out your other maps and I'm sure they'll be just as amazing.

2021-09-03 16:38

+2 Mrudul This map is so good! Insane work man Superb! Had a blast playing it!

2021-08-29 11:42

+3 Shadowish_Wolfie I enjoyed the map very much :) I highly recommend it - it has been done very well - I'm off to play The Legend of Willow Valley right now

2021-08-18 18:35

+2 masterblox ok i didnt play it but the trailer looks crazy insane and awsome

2021-08-06 18:11

+1 godofcatz im trying to play this map but when i revert to 1.14.4 the world is gone is there anyway to fix this so i can play

2021-07-25 23:40

+1 Awesome_sly Having a awesome playthrough so far. Wish more people knew about this and other maps you made. Because I had fun with a couple others. And if anyone had trouble I recommend looking up the channel Bleaker on YouTube. He has a full playthrough.

2021-06-26 13:04

+1 SlayTheKiddo Just finished the map very good I'm going to go look at your other maps. (best map I have ever played)

2021-06-05 00:12

0 SlayTheKiddo Where is the sunken paradise?

2021-06-04 23:38

0 Mimmers Hey, just wondering if there'll ever be a chance of the music in the pack being uploaded somewhere. I really loved the Jungle Temple theme and wish I could listen to it more.

2021-04-21 04:46

0 Good map. This is an excellent map I love it a shame that it had to cut early bc I got stuck in one of the cutscenes and now cant progress. oops.

2021-04-07 18:26

+4 ryan hey! just finished this map and must say... WOW! the amount of work poured in to this project is very evident! the music, voice acting, landscapes, textures, models, graphics, everything! fantastic! not only was the map fun to play and had a great story, it was always very clear what the objective at hand was, and i love when maps are like that (so i don't have to constantly watch a playthrough on youtube to help me when i get stuck) great job and thank you for your hard work! will definitely play any other maps of yours!

2021-03-08 05:48

0 Elis_the_outlaw hey i cant push statues at the Rusticwood Dungeon when u need a statue to open the gate. how can i go on?

2021-02-28 15:53

+1 Potatoman35 This map is AWESOME!! I want to ask you something: I accidently killed someone, and he was talking to me. Now I can't even move the camera! I tried teleporting outside and switching to spectator mode but when I approached the command blocks under it, it respawned me in the same place and I couldn't move. Can you help me fast pls?

2021-02-10 10:18

+2 Moonling This was really well made and you can clearly tell a lot of love went into it!! It took me a few days to complete (I like to explore and be thorough with looking around) and I loved all the custom textures too! It really made it feel like it's own game and not just Minecraft. I do agree a little with Delta in that money was really easy to horde so maybe balance not getting so much money in the next map? Just make it a little rarer to find imo.

But honestly, that's literally my only criticism, the whole thing was really well done and the voice acting felt like there were more than the two voice actors there were. Keep up the good work man, I look forward to the next one!

2021-02-10 01:50

+1 Dextrine I got stuck in the jungle final boss dialog can you help
It won't let me move

2021-02-08 08:25

+1 growly Love this map, I even made a let's play of it, if you want to check it out here you go https://youtu.be/o_U_aivQfcw

2021-01-21 18:07

+1 zaqmklp This is a cool map, clearly a lot of effort went into making it. I love the beautiful builds, immersive music, and goofy voice acting. But, I think a few small changes would improve it significantly.

The biggest issue is the shop system. Why not provide traders who sell incrementally better gear/weapons as the player progresses through the map? That way, the player feels a sense of progression, and the combat difficulty scales with the gear.

With the current, setup, which only includes one location that sells gear (Prosper town), the player is unable to improve their armor until around halfway through the game. Additionally, given the abundance of gold hidden in the map, I was able to immediately purchase all of the best gear with a lot left over. That's not necessarily bad, but I would've felt better had I spent more gold as I progressed, buying slightly better gear at each town.

There are elements of what I was looking for in the game already! I got so excited to reach the potion shop in witchville, and find the grasscutter sword, because it felt like I was getting something for my work. But these were isolated moments, and ultimately just made me feel the lack of progression even more.

Another connected issue is the lack of rewards. After completing a temple, you get nothing. None of the boss fights came with rewards either, not even a chest of gold. So from the player's standpoint, there is not much point in doing the temples. I can get just as much cash running around outside. By completing a temple, the story progresses, but my character does not, and the effect is a disconnection from the game. Now, let me say what I think would help.

Ideally, as I mentioned earlier, traders would be stationed at each town, selling incrementally better gear. This would greatly improve the sense of progression. Additionally, I would like to see special rewards for completing temples/beating bosses. For boss fights, gold is fine. But for larger temples, receiving some kind of special item (special sword/tool, armor with special effects, or something), would make me feel rewarded for my work.

I like this map, I really do. I'm being critical above, because it pains me to see a map that's great in some aspects be bogged down by easily fixable issues. And I'm writing so much, because I think you honestly care about listening to players, and producing quality content. You don't have to listen to me in particular, because I'm just one player, but I firmly believe that making the changes I mentioned above will improve this map for many others.

2021-01-12 06:34

+1 Kalsyphr The map was fantastic and I loved everything in it. It's a seriously well made map, and we hardly see this quality of work in minecraft maps nowadays too.

The only feedback I have is that the map is way too generous, and it makes it way too easy. Looking back on my playthrough, I played on hard and I just walked though everything like a hot knife in butter. First, I would definitely recommend giving less resources to the player if you give that much currency, because it is complete overkill with just how much stuff is given with a small amount of time of exploring. Either the player should get random resources for exploring, or currency. Giving them both just makes the map too easy, there was no difficulty outside of the very beginning when you had no resources. To top it off, you just get too much. Sure the individual chests give fair amounts, but the problem is that there is just so much treasure to find that it adds up insanely fast.
There is just way too much ammo to be found, even with using only the guns for the majority of the second half of the map, I never came close to running out of ammo, and I didn't even purchase ammo for the 2 extra guns. There is also way too many strong potions. I never saw the need to buy potions with the sheer amount that I stockpiled into my ender chest, and both the findable potions are just too strong for the content of the map. The best armor in the game, while being a neat side quest, is just too simple to get and it was free. I personally thing the best armor in the game should have been purchasable since we did end up with like 10 stacks of gold coins.

In the end, I still loved the map. I enjoy your work a lot, and I have played most of your maps. I look forward to any more projects you have planned.

2021-01-12 04:49

+1 Neelansh Map is too good
Played half the map yesteday and liked it very much, thank you for making such an awesome map

2021-01-02 04:24

0 DumDum2204 MICK_5 Please make is multiplayer. Period. I just really want to play it with my friends and it would be nice if you added multiplayer because I think it would be fun to play with my friends other than by myself

2020-12-31 22:41

0 DumDum2204 Quoting flaco:
PLEASE make this multiplayer in the future.. looks amazing but I'm not going to play this because I'm trying to play with a friend

Yes I would love to play it in multiplayer as well but I think that it might work fine. I hope it does work fine I think it will work okay I hope. I am just going to try it with a friend because it looks to me that you just have to share the items or maybe the game breaks but ima see.

2020-12-29 21:07

+1 Gavinator Hi mick, I just played this map and, as usual, I really liked it. I even got the Explorer's Token at the end (I ended up traveling across the map again just to put it in the donation box at Prosper Town's church since I felt bad for stealing from it before). I really thought that the effects were amazing and that you guys put a ton of effort into it. The only questions I was left with were the following: Who framed me? Why? And who was it that was impersonating the mayor in his mansion pretending to be "sick?" I felt that the map had a great conclusion, however. I'm probably your longest fan at this point, you can find comments on The Diamond Sword dating back to 2015 from me, so keep up the great work and I will continue to support you. Great job mick and team!

2020-12-29 19:41

0 Gavinator Hi Mick! I've commented on some of your earlier maps, like the Diamond Sword way back in 2015, but I doubt you remember me. I'm downloading this map and Portal Crystals because it's what you recommended to me about two years ago. Keep up the great work man, I'm really glad you're still making maps.

2020-12-28 16:28

0 Sonnetje123 I have completed the color dungeon but i have no idea what i have to do now.

but so far i love the map

2020-12-23 16:04

0 Jacob L. Map is amazing! It almost seems like a different game entirely. I have one huge complaint though. in the jungle temple, when you go down the huge flight of stairs, and defeat the plants, the gate didn't disappear. I watched a walkthrough to see how to get over it because I thought it was part of the map, and the same thing happened to them. the gate didn't disappear. I ended up finding a way to climb up the bamboo to jump over it but when I was stuck on the other side when I completed the dungeon, I watched another tutorial and it disappeared for them. thank god you're able to change your gamemode. I also got stuck in between bamboo which ended up having to break, and on the pirate ship i got stuck inside fences that i had to break

2020-12-18 19:15

0 Dominic I must be doing something wrong cause it wont load for me. Just keeps crashing at the loading bar screen.

2020-12-02 14:13

0 Mick_5 Quoting creeperguy:
Wow this map amazing this map. Not only is this the best map i have played ever I literately think it is one of the best maps on this site at least in my opinion the voices and gameplay is so amazing please continue to make maps like this. Thank you mick 5 for this amazing map

Thank you creeperguy, glad you enjoyed the map, and thanks for the nice comment and taking the time to post a comment letting me know..

2020-11-27 19:58

0 Mick_5 Quoting lightsaber6666:
Wow Mick_5, how did you put all this together? My brother and I love this. We're up to the colour dungeon. Probably I'd say one of the best games we've played in a long time. Thanx

Thanks a lot lightsaber6666, really happy you loved the map, thanks for the nice comment and taking the time to post a comment letting me know you enjoyed it..

2020-11-27 19:57

0 Mick_5 Quoting zirael:
I loved this map, good story,lovely music, characters and graphics!
Just a little detail is that sometimes when i shot the guns it didn't hit the target

Thanks Zirael, really happy you loved the map, thanks for the nice comment and taking the time to post a comment letting me know..

2020-11-27 19:55

0 Mick_5 Quoting CapitalYouth:
I haven't played much of this map but it brings me back to skyrim memories, I can tell this map is going to be great

CapitalYouth, thanks for the nice comment, it is a fairly big map, and a lot of my maps are inspired by Skyrim and Zelda

2020-11-27 19:54


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