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After Error

Created by Stabily Waqular

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Dan Nazir lives in Polygon city. A city that isolated itself from the rest of the world to escape the destructive power of the advanced technologies. They protect themselves with an indestructable barrier. No one will ever enter Polygon city and no one will ever leave. Or at least, that's how it's been for the last 100 years...

After Error is a science fiction adventure map with a unique story line, custom sounds and music, stunning special effects and more. It has its own resource pack and contains more than 7000 commands. The gameplay has elements of PvE, exploring, bossfights and parkour.

Additional Info:
- This map is singleplayer only.
- Play in minecraft 1.15.2
- Playtime: ~4 hours

Map Details

Creator: Stabily Waqular
(19 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 226.7 MB
Added: 2020-09-11
Downloads: 235
Category: Adventure Maps

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0 SnipeYArtz There seems to be an issue with the leap function of the upgraded sling. When I perform the steps, it doesn't launch me high enough to overcome the simulation. I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong or what but it's just not working for me. I really like this map though! It has a lot going for it

2020-09-16 15:20

0 Annonymous The TranportO is an absolute horseshit of a mechanic together with the highway entrypoints. None of them work and unfortunely they are part of the story progression. The entrypoints keep killing you when you try to exit your vehicle... IF you manage to get to one cus the TransportO controls like absolute ass. No way to stop, the shift to exit works 10% of the time. Fucking trash mechanic.

2020-09-15 09:27

0 marco polo how do i get to south park in the beggining

2020-09-15 02:03

0 TheBaconLard Hello! This is an amazing map so far, the only thing that im having a problem with is the leap. Im at Charles's lab trying to get it right but im not going high enough. Am I doing something wrong because I am holding down the space bar while pressing F.

2020-09-14 21:46

0 Updates Please Requires: Updates

2020-09-14 20:38

0 MasterYaron22 I haven't been able to complete the map because there was no way for me to complete a quest.
I was stuck on the quest where i needed to go to "Assisted Reality" after the parkour from the slingshot competition.
The map wouldn't let me leave the top of the building when i needed to go to the highway where the vehicle is.
Then i tried flying there (i just had to cheat cuz it didn't work the right way) but that also didn't work. When i left the building the game said i failed and had to start again...
Overall this map has a good story and is fun to play so 6.9/10

2020-09-13 09:03

0 ComicalTornado This map is really well done, with a very fun and unique concept and mechanics.
However, I experienced a problem during the Transport-O racing segment. When I left AR or got off the vehicle, I would somehow fall out of the world and spawn back at the house. This was okay the first time, because the time ran out and I was teleported back to the beginning of the track automagically. The second time it happened, though, I didn't get teleported back and was unable to restart the trial because the stairs down from the roof were blocked and even when I cheated a bit and flew up there, I was unable to access AR.
This is a bit of a game-breaker, so I just thought you should know. Overall, though, everything works very well.

2020-09-13 01:56

0 Rystroy This looks Sick!!

2020-09-11 23:39


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