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Across the Time

Created by Piccomaster

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Note: This map was originally made in French.

If your game is lagging, try playing on Minecraft 1.8.3.

Version 2.0 has now been released! Check the bottom of the page for patch notes.

Map Info

Map Trailer

  • Solo or Coop PVE/RPG game (Max 3 players).
  • Between 20h & 30h of playtime.
  • 8 clearly distinct classes (ex : druid, ninja, tank, sorcerer, alchemist...)
  • 20 magic spells (available through books), consumes Dahäl.
  • Main questline with many dungeons containing Elites Mobs and unique bosses.
  • Thousands of monsters to fight.
  • 12 secondary quests.
  • More than 70 Heroic deeds.
  • A lot of normal, magical and legendary items & set to collect.
  • A dozen of sacred articles to buy.
  • 2 gamemodes: Softcore & Nightmare with 3 difficulty level (easy, normal, difficult).
  • Many events of all kinds (Jump, Puzzle, Enigma).
  • Several NPC towns & Villages.
  • Varied and original landscape, biomes.
  • A fantastic script & a highly developed lore written by Thundesrtruck.
  • All music writing by Piccomaster and placed in the resourcepack.
  • Monster & boss farming available thanks to mobspawners.
  • Hundreds of hidden chests and many loots to find
  • Basic currency (Chronotons) and legendary currency « Ecaille Souveraine du Chaos »
  • Potion, food, weapon, armor and sacred shops.
  • Upgrade effect (aptitude) to unblock (Strengh, Haste, Resistance, Regeneration) with de l'XP.
  • Recycling available in exchange for Chronotons (BlackMarket).
  • A bank to convert XP to Chronotons, Chronotons to XP, and exchange Chronotons between players.

Story and Presentation
An incident occurred in a small town where you're working as a delivery boy; a portal letting out monstrers of an another age is open, leading the world into the apocalypse. All hope is dying, there is no one left but you, the last representative of the human race. You are rescued by a magical force that takes you back into a distant past. In this world, the Dahäl exist… You will learn that the cause of your misfortunes is none other than Ranegot, a corrupt immortal, enemy of seven kingdoms; and there is only one way to overcome: to gather 9 powerful gems scattered in 4 of the seven kingdoms.

A journey full of obstacles, puzzles, epic fights against in gargantuan amount of monsters or against more and more smart and powerful bosses are waiting ! For helping you in your quest, you teach to control the Dahäl through spell book (original and unique with minecraft vanilla !). You can personalise your equipment with many different weapons and armors. You can find them with farming or you can buy them in different shop in exchange of local currency: Chronoton! Furthermore, your experience will increase your abilities trough an original system of evolution.

Good luck, you’re the only one that can make the difference !

Details of the gameplay

Basic Gameplay
Across The Time is a map, entirely built for vanilla minecraft (no need for mods).

The map is inspired by RPG adventures like Zelda or Secret Of Mana with loot systems like Diablo or Borderlands.

You need to complete quests, fight monsters and bosses in a lot of dungeons that get bigger and bigger!

The game is focused on PvE (PvP isn’t available) and also provided with events like puzzle, platforms, enigma, etc…

A unique development system supports players trough the experience gained and a well developed economy allows players to buy, to sell, to exchange in different shops.

You can do this adventure alone or with friends, but it’s advisable to be no more than 3 players play the map.

The map is semi-open world: large zones and regions were created to allow players freedom, but will be partly driven by the main quest.

Of course, a dozen of secondary quests is waiting to extend the life of the game.

Finally, you need between 20 and 30 hours of play to defeat the map.

Fight Monster and Elites
Each dungeon has it's own boss and mini-boss with hundreds of minions! The free areas are filled with all kinds of monsters that try to block you on the road.

In some free zones, monsters regularly spawn, you can increase your power to fight against these monsters.

Each monster has it's own special capacity (different speed, increased life, increased strength etc...) and is obviously equipped with a wide variety of armour and weapons.

You can fight with sword, bow with more and more powerful enchantments, but also with spells.

You gain one bonus heart after each death of a boss.

Magic and Spells
To help you in your fight against the corruption, you may cast spells all more original and miscellaneous than the others, for example :

  • Invocation (wolf, golem etc…),
  • Renewal of life
  • Slowing Aura
  • Rain of Arrows
  • Fireball

So, you can cast spells through books. They will unlock according to the progression of the player. The magical gauge is called Dahäl and is evolutive.

To launch a spell, you just need to open the book and click on the name of the spell inside the book!

Fireball Spell


Ultima Spell

Farming, Loot and Items
Almost all the items of Minecraft are available on the map and you can buy, sell, loot off monsters or find in chests...

There are various kinds of weapons and armor classified according to their powers and rarities: Sacred, Legendary, Sets, Magic or Normal!

Do not forget, each item is useful, indeed they can be for most sold on the black market.

It is possible and sometimes necessary if you want to improve you and loot the many legendary items owned by the enemy!

The number of monsters you'll face will always be more important and difficult depending on your progress! That is why you need to equip yourself and loot.

Know that monsters, bosses and elites have a small chance to dropped powerful items, so do not lose hope. Some Elites are unique but some dungeon bosses can be farmed!

Elites and some secrets also drop a rare currency: "Ecaille Souveraine du Chaos". It used to buy you a type of very powerful items: the Sacred items.

Choice of the class
To give an RPG touch, the player needs to choose between 8 different classes at the beginning of the game !

Each class has it's own feature, like unique spell books, or passive abilities. For example: Dahäl regeneration for sorcerer, two hearts more for the warrior, etc.

Take a look at the different available classes:

  • Warrior
  • Druid
  • Ninja
  • Alchemist
  • Farmer
  • Healer
  • Hunter
  • Sorcerer

Deeds of valor and secondary quests
To complicate your adventure, all deeds of valor or goals may be validated. 
So, you have to perform some kind of secondary challenges such as:

  1. Kill 1 thousand monsters.
  2. Reach level 80.
  3. Gain 2500 chronoton.

These goals aren’t imposed but you will be rewarded according to what you have accomplished !

But, to extend the life-time of the game, a dozen of secondary quests are available in some places of the game that you have to discover.

Mode, difficulty and death
At the beginning of the adventure, during tutorial, you will have the possibility to choose between two game-modes:

Softcore: You lose only 1 level per death, heart regeneration by food is activated, the effects when you are badly wounded are reasonable.

Nightmare: You lose 2 levels and 10 Chronoton per death, heart regeneration by food is deactivated, after being badly wounded the effects are very restrictive (slowdown, bleeding etc…)

Along with these two modes, you also have the opportunity to play on Easy, Normal or Hard. Be careful if you play in multiplayer, an automatic system is activated and the difficulty changes depending on the number of players on the map:
- 1 player: Easy
- 2 players: Normal
- 3 players: Hard

Do not worry about death, many Checkpoints are placed throughout the adventure. You can enable them by clicking a button that is recognizable by yellow sponge blocks.

Keys and locks
During this journey you will find many locked doors and mechanisms. To unlock the doors, a key system was created for the map.

Simply put a key (renamed and of varying shape) in a container that will be located in front of each mechanism. The difficulty in obtaining these keys will vary.

Hunger and potions
Food is present in the game. You will need to intelligently manage this resource because you can not cultivate.

Obviously you will find some food on monsters, many chests and you can also buy in a specialty store.

Concerning the potions, a system of limitation and recycling of empty potions has been created!

There is a limited amount of potions in the game, but it is possible to recycle the empty bottles to buy more potions in the shop provided for this purpose.

NPC and dialog
You will meet a lot of NPCs to talk to along your way. NPCs are usually found in the villages but you can also meet them in different locations across the map, away from civilization.

The dialogue system is automatic, you just have to approach the NPC to talk. Some NPC's will ask you questions that you can choose the answer by clicking in the chat window.

Visit every corner, because some NPC give clues and quests which have awesome rewards.

Adventure Mode & anti-cheat
The game is in adventure mode, you can’t break blocks, type commands, etc.

A security system is in charge of stop « briefing » and blocks the use ofcreative game mode. You can try but it’s at your own risk.

Economy and Skills

Skills & evolution system
This unforgiving adventure will put you in difficult situations, the skills evolution systems is created to answer that.

During the game, your character will gain more and more experience, thanks to this Xp, you will be able to exchange against advantageous abilities.

Many effects are available from the weapons master, with several level unblock:

- Force I, II, III, IV
- Resistance I, II, III, IV
- Speed attack I, II, III
- Renewal of Dahäl I, II, III, IV
- Renewal of heal I, II, III, IV.

Money & Shops
An important part of the game that we can’t to undervalue: the economy.

The principal money of the game is the « Chronoton ».

Every monster killed will give you ONE Chronoton, but the sale of recyclables items or the secrets’s searching will give you more.

All these Chronotons give you the possibility to buy a lot of items in different shops in the main village of the game:
- Alchemist (potion’s shop)
- Smith (Weapons and armour shop)
- Grocer (food shop)

The Palace sells Sacred items.

There is also another currency available in the game called « Sovereign Shell of Chaos ». With this, you can buy powerful sacred items in the game. This currency can be found in some chests and on some monsters or bosses.

Black market
As mentioned previously, you’ll be able to exchange many objects like (zombie meat, wire spider, skeleton bones, etc.)

Thanks to Hannibal Chau’s black market, any useless monster drops can be exchanged in Chronotons.

You will just to put items on specific container, and it’s done. Thanks to that, every drops, every items give you a benefit.

The Bank is a popular place for multiplayer games, because the currency exchange system between players is developed inside it.

The Bank is in the Palace, you can exchange 5, 50 or 500 Chronotons per click. You will find in the Bank an exchange system of Chronoton to XP, and XP to Chronoton.

Redstone system and command
Hiding behind this huge map is a system that we would like to show you to prove all of the gameplay.

Many redstones systems have been created, for boss, for the economy, for many challenges.

Every system includes command blocks with specific codes to improve the functioning of the events, puzzle mechanics.

Take a loot at some redstones systems on this photo:


Music and resourcepack
This map requires a particular Resource-pack, dedicated to ambience music ! You can play with really and unique original music. You can combine this sound resource-pack with others texturing-resources of your choice.

13 songs are available in this resource-pack, these songs follow you during the adventure.

All these songs are composed by Piccomaster, except the end’s song composed and played by the Rock/Metal Band « Vernes ».


Thank you for waiting so long for the release of our map, because it was not easy. To give you an idea, this map is the work of 2 years. We have sacrificed almost completely 2 years of our lives for this project.

Personally, I want to thank Thunderstruck for his immeasurable help. Sometimes, it was hard, but we had great fun to create a map of this scale on Vanilla Minecraft.

Thanks to all of the beta-testers that have tested our map:

For the english translation, we thank to Sigmund Athena, Devildog68 & Tristepouille.

A special thanks to Kuro Arachi, for his help at the beginning of this project.

We also thank the Rock/Metal band « Vernes » that accepted to put his song at the end of the game.

Programs and plugins used: Mcedit (with Sethbling filters), Bukkit, World Edit, Too Many Items, NBT Edit.
Thanks to: Sethbling, MinecraftZephirr, Jesper The End, Moirnvince, Hypixel, for their maps and tutorial videos too!

We hope you enjoy the map.

We hope you will spread the map, but credit the creators, if you share it.

Of course, we allow gameplay videos of the map for YouTube.

If you have some questions concerning bugs, information or other subject, write in the comments belowtor try to contact me on my Facebook page.


Additional Notes

Mod, Texture pack and details:
Screenshot with shaders pack "MrMeep_x3s".
No need to install mods, but minecraft vanilla v1.8+ is required! Everything is built by US, McEdit and our own hands with the command block system.


  • Play in Adventure mode / Never play in peaceful.
  • Play with sound and particules.
  • Minimum field of view: 6 chunks.
  • For multiplayer server don't forget: "enable-command-block=true".

Update 2.0:

  • Reduction of mobspawner and zombies in the city of introduction.
  • Signs add and better indication for some missions in the city of introduction.
  • The road to the bridge in the city is more appropriate.
  • The way to the "gemme du souvenir", the buttons in the 2 heads of gods protector and the dungeon entrance are better indicated.
  • The path on the ramparts of Kakkara dungeon in the desert is more appropriate.
  • A better indication of the sacred store.
  • The fishing rod is now unbreakable.
  • Added security to the end dungeon boss and the mini-boss Hector drop all their soul (Âme).
  • Added security to tp the player directly to Earndhel if a checkpoint is obstructed.
  • The books statistics is now well in the basement of Henry Jones Senior.
  • The player can't more now jump into the big gate of the city of introduction.
  • Deleting a message that appeared twice in the tutorial.
  • Some holes were resealed and corrected to prevent the player from locking.
  • Fixed a bug where the player making the quest for the sacred artifact after putting the power battery (pile d'énergie) in the hopper (it was tp directly to the dungeon of desolation).
  • Fixed bug removing 40 Dahal when the player put gem courage (gemme du courage) before the gem of life (gemme de vie).
  • Fixed several tp in the dimension 'desolation' that automatically stop.
  • Fixed final tp bringing the player to the present that automatically stop.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player to have the sacred item Getsuga after filing "Sovereign Scales Chaos" (Ecaille Souveraine du Chaos).
  • Fixed minor bugs giving the player the opportunity to get out of the map.
  • Fixed the spelling of certain dialogue and panels.
  • Added translation of the signs in the game.


Map Details

Creator: Piccomaster
(175 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.8.1
Size: 193 MB
Added: 2015-02-21
Downloads: 122,384
Category: Adventure Maps


+9 Briek Help! when hosting the map as a server on multiplayer for playing with a friend, when i click the dialogue for starting the conversation with the first npc, it says "you dont have permissions".

2019-09-27 18:56

-76 Russell This map is not multiplayer compatible. My brother and I were pretty far throughout the map and he suddenly lost everything. This map sucks

2019-05-23 22:07

+1 Baker Quoting Lyncrem:
im in the starter area, and im using the button to start the tutorial, but nothing happens, what should i do?

It's the beginning tutorial, just re-download the map.

2018-12-28 19:33

+8 xmccormicksx This map is extremely confusing at times and it glitches a lot. You can't even use cheats if you get stuck either and I get it, it takes the fun out of it if you use cheats but there are parts of this map that just don't make sense and you might at actually need to use cheats to get yourself out of place you're stuck in. I've been playing this for awhile now and I've been getting extremely frustrated while playing it. I've been doing it as best I can but there are parts of the map where it glitches, or where the enemy is invisible. Then some of the instructions are either vague or not there. For example, I'm currently stuck in the lab in the Nether area and I'm supposed to be looking for a key to unblock the stairs, and that it's in the lab but I've looked literally everywhere I could reach and I've found absolutely nothing. I can't use cheats either without the message coming up too. This map is pretty cool but it's also glitchy and very frustrating.

2018-12-26 06:37

+4 Lyncrem im in the starter area, and im using the button to start the tutorial, but nothing happens, what should i do?

2018-12-26 02:41

-29 THE__MAIN Who knows the answer to this question?
(A) 10
(B) 9
(C) 11
(D) 7
(E) 12
If you've played this map and completed it then you should know the real answer to this question.

2018-12-07 02:58

+1 Pressure plate The pressure plate behind king's throne to the enterance to dungeon 4 isn't working, I stand on the pressure plate and nothing happens, any tips?

2018-09-02 13:50

+1 Jonathcraft Quoting yyluio:
on the top of a building when the zombie attack just started, the voice told me to jump through the crack in the building, but when I jumped onto the only place that seems safe, and I followed the roofs to the end, I can see the normal survival scenes and a bedrock wall there. is the map glitched? plz help

there should be a warp when you jump

2018-08-08 09:00

-10 ??? I know a way to cheat in this map and a way to change gamemodes without using mods or hack clients.
Piccomaster knows that i know how to cheat but i wont tell how.
but only if i need to...

2018-06-27 06:47

+3 KuyaB When playing on multiplayer, does the host only get to use the spell books?

Because, when player 2 decided to use the spellbook, it won't work saying "You do not have permission to use this command!"

2018-05-03 03:15

-1 yyluio on the top of a building when the zombie attack just started, the voice told me to jump through the crack in the building, but when I jumped onto the only place that seems safe, and I followed the roofs to the end, I can see the normal survival scenes and a bedrock wall there. is the map glitched? plz help

2018-03-27 23:33

+2 Herobrinetin Looks cool! I'm exited to try it :)

2017-12-25 03:57

+1 FilipTheWise Great map but after long time it started laging and everithing crashes :(.

2017-08-02 15:42

+10 SPESS MEHREENS This is by far the BEST minecraft adventure map I've ever played. I just have some concerns - how do I switch to creative - I finished and I would like to examine the command blocks and the like. Also, I would like to know the locations of the other side quests (aside from the dwarves, the spider-filled basement, the lion of the sands, the optional boss) because I still cant find them. I need help :(

2017-05-31 07:25

+8 CommanderX The greatest. Ever. No competition

2017-05-19 03:58

+2 Jaive4 Could someone please help me get the resource pack working for a vanilla 1.8.3.jar multiplayer map? I can get the map working fine in multiplayer and I can get the resource pack working fine in single player; however, no matter what I do to server properties or the zip file I can not get the epic music to play in a multiplayer server. Any ideas?

2017-01-03 17:05

-2 Jezman612 Edit to last comment: I was trying to say if I wanted to complete the map I would have to re-install and start all over again which I did, but the enemies became invisible again in the same dungeon as the last time (the dungeon after the one with yellow gem). I'm certain that this due to the fact that too enemies are spawned. When you make your second map I would highly recommend that you do a better job at controlling the number of enemies that spawn.

2016-10-10 21:06

+1 Jezman612 Your map glitched and all the enemies became invisible, meaning if to re-install the map, meaning I have to start all over again.

2016-10-06 01:26

+4 madfox04 stuck at tutorial
what do i do

2016-09-20 10:34

-6 Bob Quoting Elf:
Looking for the altar biy, I fell into a hole under the church in Alzir City and now I'm stuck. Setting the game mode to hard in hope of getting killed by a mob hasn't worked either. Help!

You want to die? Well (at least in the version I installed in May 2015), you can use "/kill"

2016-09-03 16:01

+3 Elf Looking for the altar biy, I fell into a hole under the church in Alzir City and now I'm stuck. Setting the game mode to hard in hope of getting killed by a mob hasn't worked either. Help!

2016-06-11 11:11

+2 Namegot Great map, but it's pretty hard and some stuff don't work so yeah.... I cheated. Great ending, definitely looking forward to the sequel. Just make weapons more powerful and make it a bit easier. Still good though. P.S. Whats the ending song name? Can't find it. P.P.S Took so long, I thought I was finished after Echor, then still got Ouranos, then I was like done. Then still got Namegot. And after that, back to your own time. But still great though.

2016-06-03 07:44

+10 Tra_kad This is hands down the greatest free-roaming adventure map I have ever played. Story. Adventure. Quests. Lore. Puzzles. Loot. Achievements. Power ups. Freaking MAGIC.

It's Ocarina of Time, Skyrim and Dark Souls in a really blocky world, people.
What is there NOT to love?

10/10 Tra_kad rateing.

2016-05-27 01:27

+5 FrozenFarmer During the dungeons, you are able to get infinite arrows and then sell them in the black market. But other than that, I love this map!

2016-05-25 23:20


2016-05-25 15:54

+3 samochi777 Quoting daniel:
that map is so cool but have so much bugs ... and if i get stuck in a hole i can't /gamemode 1 to get out congrats, it sucks

you really shouldn't be that rude they spent lots of time making this map!

2016-03-30 17:40

0 jezman612 It's a good map.

2016-03-28 20:37

+1 SimonSays Got some problems in the game:
1) The achievement: IT'S OVER 9000!, which ask you to have 9001 chronotons. When you succeed at getting the required amount the light of the achievement at Henry Jones basement does not turn on.

2) After encountering with Namegot, the portal at the fountain won't work any more: you jump into portal only to find yourself in a pit of about 8x8 in area and about 12 blocks deep.

3) The spots at the black market (the Recycle area), some time during the game, I can no longer sell stuffs like "bones", "rotten flesh", "arrows". Is this normal?

2016-03-22 08:33

+2 Prttypony15 I turned right and went into the building but I cannot go to the top :/ The stairs are broken, help?

2016-01-31 23:06

+3 Piccomaster Thx all for your support, we are proud to see a lot of people like our adventure map. We can't read all the posts but we can help you thanks to our website here : www.adventquest.com

Our team can help you, see all articles of the Tips' Topic. And if our articles can't help you, go on our twitter or Facebook and ask me all you want to know.


For the fans, we are working and the sequel of Across The Time : "Across The Time II - Time For Regrets". Follow us on our website or on facebook. An another great adventure wait for you!!

Team Adventquest.

2016-01-05 00:35


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