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A Lonely Mansion

Created by SirWilius

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You and perhaps your friends, simply depending on the matter in which you choose to play this map with others, were driving your prized car to your summer home somewhere out in the vacant country side.

While you were driving a car hit a stone in the road, causing your car too swerve off into a side road! It had been raining for hours, and the ground was sodden and mucky.

Your car had slid through the mud and right into a big iron gate. Breaking in like a barbaric hoodlum, you recovered your senses and accessed the damage.

With your old job as a mechanic, you could easily see what needed to be fixed. And so, that is where the story shall begin, as you search the dull red brick wonders that await!


Map Details

Creator: SirWilius
(105 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 4 MB
Added: 2018-12-20
Downloads: 7,094
Category: Adventure Maps


Katie I can't figure out what to do. I have found the basement, placed the pressure plate, but it won't let me in without a candle, i have the torch, but apparently that's not the candle. I would like to continue this map but i'm so lost and ive been running around looking at literally everything. I can't find the candle!! This map is beautifully built but I just can't continue it.
I am very frustrated by this

2019-05-30 02:40

Beans___ During the basement part, I had never received what I needed to get out of it, so I was stuck in the basement. Until that point, it was a pretty good map but it sucks that I couldn't finish it.

2019-02-15 04:09

J The door at the end of the basement maze does not work.

2019-02-13 04:03

vale The map stopped working for me in the manor basement, the command for teleporting me to the nxt part diidnt work, and after that none of them did

2018-12-27 15:53

Peonofthepen I really liked it! It gave me the same overall feel as Herobrine's Mansion. The environments are very cool to look at, especially the exterior of the house. Some of the bossfights have pretty good mechanics. Of course, there's still a couple of them that feel like you are just endlessly bashing away. I didn't mind the lack of directions, it took me a while to figure certain things out and I never managed to unlock the ending (though I beat the last phase of the engineer fight). I did absolutely love figuring out the engineer's cage and watching it unfold. I think the map could do with some extra testing, since I had to break out in some places and get the commands to work again. But so much potential here, with some slight improvements you have a classic on your hands!

2018-12-27 13:16

Maddie I cant defeat winemaker... Can anyone help? I was fighting with him.. Them.. For ages and couldnt do nothing..

2018-12-26 17:10

Hipst3rFox Awesome map! Really enjoyed it, simple story but still great, just 2 things:
As CrazyCowMM already said, the teleporter at the end of the basement maze doesn't work, and some bosses might be a bit boring since nothing much is happening other than them hitting you, so maybe you could add some little effects/powers to some boss battles?
Overal: awesome job!

(I think some people would aprreciate a book with a hints, so you don't get completely stuck)

2018-12-23 15:14

Secret Can someone help me?I can'y find the red concrete powder where I should put the pressure plate...

2018-12-23 12:38

gameplayer70 I enjoyed this map as well, so I just wanted to leave a few comments based on the experience I've had with your map. There wasn't much of a story to follow with all of the bosses you fight, but it was still pretty good. Like CrazyCowMM said, it would have been nice to have a little more instruction on where to go and some information on the items you're supposed to collect for the car. Also, the door at the end of the maze was broken. When I got to that point, I thought I missed something and I had to look back here for guidance. Most of the boss fights weren't too bad except for the witch and Andrew; it was really annoying that she could spawn so many hams, and for Andrew, the summoned enemies were too powerful. Other than these things, this was a great adventure map!

2018-12-22 17:51

Gabe Payne I can't seem to figure out where to use the Manor Basement Key. HELP!

2018-12-21 18:16

Reisan It was a really nice map to play, i liked that it was difficult but not too mutch, although when i fought the winmaker i had a problem because he died from an arrow bouncing off of my shield and didn't drop anything... I had to respawn him to continue. And yes the commands block do not work at the end of the maze, but overall an amazing map. I had a lot of fun.

2018-12-21 12:20

Serbs I literally have no idea what to do with the engine block or candle press key. Please help.

2018-12-21 07:11

CrazyCowMM Overall I really enjoyed this map. The build quality was great, I actually quite liked the story even though it didn't make a huge amount of sense and the boss fights were fun once I figured out what to do. The only issue I have is how few instructions were given. I had to constantly fly around the map in spectator to figure out where I was supposed to go, or how to activate something. Oh also, the commands at the end of the maze didn't work. One of them was set to only tp you and the other had a space at the end so it doesn't run. Other than that I had quite a fun time!

2018-12-20 04:47

SirWilius After some recent testing, I've found that the map can only be player in singleplayer!

2018-12-20 02:53


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