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A Hole New World

Created by Mithey

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Map Info

A story/combat driven adventure map inspired by the book A Hole New World by PopularMMOs. It follows the story of Pat and Jen as they go on an adventure to try to rescue their friend Bomby, a creeper, and in the process discover a "hole" new world.

Length: Roughly 3 hours
Players: 1-4 players recommended. 11 supported

  • Classes - Play as 1 of 4 different classes who all have their own stats and abilities
  • Cutscenes - Special animated cutscenes will play all throughout the map
  • Bosses - Bosses with custom abilities and other combat encounters are all throughout the map
  • Music - The map contains music by Vindsvept (https://www.youtube.com/user/Vindsvept) which is under a CC BY 4.0 License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
  • Custom textures - A number of items including armor has custom textures
  • Shops - Collect gold and purchase items from Chuck to help you out on your adventure
  • Side quests - Help Sparky the wolf get rid of skeletons in the land
  • Leveling system - Find hidden lucky block items to level up and increase your stats
  • Loot - There is plenty of loot hiding to find
  • 7 areas total in length
  • The map was developed on and off over the course of a year, and is pretty advanced/unique


Map Details

Creator: Mithey
(295 votes)
Version: 1.0.2
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 69.8 MB
Added: 2019-11-02
Downloads: 12,905
Category: Adventure Maps


Orion i downloded this and it is a good map BUT the armor i can't equipt and the wepons don't do its attack damage only the damage of a fist

2022-01-20 23:38

blasting creeper Quoting Impie:
why am i stuck at the loading screen. render distance 5+

you gotta have render distance at 6 or if you have it on a server it doenst work on servers

2021-12-11 05:03

Impie why am i stuck at the loading screen. render distance 5+

2021-11-07 05:39

Thomas Really enjoyed playing the map, this map amazingly pulled me in.

2019-11-06 15:23

CRFTYS I've missed mitheys map creations. As soon as I saw this map and his name I know it's going to be a beautiful story driven map. Bless this creator!
You'll not regret playing this map as I haven't

2019-11-06 15:15

#flirora Is it possible to complete this map with a single class, or do some parts require changing classes?

2019-11-06 05:09

Ahpl I had an amazing time playing this, I feel as though you could make other objectives besides finding Essence in each area. and add more reason to switch classes for gameplay purposes other than secrets. Other than that this map was amazing, Cut-scenes well done and i enjoyed the whole thing.

2019-11-06 03:51

Superman4252 Amazing map! Keep up the great work!

2019-11-05 00:54

Spikol wow mithey just wow didn't expect a so good and advanced map by the first look of it but this is just absolutely amazing it even ueses the terra restore rebooted menu system you announced quite a while ago also what is with terra restore now is it dead or on hiatus

2019-11-03 21:51

elereal I managed to get my lucky block jump boost but now I don't know where to go! I'm guessing I'm supposed to find a way to get on top of the ship.

2019-11-03 16:17

Mr_Master824 I thought you were dead mithey

love your maps! keep up the good work!

2019-11-03 09:13

Tra_kad I haven't even tried it yet, just wanted to say...
Good to see you and your works back on here again, Mithey. :)

2019-11-03 04:32

fedham Amazing map, played with friends and everyone loved it

2019-11-03 02:59

Mewion The map is awesome, looks super nice aswell, but honestly I really wish it wasn't based on Pat and Jen.

2019-11-02 21:31

Galaxy_Reborn This is finally in full release! I've played in an early version and it was living up to the creators name. Bet Pat and Jen (If they play it) will love it!

2019-11-02 21:13


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