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Map Info:
Teramia is an open world adventure map I've been working on for nearly 2 years on my own. It is and was an exciting journey and experience to create this map and I'm still ready to add new regions, quests, dungeons and city's to this map via add-ons.

This is still a beta version. The newest region (ICELANDS) isn't 100% complete yet and 3 dungeons aren't available in this version. But the volume of content and detail is extremely huge and will give you a lot of opportunities to make you own way in the world of Teramia.

The story is pretty simple. There is no real main quest like you would know from games like Gothic or Oblivion.

You are an astronaut who was stranded during your mission on an unexplored planet. Your equipment isn't the best, but it should be enough to survive one or two nights. a couple of logs will give you more information about the last events and will help you to find a mysterious tower.

The setting is set in world 3000 years after an nuclear war. Populations jumped back to the stone age and nature has captured every achievement of the past back.

Teramia is an open world RPG game. This means you wont have any bondage during your game play. You make your own journey. You can explore the environment, solving quests, trading with NPC's in towns and city's, exploring dungeons, hunting animals and more.

The world is full of unexpected discovery's and you can find new stuff into nearly every corner of the map. Be the kindhearted hero who helps people and destroy the evil or be the bad guy you have always wished to be and kill, destroy to make your goals.

Try to build a new civilization of slavery or harmony. It is your decision!

The World:
For me its was really important to add a lot of detail to the map that minecraft cant offer you into an usual game would start. It should feel like an RPG adventure map.

The map offers you mountains, jungles, pine forests, a caldera, underground forest, mines, caves, ruins, trade points, city's, mob fortresses, ores, towns and a complete underwater world.

Current Regions:
TALOS - 100%
TIBERIA - 100%

Future regions (add-ons):


  • Custom mobspawners 
  • Witchtowers and houses 
  • Wolfhollow
  • Creepernests 
  • Endernests 
  • Piczombie (orcs) camps / hollows 
  • Spidernests / hollow 
  • Ocelotnests 
  • 9 Dungeons (small & big) 
  • A lot of tombs 
  • Over 300 chests 
  • Netherportal 
  • Enderportal 
  • Tons of ruins (farms, theatres, bars, towers, houses, temples...) 
  • Farm houses (NPC) 
  • Imperial city (outpost) 
  • Jungle town 
  • Inderground town 
  • Underground volcanos 
  • Monks 
  • Bars to rest or trade in (NPC's) 
  • Trade airship 
  • Fortresses to conquer 
  • Treasure maps 
  • Side quests (more quests in the next version when 1.8 is coming out (better results)
  • Arena

And a lot more!

World Map:

Remember this is still a beta and a project with probably no end. Tell me whats bad and good and lets plays are always welcome!

Have fun.

Check out the official Teramia Blog for tips, tricks and screenshots.


2014-04-08 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: DaveDaniel
(141 votes)
Map Version: v0.94.3
Minecraft Version: 1.7.2
File Size: 25 MB
Date Added: 2014-04-08
Downloads: 145,539
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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