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Elden Lands: Conquest Edition

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Elden Lands: Conquest Edition is a complete, realistic themed, texture, sound and content overhaul for Classic Elden Lands

An ancient evil has begun to awaken, And only you can stop it... Choose who you will be and embark on a long journey into the open world of Elden Lands. Dozens of hours of quests, dialogues, puzzles, parkour, bosses, learning magic, exploring the world and other activities are waiting for you...

Are you ready to fight back against the evil god?


  • Realistic graphics and sound design
  • 3 different, totally unique beginnings
  • 10 square miles world that you can fully explore! there is no places where you should not be
  • multiplayer support. Play with as much players as you have!
  • around 10 hours only focused on the main story. Are you brave enough to save the Elden Lands?
  • around 40 hours of world exploration and side quests
  • custom bosses, prepare to fight with the deadliest enemies.
  • over 200 unique weapons and armor sets


  • Play with OptiFine for unique weapon and armor models, better textures and performance
  • Disable connected textures if you are getting stutters and low framerate
  • Set graphics quality to fancy (or trees to fancy)
  • Give everyone operator role, if playing multiplayer, so everyone can interract with NPCs
  • Enable chat in settings, so you can see text
  • Make sure to install resourcepack within the map's folder ( for multiplayer, or download it from our Discord





2023-09-13 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: LGSC team
(120 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2
File Size: 863 MB
Date Added: 2023-09-13
Downloads: 9,479
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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