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Minecraft Party

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  • Minecraft Version: 1.17.1
  • Estimated Gameplay Time: 2 hours
  • Number of Players: 4 (no more or less)

Basic Gameplay:

The main objective for players is to earn the greatest number of stars at the end of the game. Stars can be bought using coins whenever the player passes the star seller. With each star purchase, the star seller moves to another random location on the board. From each player’s turn, they have the opportunity to move and earn coins. Players can take their turn by rolling (dropping) the dice and move that corresponding number of spaces. You can roll numbers 1-10 and each number is equally likely. Each spot has a different effect on the game. Such spots can include receiving 3 coins, losing 3 coins, triggering a random event, triggering a duel, random fortunate event, random unfortunate event, opening/closing a path, receiving a movement item, or activating chance time. Coins can be won through minigames or landing on certain board spots. They can be used to buy items from a shop. There are two shops, and you can buy an item by walking past it and selecting the item you want to buy. Items can only be used prior to a roll. These items can be used to help you obtain stars or stop others from obtaining them. In addition to buying a star from the board, players can earn bonus stars by winning the most minigames, triggering the most events, moving the most spaces, or holding the most coins at one time. After all four players’ turns have been completed, a random minigame will occur allowing each player to earn coins by placing in the minigame.


Mini-game Mode

This gamemode allows for players to freely play any of the minigames or duel minigames. No scores are kept in this gamemode, and it can be ended at any time by starting either of the other two gamemodes.

First to Five Stars

The first player to obtain five stars wins the game and the placements are determined at that point. This gamemode includes live updated bonus stars. No two players can have the same bonus star. Players can earn bonus stars as the game goes on and lose them to other players as well. Bonus stars and board stars are both included when determining placement. A special event occurs after a minigame once the first player obtains four stars.

20 Turn Mode

This gamemode is strictly 20 turns. Bonus stars get awarded at the end of the last turn. Multiple players can tie for any of the bonus stars. Both bonus stars and board stars are included when determining placement. A special event occurs at the beginning of the last five turns.


  • Four players only. No spectators allowed. Spectating is a work in progress.
  • At least one player playing must be operator.
  • Ensure that your server has good connection. Players leaving may affect the game.
  • Minecraft Version 1.17.1
  • Render chunks set to at least 8 chunks



2023-08-21 - Map Released.


  • +Added message in chat at the beginning of each player's turn that tells what items they have
  • *Changed the spaces left in the action bar to show for all players
  • -Fixed Spleef and Color Trails Arena getting combined
  • -Reroll token works properly
  • -Fixed a few incorrect item descriptions
  • -Fixed an issue where players sometimes couldn't traverse across the bridge on the board
  • -Sometimes, gold blocks would linger on the board after cancelling a game
  • -Players can't double dip on the coin shower when using a reroll token


  • *Runner mechanics were changed to reduce lag and add falling blocks
  • *No player collision in Dropper
  • *Automatically respawns star seller if it dies
  • *Made it so that players do not get squished from a build that gets cloned in Speed Builders
  • *Slot machine item frames are no longer present during minigames
  • -Gambling items did not work properly if players had exactly 6 coins
  • -Players no longer get stuck on bridge
  • -Some items did not get swapped in swap items event in chance time
  • -Removed guidebook from inventory during duels
  • -Players did not receive warp to star if special dice was activated on them
  • -Fixed game theory detection zone for round ending
  • -First turn sometimes started prematurely


  • * Gambling on Boss Battle still said "Boss Fight" in chat
  • * Task score is no longer -1 at the start of Tedious Tasks
  • * Buffed armor and weapon for Player Fight kit
  • - Pickup delay on certain dice entities is incorrect
  • - There is a hole in the top of the board
  • - Gambling item detection did not work for some players


  • + Spaces left now displays on action bar
  • * There is no longer bone meal in Farming Frenzy
  • * Removed spaces left from xp bar
  • - You could not give up in Speed Builders
  • - Players could purchase a "phantom star" before rolling
  • - Checkpoint scoreboard did not display in Horse Race
  • - Players were able to damage each other in Boss Battle prior to game starting

Map Details

Map Creator: Team MCP
(9 votes)
Map Version: v1.0.4
Minecraft Version: 1.17.1
File Size: 59.9 MB
Date Added: 2023-08-21
Downloads: 2,966
Map Category: Game Maps

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