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Bendy and the Ink Machine: Minecraft Edition

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It's been 30 years since you quit your job as lead animator at Joey Drew Studios, and since then, the cartoon production company has gone bankrupt, and been left abandoned.

Then one day, you recieve a letter from your old friend, Joey Drew himself, inviting you back to the studio so that he can "show you something".

Will you find what lurks beneath the studio's surface? Or will you fall victim to the consequences of a desperate man's actions...

This map currently includes only the first chapter of the game, Moving pictures, so please consider this more of a demo for the rest of the map. I, Razzter, made it solo as my first map, primarily to learn how to programm command blocks, so don't be too harsh when leaving reviews and/or feedback.

No special settings are required, just change them to however you think will make the map more enjoyable.

This is a fan-made recretion of BATIM, so if you enjoy it and haven't played the base game, please do so and support the devs.

For more updates on the map as I work on it, visiting and supporting my youtube channel would be appreciated:



2023-05-30 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Razzter_
(29 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.19.3
File Size: 5.8 MB
Date Added: 2023-05-30
Downloads: 4,079
Map Category: Horror Maps

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