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Temple of the Art

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Temple of the Art, TOTA, is a spell-crafting and wand-building roguelite minecraft map inspired by Noita.

This map is singleplayer only! Optifine 1.19.2 is required!
You can follow a step-by-step installation guide of the map

Travel through the ancient mage academy as you try and defeat the creatures that invaded it along the way. Fight through 20 different waves with each being harder than the one before it. Fight tons of custom mobs and challenging bossfights that are sure to keep you on your feet. Over 250 different spells to utilize and cast making every wand build in a run you start fresh and unique! Find and rescue some of your brethren to add new npcs to the starting area in between runs. Secrets and puzzles are hidden all around each floor for you to unlock and explore!

This game contains an official wiki which can be viewed [​HERE]

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2023-05-29 - Map Released.

v1.08 Quality of Life Update


Content Added:


- New Spell -  Gravity Path
- New Spell - Anti-Homing
- New Spell - Plasma Orb
- New Spell - Giant Plasma Orb
- New Spell - Directional Bolts
- New Spell - Chaotic Metamorphasis Field
- New Spell - Cocktail Thrower
- New Spell - Chaos Impact
- New Spell - Strong Shot
- New Spell - Weak Shot
- New Spell - No Shot
- New Spell - Star Shower
- New Spell - Impact-Aim
- New Spell - Invulnerable on Lethal
- New Spell - Invulnerable on Heal
- New Spell - Steam Mist
- New Spell - Liquor Mist
- New Spell - Slime Mist
- New Relic - All-Seeing Amulet
- New Relic - Chaos Die


Bugfixes / Changelog:


- All spells now contain additional statistics in their item descriptions
- “Necromancy” spell has been reworked
- “Twenty Four” spell has been reworked
- Game Over screen texture updated
- Wave Modifiers will now display a custom subtitle when activated
- ”Block of” spell texture’s have been updated
- ”Explosion Emitter” spell texture’s have been updated
- Fixed first-time start ups allowing you to purchase Blood Pacts for free
- Fixed the third boss from looping its attack indicators even after death
- Fixed a bug which didnt allow dark chests to spawn properly
- Charges on spells won't consume if you don't have enough mana
- Leveling up via EXP plays a custom sound
- “Toast” texture updated
- Blood Pact damage memory has been fixed when using another
- Edited “Reroll” spell’s descrption
- Added a control scheme to the inventory
- Progress Journal GUI has been overhauled
- “Strange Gift” relic interpolation texture bug fixed
- Cleaned up inventory textures
- Entering bossfights restores all mana now

(special thanks to @eblok for some gui textures)


Map Details

Map Creator: PeteAleha
(17 votes)
Map Version: v1.08
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2
File Size: 74.2 MB
Date Added: 2023-05-29
Downloads: 3,227
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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