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Star Wars: Remnant Knights

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Do you have what it takes to defeat the Sith Lord? Will you become a Jedi & fight the dark forces? Or will you succumb to the dark side & use your power for evil? The choice is yours!
Exploration/Adventure RPG

Completely Vanilla(Map includes Resourcepack)
-No Mods Required!
-MC Version: JAVA 1.18.2
HIGHLY Recommended to play with Optifine
-This Map MUST be played in Java 1.18 & will not work properly in any other version.

Map Features:
-Travel to different worlds & explore unique landscapes!
-Collect different blasters, swords, lightsabers & more!
-Upgradable weapons & armor!
-Learn to use powerful force powers!
-Gain Animal Companions!
-Befriend Allies to accompany & aid your journey!

-Custom Crafting Recipes!
-Custom Resource Pack including new weapons, sounds, mob skins, music, textures & much more!
-Interact with tons of civilians & more!
-Over 30+ Side-Quests!
-Bounty Hunter Missions
-Explore unique Dungeons, Tombs & Caves
-Detailed World Journals for Each World

-Usable Shops
-Largely Open-world
-21 Collectible Minifigs
-Collect Seedlings to grow in your Terrarium!

-Look around for Bonus Loot, Items, Mini-Bosses, Hidden Secrets & More!

Explorable Worlds:
-Cophrigin V
-Rhen Var
-Mystery World

Inspired By: KOTOR

How to Play:
Step 1. Download Map File
Step 2. Unzip Download File
Step 3. Drag Map Save File into your Minecraft Saves Folder
Step 4. Launch MC Java 1.18.2 & Play!

Use this Link for the Official Walkthrough Guide

Use this Link to watch Bleaker's entertaining Playthrough

If you record my map please let me know, I'd love to watch & support!
Please do not reupload my map for download without my permission

-Feedback is encouraged! Please let me know about any bugs or problems you encounter so I can fix them for you & others!

-Thank you all for your patience & support!



2023-05-05 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Bloody_Duckers
(49 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.18.2
File Size: 393.4 MB
Date Added: 2023-05-05
Downloads: 5,343
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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