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Mountain Lake Castle

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Mountain Lake Castle

Modded, realistic, playable

Minecraft version: Java 1.18.2

This is mainly a showcase map, but it is playable in the sense that the castle serves as a completely equipped base. I built it in creative mode, using Worldedit, but the castle could certainly be built in survival, with some effort and much patience, once the landscaping is done. There are hardly any rare materials used, except for the alchemist’s cellar.

I use Forge and Optifine. However, the highest Forge version which Optifine supports for Java 1.18.2 is Forge 40.1.85, not 40.2.1 (which is the latest Forge version for Minecraft 1.18.2). Therefore, I had to download that earlier Forge version (go to your Forge Program, select: Create Custom Version, then select Minecraft Version, then scroll and select the Modloader Version), together with the corresponding Optifine version (go to: Optifine Download page: Show all versions, Minecraft 1.18.2, +Preview Versions). However, the map should also work without Optifine.

Mods that are essential for the map and which you need to install to see it correctly (some of them exist only as beta-versions for 18.2, e.g., Dynamic Trees); all of these are available on Forge:

Decorative Blocks; Double Slabs; Dramatic Doors; Crafting Station; Dynamic Trees; Dynamic Trees +; Extended Slabs +; Iron Chest; Macaw’s: Bridges, Fences, Furniture, Lights, Roofs, Windows; Quark; Thin Pillars; Torchmaster

Mods which I use but which are either automatically included in one of the above mods or which should not be essential (i.e., you probably need not install them):

Effortless Building; AutoRegLib; Blueprint; Boatload; Bookshelf; Canary; Carry on; Clumps; Duckling; Effective; Entity Culling; Fastload; Ferrite Core; Flywheel; Friendly Fire; GeckoLib; Guard Villagers; Horse Combat Controls; Jump over Fences; JEI; Moonlight Lib; Mouse Tweaks; Naturalist; Pluto; Puzzles Lib; Saturn; Snow under Trees; Starlight; Structory; SwingThroughGrass; Trading Post; Villager Workers; Worldedit; YUNG’s: API, Better Mineshafts, Bridges, Extras.

Thank’s to all the mod creators for their great work!



2023-02-19 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Christoph
(25 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.18.2
File Size: 334.7 MB
Date Added: 2023-02-19
Downloads: 7,368
Map Category: Castle Maps

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