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Excruciating Streams

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Hello there, and welcome to my newest map: Excruciating Streams!!!!

Look around, marvel at the fact that it's the world's hardest Minecraft maze, take it all in- then leave. Turn around. I've got, what? 23? 24 other maps? You don't have to play this one! In fact, I encourage you not to- it's simply not worth it! This map is a curiosity, something to look at, wonder about, pity the souls who've actually tried it, and move on. It's not meant to be played, that would just be sadistic.

It's pretty darn difficult.

Okay, look: I know "hardest" is subjective, but I'm pretty sure this one fits just about everyone's definition. It's massive, to start: I accidentally made it bigger than the previous world record for the largest maze, so technically that title fits it as well? I didn't intend to, I only figured that out at the end, with an extra 50 thousand cells on the prior record. Next, it's a water maze- do you know how frustrating those are with their 3-dimensional thinking? And the dead ends, dear lord! They range from small and harmless to branches upon branches of dead ends, spanning large swathes of the map! If you took the main path e x a c t l y , not making a single wrong turn, it would still take you hours to beat this maze. The only kind of person who would enjoy this map is a literal masochist, and I'm willing to bet that even THEY would have doubts!

There's not even a point to it!

You would gain absolutely nothing from playing this map! No prize awaits you at the end, no experience can be learned here; it's completely pointless! It's a HUGE time sink, it's not fun in the slightest, it's infuriating and painful, and you don't even get anything out of it! I don't expect ANYONE to beat this map, not even one person!! I recommend Library of Babble or Daedalic Atonement: those are good maps, at least! This is anything but.

Move on.

So, if you decide to play it, I can't stop you. The most I can do is warn you, so: consider yourself warned. And if you do try? Good luck. You'll need it.



2022-07-15 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: DeuxiemeCarlin
(14 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.19
File Size: 5.3 MB
Date Added: 2022-07-15
Downloads: 1,452
Map Category: Maze Maps

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