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Clynntanis - Alchemic Roguelike

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(Game requires Optifine 1.18 to play! Make sure to download it here to play the map)

Explore the Province of Clynn as an ancient Lunarknight alchemist as you try and stop an evil presence that corrupts the land. Fight your way through the 5 different floors each with there own unique enemies and bosses. Secrets are scattered all over the floors as you descend deeper into the caverns- learning and piecing together the gaps in your memory about your past...

Clynntanis is a alchemic roguelike (with some roguelite properties) that is inspired by Noita and places the player in a valley where they must traverse downward and reach The Core to stop its further corruption on the land. While going down, players can find various hidden secrets and glyphs scattered all around each floor that can add more variation to each run. Many secrets and "quests" are hidden and need to be slowly solved throughout each run. Apart from the secrets, dangerous and unique mobs, minibosses, and bosses are on each of their respective floors as well. Killing one can unlock it in the players bestiary (by pressing L) to add to the feeling of completion.

-5 unique floors
-40+ different custom mobs
-70+ different perks and weapons
-Tons of secrets to find
-30+ alchemic reactions
-3 different gamemodes
-Alchemy Lab and Time Trials
-Slight variation on each run
-Custom floor and boss music

Some known glitches I can't sadly fix:
-Please don't put any items in ANY containers
-Leaving the world in the middle of a run can glitch out minibosses and treasure chests for that run
-Entering into miniboss and treasure chests chunks too quickly before they forceload can ruin them for that run
-Items in hotbar such as the Shilling Pouch are glitched for your very first run only.
-A few custom head textures aren't properly loading in for some people (might fix eventually idk yet)
-Please don't trash any items onto the floor, instead move them into your Shilling Pouch to trash them!

Credits that made this game possible:
-Clynntanis OST (Floors) - Nolla Games
-Clynntanis OST (Drill Shack) - Nolla Games
-Clynntanis OST (Bossfight) - Camellia
-Mob / Player Health Bars - DanMizu
-Monster Retextures / Weapon Retextures 1 - gastho_
-Monster Retextures / Weapon Retextures 2 - MinecraftMinun
-3D Weapon Models - nongfu
-Custom Player Heads - Minecraft Heads website

Join my Discord Server if you have any questions / feedback you'd like to give me! :D



2022-06-14 - Map Released.

Epilogue Update - 1.2.0

New content:
-Added West Valley in the starting area-Bosses now drop Dusty Tablets-Added new endgame content for quests-Alchemy Lab now contains an alchemic reaction guidebook-New gui for Clynn Rune selection-New Bestiary journals added for West Valley-Tooltips pop up now during bossfights-Tons of new secrets...Game adjustments:-Floor 4 boss nerfed-Knowledge Eaters health decreased-Tons of new sounds for Drill Shack shop-Armor Upgrade has been renamed to Tier Armor I-IV-Perk Reroll starting price decreased to 50 and increases in increments of 25-Clynn Runes have been buffed-New sounds replaced for heart pickups and Bestiary unlocks-Minor bug fixes

Map Details

Map Creator: PeteAleha
(24 votes)
Map Version: v1.2.0
Minecraft Version: 1.18
File Size: 109 MB
Date Added: 2022-06-14
Downloads: 4,484
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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