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The Nine Realms

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The Nine Realms

Are you tired of the typical CTM map formula? Care for something different to test your PvE skills in a unique way? Explore nine unique and dangerous realms in a quest to return the 16 Heavenly Wools and 5 Metal Blocks to the Heavenly Monument.

Built from the ground up to be fun for single or multiplayer and featuring many unique mechanics to make a never-before-seen CTM experience. Perfect for any skill level with tuneable difficulty and forgiving mechanics.

With mob drops disabled and crafting prohibited, it's up to you to use every resource given to you to tackle the challenges ahead in a borderline adventure-map style that will force you to rethink what a CTM map can even be and push your PvE skills to the limit. Every heart matters and a shield is your best friend.


  • Unique and upgradable healing system that is restored upon death.
  • Every enemy is customized to provide a fun and challenging experience.
  • Ten diverse levels, each with its own unique theme/gimmick.
  • Fully designed for multiplayer or singleplayer.
  • Semi-linear design allows player freedom and eases getting "stuck".
  • Entirely original death/respawn system.

Exploration is Rewarded:

  • Collect nine different shields with varying attributes.
  • Find 13 music discs hidden across the nine realms.
  • Different potions, weapons, and armour scattered throughout, waiting to be found.

Unique Death System:

(Only activated once you reach the monument)

Designed from the ground up around keepInventory being enabled, upon death, you will keep all your items and tools, however, all spawners will reappear, creating a unique gameplay experience that incentivizes experimentation and learning each area to tackle the challenges ahead best, but with limited healing items and no natural health regeneration, can you make it to the exit with the wool before your enemies bring you to death's door? 

In multiplayer, all players have to die before spawners reappear.

Key Rules:

  • Find and complete the Heavenly Monument.
  • Play on EASY or above, designed around NORMAL.
  • Crafting is ONLY permitted to create the five metal blocks.
  • Render distance MUST be at 8 or above (10+ is recommended, if you start dying on load entering area, try reducing render distance)
  • Cheats of any kind are prohibited.
  • ALL players must have command privileges and command blocks MUST be enabled.
  • Dying is encouraged.

Behind the Scenes/Development:

My third CTM map, and first full-sized endeavour. Every realm was crafted using a strict 1-hour time limit as a challenge. I then took these barebones areas, filled them with unique items and mobs, and customized their overall appearance to fit the overall feel of The Nine Realms.




2022-05-29 - Map Released.

- Nerfed Vile Realm
- Various minor bug fixes
- Minecraft version required made clearer (1.17.x)

v1.03 - Map publically released.

- Fixed bugged SFX
- Added sign with information on teleporter mechanics.

Map Details

Map Creator: Littlepeople
(62 votes)
Map Version: v1.05
Minecraft Version: 1.17.1
File Size: 69.4 MB
Date Added: 2022-05-29
Downloads: 9,039
Map Category: CTM Maps

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