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The Corruption

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Update 0.3.0

After a long wait, here it is!! The Dev team now has 3 people working on the map, introducing Dev JoshKingCactus and Dev Sixtobe. Both of these devs will be taking out most of the major build projects out of my hand, so I can focus on my command block magic and mod making. Anyways, glad to be back!! Heres the update log. Thank you for your patience while this map was in the making :)

PS. If you find any bugs or if you think they're is something that should be explained how to do, I will be more than happy to add even the smallest QOL things into the map!

-Introducing, Helen the Mystic! Along with a new questline that is done in a very different way to the rest,
as well as a brand new feature, Tool Combining!! So now you don't need to worry about all those pickaxes taking up all your inventory space.
-Introducing, Adam the Blacksmith! His questline was already about, but now theres a reason to do it! With the
addition of The Forge.
-New Location! Cogar's Mansion. The Master Mage's home island, the area is not complete but rather a teaser for the next update, where the area will be fully playable.
-New Location! The Labyrinth! A 100x100 Maze filled with traps, changing how it sees fit, however a nice reward awaits for you at the end of each layer.

-Added Chloe the Farmer's house (whoops!)
-The Village NPCs now change with day and night!
-The mod is underwork and can be expected to be used soon

-Raid text works, doesn't repeat and starts when it is meant to.
-Village questline was previously not working completely, that should now be fixed!

Whats to come in 0.4.0?
The Cultist Lair! Many more layers to The Labyrinth. The full Cogar's Mansion

How to play: This is also explained in the map itself.

When you enter the map for your first time, you will be greeted with 5 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, Hardcore. These are fairly small changes from 1 difficulty to another, but it's enough to give the map some kindness to all players.

There is a teleporter outside the house you start in that can take you to all locations of the map. No where is ever locked unless it is not actually made yet, the only thing you ever need to worry about is being strong enough to take a place down, not if you can get to it or not.

The best way to progress in this adventure map is by completing the quests from The Village, all with various difficulty and challenging tasks. You will sometime be required to do other quests first to do certain quests as you can get your mining equipment from different places. It will all make more sense in the map itself.

The Mines are the most challenging Overworld place you can get, ranging from 1-13. Here you will get your ores while facing fearsome foes, or well, at the start, they are kind of a pushover, but the difficulty amps up fast. The Mines will be host to some of the Boss creatures of the map, posing an extreme threat that can follow you to your grave, but the things they can drop will be worth your time.

Good luck, Traveller.




2022-05-12 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: __Puro
(17 votes)
Map Version: v0.3.0
Minecraft Version: 1.20.1
File Size: 372 MB
Date Added: 2022-05-12
Downloads: 2,933
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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