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Alma Bay

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This is Alma Bay, a solo city project by Minenitrogue. The city, which began construction on 3 October 2021, is being built on a custom WorldPainter map. The map has a large river running through the middle of the city modeled off the river Thames in London, a coast with the beach to the east, mountains to the north-west, and a large bay also to the east.

The downtown of the city is made up of 1 large train station as well as many office buildings, shops, and apartment buildings. These buildings contain a variety of different building styles, from 1800s style buildings to 2020s style buildings. The Downtown area is mostly based on American architecture however there is some British architecture as well. Each building has a fully furnished interior to explore.

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2021-10-30 - Map Released.


Map Updated to 1.19


  • New Roads
  • New City district begun construction
  • 2 Screen Cinema with Comedy Club built
  • Abandoned Docklands built
  • New 1900s Metro Line with 5 stations built
  • 1800s Shops built
  • 1920s Shops built
  • 1950s Shops built
  • 1900s Apartment buildings built
  • New 1920s Houses
  • New 1950s Houses
  • New beach built
  • Railway yard built
  • Under Construction Apartment Complex built


  • New Country Roads
  • New Country Lanes
  • New Railways
  • Railway viaduct built
  • Radio Tower built in mountains
  • New River delta built
  • Electrical Pylons connecting to Dam built
  • Electrical Substations built
  • Farms built

Changelog (9 May 2022)


  • New Roads
  • New Shops
  • 1900s Office Building built
  • New 1950s Housing Area begun construction
  • 1970s Shops and Apartments built
  • 1970s Office Complex built
  • Modern Library built
  • Boat Docks begun construction


  • 2 New Motorway Junctions built
  • New Duel Carriageway
  • New Country Roads
  • Regional Airport built
  • One 2.5km Runway
  • One Terminal
  • Fuel Farm
  • Fire Station
  • Large Terminus Railway Station
  • New railways



  • New Roads
  • 1800s High Density Residential Area begun construction
  • 1910s High Density Residential Area begun construction
  • 1910s Shops and Apartments built
  • 1920s Apartments built
  • 1930s Houses built
  • 1930s Apartments built
  • 1940s Shops and Apartments built
  • 1950s Detached Houses built
  • 1950s Bungalows built
  • 1950s Secondary School built
  • 1950s Shops and Apartments built
  • 1980s Office Building built
  • 2000s Office Building built
  • 2010s Office Building built
  • Begun Terraforming a beach
  • 3 New Overground Train Stations built
  • Copper Arch Bridge built
  • New Duel Carriageway River Bridge built


  • Second Motorway Built
  • Large 4 Level Stack Interchange between both motorways built
  • New Country Roads built
  • 1930s Hydroelectric Dam built in mountain range
  • New reservoir behind dam filled in

Map Details

Map Creator: Minenitrogue
(571 votes)
Map Version: v1.4
Minecraft Version: 1.19
File Size: 1.1 GB
Date Added: 2021-10-30
Downloads: 15,183
Map Category: City Maps

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