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Knights of Ogmar

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With six custom classes, Knights of Ogmar is designed to fit different playing styles.

Whether you're into pelting your opponents with potions, crushing them with an axe, shooting them from a safe distance or slicing them up with a sword, there's a class to fit your style.

How long can you last before your opponents get the better of you?

Knights of Ogmar has a streak system - every enemy you slay, your streak goes up. However, when you die, your streak is reset. Your opponents' streak will be displayed below their nametag. You'll also be notified in the chat when someone gains a higher streak level. As you keep defeating your opponents, you will loose resources - whether it's health or potions - and fighting on will become harder. So, warrior, go out there and fight! How high can you get your streak?

About class selection.

Stand on a barrel to select your desired class. You'll get a preview of your class from the model above the barrel. If you want a new kit, stand on a different barrel. You will also be able to see other player's kits via chat and nametag. Before a player's name there will be a tag (e.g. ARBALIST Stilze).

About joining the combat island.

To join the combat island to fight your friends, right click the villager at the end of the spawn island. If you have more than one friend playing, they can watch you from the edge of the spawn island and cheer you on as you fight your enemies.

About lives and invincibility.

Lives are infinite, so you don't need to worry about dying too much. However, don't slack on the job! Your enemy will soon gain a higher streak level! Invincibility is activated in spawn island. Sure, you can slap your friends 'round silly, but they won't take any damage. When you enter the combat island, you will have a second of invincibility. This is to ensure that your friends can't immediately inflict damage without warning. Your hunger may deplete on the spawn island, however don't worry as it will be replenished when you teleport to the combat island.


  • Stilze - Coder, Builder
  • bookbee - beta tester
  • Fwooshcraft - beta tester
  • pondapple - beta tester


Players can no longer drop items, Berserker class strength potion effects cannot be carried over to other classes.



2021-04-16 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Stilze
(60 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.16.5
File Size: 774 KB
Date Added: 2021-04-16
Downloads: 5,606
Map Category: PVP Maps

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