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Luigi's Ghost Mansion

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Based off the minigame from Nintendo Land on Wii U, Luigi's Ghost Mansion is a multiplayer Minecraft map in which a team of 1-4 Catchers must find a Ghost and kill that Ghost before the Ghost kills them. The Ghost is invisible at all times, however, except while sprinting and being caught, and the Ghost can also see where each Catcher is. But the Catchers can see how far away the Ghost is from them as well. Catchers must use their flashlight and shine it at where the Ghost may be to bring it's health down to zero.

CATCHERS: Each Catcher is given a flashlight to use to catch the Ghost. If the Ghost is caught in the flashlight's light (white concrete), then it's health decreases, and if it's health reaches zero, the Catchers win. However, flashlights only have limited battery, and so if the battery dies, then the flashlight won't work. It can be recharged, however, if a new battery spawns. When using the flashlight, hold it in your hand. When not using it, select a different slot in your hotbar. Catcher's battery % and distance from Ghost is displayed above the hotbar.

GHOST: Unless the Ghost is sprinting or is caught, the Ghost is always invisible. When the Ghost is inside a flashlight (white concrete), their health decreases, and if it hits zero, the Catchers win. The Ghost's health, as well as the time, is shown at the top of the screen. If the Ghost catches (punches) each Catcher before demise, the Ghost wins.

If there are 2+ Catchers, then each Catcher can revive a dead one using their flashlight, and they will respawn at full battery. If there's one Catcher, they have three lives. All the Ghost needs to do to catch a Catcher is punch them. If all Catchers are dead at once, the Ghost wins.

If there are any bugs, please report them here.

Thank you for playing and have fun!



--Added a new stage, the Mansion stage, being the 6th stage of the game. It's also a "bonus stage", meaning you must play the other 5 stages once to unlock it
--Added more glass walls in the Trapped stage --I added a timer at the top of the screen. This timer will count up, instead of count down. There's still infinite time, this timer at the top of the screen just shows how long you've been playing
--The "Time Played" in the chat at the end of each game is now correct
--The Open Arena stage has been tripled in size
--At the side of the screen, you can now see how many times the Catchers and Ghost teams have won
--Added a link to Mario Chase in the lobby
--And apparently if you downloaded this from on a Mac, the file won't work. I don't know why it did that, I use a Mac, so it was probably just something with the website, but this should fix it

---Updated to 1.17 (still compatible in 1.16)
---The Ghost can now be caught if the white concrete is 2 blocks under them, not just 1
---Fixed the glitch in which the Ghost may sometimes be visible after sprinting (see below)
---The Ghost can no longer be seen if they sprint. Sorry, I just couldn’t get it to work without it being problematic
---Got rid of time entirely. Like, there is now infinite time, and you can no longer see the ‘time remaining' at the top of the screen & replaced it with the number of games played (so now you can play for as long as needed)
---When caught in the flashlight, the Ghost is given a little bit more speed with 3-4 Catchers than with 1-2
---Whenever a Catcher is caught, they still go into spectator mode, but they can’t fly around the game anymore and are instead stuck at where they were caught, so they can’t see the invisible ghost in spectator mode
---Added more pillars in the Open Arena stage to make it *more* playable
---Made the Library stage a little less open and added more walls and barriers and such
---Removed a few "dead ends" in the Trapped stage
---Fixed the sound issue during the “Catch the Ghost!” or “Kill the Catchers!” at the beginning

Since the last file of the game, there was absolutely no way the ghost could've won, I've changed it up so that in this game, the ghost actually gets speed instead of slowness when they're caught in a flashlight, like in the original game. Hopefully, this makes the game playable and fun and gets rid of that one fatal flaw, cause my god did that one teeny tiny fatal flaw really get on my nerves



2021-04-13 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Chhistenn
(61 votes)
Map Version: v1.3
Minecraft Version: 1.17
File Size: 6.3 MB
Date Added: 2021-04-13
Downloads: 7,925
Map Category: Hide and Seek Maps

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