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Rubik's Diversity (Remake)

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This map requires Snapshot 21w03a.

Map Info

Welcome to the new Minecraft 1.17 and say goodbye to 1.16.

The map got many downloads and I was shocked.

I did make some people sad or mad because it was previously broken, but now I fixed it and it's stable and playable.

About The Map

Welcome to Rubik's diversity.

The fun will hit after you play this and see the different things that no one has seen before. The branches are different than the original diversity.

I love diversity and that is why I made this. I've loved it since I was a kid. I believe I started in a good spot but I needed to learn more to make the map more stable and playable.

I wanted to make it look like I am an old map creator and look like a 7-year-old made it. I start that way and move up to make it is stable and playable.

This map will start in the cyan prison. You and your friend are in the cyan prison and one of you will be blind and one of you will guide them troughs the prison and escape The cyan prison.

You and your friend are on the beach or you can call it not really a beach. You and your friend having fun on the beach but Henzoid find you and arrest you and put you in court but he doesn't care.

He asks me where you are going and I say you are going The Rubik's diversity. You and your friend are there and you have to solve different puzzles and more.

This prison has 10 different branches and the branch are list below

white (what doesn't belong)
red (puzzle)
orange (find the button)
yellow (bring back to life)
lime/green (golf)
blue (bad dropper)

After you complete them you have four more branches that have all 9 concrete in each level.

purple (walk and run)
pink (parkour)
brown (custom survival)
black (miner battle)


adventure mode
be in peaceful mode
render distance at 8 and not 12
rest of the rules are in the map

If you cannot play 1.17, find the 1.16 version here:

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fix the coordinates that teleport you in the void

fix more command fix the wall that do not get remove fix the trading system because of the villager that was removed but now is replace with riddle added some feature to stop you from cheat added light to see the golf course and the pistons puzzle fix some command that say is broken



2020-11-17 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: MagicJoshua
(404 votes)
Map Version: v21w03a
Minecraft Version: 1.17.1
File Size: 63 MB
Date Added: 2020-11-17
Downloads: 34,253
Map Category: Variety Maps

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