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Deception - Fear Strikes

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You fear strikes you when you're not aware...

Pick your side...

4 Runners:

Objective: 30 Fuel shards: Fuel shards are spawned at fixed points but hidden. Runners can walk near them and press sneak to pick it up. Upon picking up, the runner is slowed and is revealed to the killer until they deposit it to the generator.
Fuel shards will not recover upon death.

Objective: 7 Generators: Generators are a place to deposit your Fuel shards by just walking into it and pressing sneak. After that, you have to do the generator by holding sneak before putting another fuel shard in. It only requires 3 Fuel shards to power. Runners will only need 5 Generators to power the Exit.
Generators are always revealed to you.
Note that can come back to continue the generators.

Objective: Escape hatch: Escape hatch are located on the floor after you powered the facility. There will be 2 doors out of 5 that will be randomly opened.

Opportunity: Respawn points: Upon any Runners eliminated, the remaining teammates can respawn them. It will take 8 seconds until your friend respawns but the respawn point will be revealed to everyone making you vulnerable.
Respawning teammates will only respawn 1 random eliminated teammate.

1 Killer:
-20% faster than Runners
-Appears as a Herobrine head with black leather armor and a cloud of smoke as legs.
-30 blocks heartbeat distance

Objective: Kill them all: There are 4 runners on the map, the objective of the killer is to not let any of them escape.

Objective: Elimination: Walking near a Runner will automatically eliminate them for you.

Opportunity: Senses: Killers are able to detect runners' trails of footprints scattered throughout the floors of the maze.
Trails appear from survivors who are running.

Obstacle: Doors: Doors will slow the killers down when they run into it, but they can decide whether they want to break the door or not. Breaking doors are permanent and will benefit the killer later in the game.

Additional growth...

Preferring roles & Graphic settings: At the start of a game, players are to select some settings in the text chat and press ready.

Levels: levels are shown on the players tab to show off their experience to the game. For runners, it is determined for each runners escaped for 1/4 of a level at the end of a match. For killers, it is determined for each runners dead for 1/4 of a level at the end of a match.

Perks: Perks are special abilities you can use to benefit you in the game. It can both be active or passive.

Runner perks:
Evader: Gain additional speed when bursting through a door for 3 seconds. Causes exhaustion for 30 seconds. Exhaustion do not recover while running.
Gen Expertise: You do gens twice as fast but you are slow when carrying fuels.
Dark Sense: Gain sense of where the killer is when a generator is fueled.

Killer perks:
Blood Thirst: Gain additional speed for 3 seconds after a runner is resurrected.
Brutal Strength: You break doors faster.
Mass Aggression: Destroy all doors after all the generators are done.

Required procedures:

-Turn command blocks on.
-Requires 2 players up to 5. Others will be set as spectator.
-Requires operator to every player.
-Any brightness settings can be used.
-All particles need to be on
-Play in Minecraft 1.13.2


This game is greatly inspired by Dark Deception and Dead by Daylight. Take a moment to visit each game's steam pages, they're amazing.


- We've added a whole-new scene which is The Garden. Not gonna spoil much but it is hard for runners. The game will randomize between the 2 maps and we will keep adding more for you!


2019-02-28 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Slimyz (Pep2547)
(55 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.13.2
File Size: 1.51 MB
Date Added: 2019-02-28
Downloads: 3,949
Map Category: PVP Maps

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