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Instability is a Linear/Branching Mini CTM map with 5 objectives for Minecraft version 1.12. In order to claim victory over this map. The player must navigate through several different areas to find the sacred wool blocks and return them to the Unstable Monument to claim victory.

The Catch? The entire playable area of the map takes place within a 25 by 25 by 256 pillar. Each area is built within this pillar, besides the decorations and shootable obstacles beyond the pillar.

The map is balanced to be an Easy/Medium difficulty, with starting areas being quite tame, and then ramping up to a more difficult pace at the end. The map has been balance tested, but will be updated in a 1.1 version once I have additional feedback to improve the balance.

Playtime of the map is estimated to be 1-4 Hours.

The map features Custom Loot to use, Custom Monsters to fight, Custom Advancements to mark your progress, and even a little bit of a lore/backstory to read.

Notes: The map does start in peaceful right now. Please set your difficulty before beginning. This will be fixed in the 1.1 version of the map coming within the month.

Area Names: (Careful reading unless you want spoilers) This list is also in the order of difficulty.

  • Quartzite Conundrum
  • Overgrown Cliffside
  • Scalded Caverns
  • Woodland Prison
  • The Gauntlet
  • Abyssal Outlook
  • Illusioner's Escape



  • New item added - Ruby Slippers: Usable to return to the Monument from anywhere in the map! This can only be done once though...
  • New item added - Bark Belt: This item makes you more resistant on dirt, planting "roots" into the ground on these blocks!
  • Added in extra loot to make the beginning of the map easier and more forgiving.
  • Added more Iridium Chestplates and better detailed their purpose.
  • Map now begins in Normal Mode (Was Peaceful by accident.)



2017-08-03 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: PearUhDox
(77 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.12
File Size: 1.18 MB
Date Added: 2017-08-03
Downloads: 4,428
Map Category: CTM Maps

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