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Mesa Racer 2

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Map Info

The much-anticipated sequel to an Elytra game enjoyed by thousands - Mesa Racer 1.0 - is finally here!

Mesa Racer 2.0 takes the magnificent landscape and deep slot canyons found in the original title and introduces an exciting new course design. Using advanced imaging techniques, a constant and gradual decline was built in to the map. This makes Elytra flight sustainable and allows you to choose your own pace!

The same single-player concept of racing against the clock remains, with a new multiplayer mode where you and your friends can try to snipe each other while you are gliding. Is gliding not your style? Try the teleporting sniper run where you have special arrows that can either help or hinder the gliders. Additional PVP options and mini-games are available in the spawn area to keep things interesting for everyone!



  • Collect emeralds while you glide for a 1-second time reduction at two locations

  • Dual-launch start gates that equip you with an Elytra, shield, sword, bow, and arrows

  • Teleporting sniper run with several sniping vantages

    • “Friend Arrows” that add invisibility, absorption, and strength

    • “Enemy Arrows” that add glowing, nausea, and blindness

  • King of the Island – Intense PVP Deathmatch that never ends

  • Sniper Practice – Hone in on your sniping skills by taking on a room full of bats!

  • Gliding Practice – Enjoy the course with invisibility and no timer stress!

  • Two modes of sky-jousting to practice using the shield and sword

  • Automatically resetting variation of the puzzle Nim

  • Authentic western setting with aesthetically pleasing spawn design

  • Several hidden easter eggs and secret places to discover!

  • Anti-cheat mechanism that prevents players from changing gamemode


  • If you glide close to the ground, you will go faster and it will be harder for the snipers to hit you
  • If you glide level with the horizon, you can fly slowly above the map and take in the scenic view
  • Do not hold shift while you are launching or else you will not fall
  • Players that are gliding cannot take sword damage.
  • You cannot change your gamemode from Adventure, so no cheating!
  • Do not try to break item frames – the items will not drop


  • Spawn Coordinates – 35 251 108
  • Gamemode – Adventure (do not change this)
  • Cheats – Enabled
  • Minecraft version 1.9.2
  • RAM Recommendation: 2GB (default=1GB) set “-Xmx2G” in the JVM Arguments of your Launcher
  • Difficulty - Hard

YouTuber Rule

If you make a video using this map, you must credit REBEECCC and link to this page in the video description.

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2016-04-15 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: rebeeccc
(86 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.9.2
File Size: 8.4 MB
Date Added: 2016-04-15
Downloads: 4,769
Map Category: Game Maps

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