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Magical Runes

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Command Info

Magical Runes is a One Command Creation that adds in 9 magic infused runes! Depending how you configure the runes in your inventory, you will get different abilities! There are a total of 100 configurations, meaning that you can choose a configuration to best suit your needs!


To get started with the creation, you will need to throw a nether star and a diamond on an enchantment table to create the "Magical Spawn Egg". Placing the spawn egg will summon the Rune Crafter. You can then throw items onto the Crafter to create runes. Here is a crafting sheet that will tell you all of the crafting recipes:

Crafting Guide

Rune Configuration:
You can only have two runes active at any one time. To activate a rune put it in either your eighth or ninth hotbar slot. That is the two slots on the far right of you hotbar. Depending on which slot you put it in, you will get a different ability, meaning each rune has 2 different abilities. 

Nature Rune:
Slot 8 ability: All plants in the world grow over 50x faster.
Slot 9 ability: Vines will come out of the ground and attempt to attack nearby enemies. They're inaccurate, but is it hits, it can be fatal.

Chaos Rune:
Slot 8 ability: Tnt is twice as strong.
Slot 9 ability: Creepers take more time to explode and only have a small explosion.

Water Rune:
Slot 8 ability: Get night vision and water breathing when underwater.
Slot 9 ability: Get much better loot from fishing.

Redstone Rune:
Slot 8 ability: You become a living redstone block.
Slot 9 ability: Speed 3 and jump boost 3.

Freeze Rune:
Slot 8 ability: Slow nearby mobs.
Slot 9 ability: Will give you the frost walker enchantment, meaning water will freeze under your feet.

Flame Rune:
Slot 8 ability: Fire resistance.
Slot 9 ability: Will burn nearby mobs. 

Ender Rune:
Slot 8 ability: Ender pearls will not damage you when you throw them.
Slot 9 ability: If you select the ninth slot and shift, you will get the same effect as a chorus fruit.

Time Rune:
Slot 8 ability: Time is slowed to everything near you. Mobs move, attack and fall slower.
Slot 9 ability: Time is sped up. The time of day increases very quickly and the weather is cleared

Smelting Rune:
Slot 8 ability: Will provide free fuel to any furnaces one block below you.
Slot 9 ability: Will make the furnace directly under you smelt items very quickly


1/ Enable cheats in your world by either opening the world to LAN or oping yourself on a server.
2/ Obtain a command block by typing into chat /give @p command_block
3/ Copy the command from the download into the command block.
4/ Set the command block to 'Always Active' by pressing the 'Needs Redstone' button.
5/ The machine should build and you should be ready to start using the creation!

You can remove the machine by right-clicking the sign on the machine labelled destroy. Once removed, nothing that the creation adds will work.


2016-03-10 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: JUSTCAMH
(159 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.9
File Size: 31 KB
Date Added: 2016-03-10
Downloads: 7,995
Map Category: Custom Commands

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