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Grand Compendium of Parkour

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Map Info:
Too tired to play multiple maps to get a sampling of all parkour? Want everything in one place? Just looking for a parkour map with something new? Get it all in one map, the Grand Compendium of Parkour! This map was made by Gamerichie (me).

ThisĀ is a compendium of parkour containing almost every type of parkour imaginable, including the classics, such as:

  • Basic Parkour
  • Sprint Jumps
  • Carpet Parkour
  • Ladder Parkour
  • Vertical-C Jumps
  • Invisible Blocks
  • Corner Jumps
  • Momentum
  • Trapdoors and Doors
  • Slime Blocks
  • Speed & Jump Boost
  • Ice and Cake
  • Fences
  • Glass Panes
  • Cacti
  • Skull Parkour
  • Timed Parkour
  • Timing Parkour
  • Stairs & Slabs
  • Concussion Jumps
  • Soul Sand
  • And of course, Quads!

However, this map also includes many types of parkour that are not seen very often, and some have never been used in a map before! These include:

  • Banner Parkour
  • Tables
  • Water Parkour
  • Teleparkour
  • Vine Parkour
  • Fire Parkour
  • Lava Parkour (not what you are thinking)
  • and much more!

So why wait? Get it all in the Grand Compendium of Parkour today!



2015-12-28 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Gamerichie
(31 votes)
Map Version: v1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
File Size: 668 KB
Date Added: 2015-12-28
Downloads: 7,847
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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