News: Minecraft 1.16 "Nether Update" has been released by Mojang!

Minecraft Maps for 1.16

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.16, 1.16.1 & 1.16.2 (Java Edition).

Inspired by Tf2's jump maps, Blocket Jump is a parkour map with a Rocket Launcher!

This is an open-world adventure map for 1-2 players. Total playtime ~1-2 hours.

Jump across every single Minecraft block as of 1.16.1! Yes, you heard me right, EVERY SINGLE BLOCK!

Terminal Cliffs is a CTM featuring 16 short dungeons strewn upon a towering stone cliff face. 

An Enhanced Skyblock With 27 Islands Including The Nether! This Took Longer Than It Should Have But Now That It Is Finished, It Can Now Be Played By Anyone! Multiple Players Can Join The Fun To Help You Complete The Game!

Welcome to Orrinshire! Slay zombies, collect materials, buy buildings, expand your village! Recommended with friends!

A parkour map inside of Giant Blocks made out of smaller Blocks which are also made out of block.

Compete with your friends in a classic game of Tic Tac Toe!

A recreation of Google Chrome's offline platformer, T-Rex Runner. Avoid hitting cacti and parrots as your T-Rex runs through a dangerous mesa biome!

10 levers, only 120 seconds on the clock, and no time to spare.

RnB Co-op is a 2 player coop puzzle map with "10" levels!

Open-world Survival! Free exploration, custom structures and mobs. #Survival #Adventure #Medieval #RGP #Custom

You are Kidnapped and brought to an island, your mission is to survive and complete all the quests... But first a BIG choice!

Explore a world where the only goal is adventure! This is a modified survival experience.

Is it easy to survive on a planet which is shaped like a fork? Let's find out!

A space adventure where a stranded astronaut must explore alien planets, complete parkour, work through puzzles, drop down massive crevices, and find hidden secrets to acquire materials and information.

The final installment of the Astral Adventure sees you once again taking on the challenge to find magic capsules and save your friends. With friends from both the Astral Realm, and the Earth Realm, you'll discover what exactly the Shadow has been up to and why exactly he wants you and your friends.

This map is a skyblock themed world with a map showing you where you can find dungeons secrets and so much more! there is also a bit of secret lore if you know where to look :)

A parkour map where you need to parkour higher and higher, from Y 0 to Y 256.

Welcome To Parkour Islands, One Of The Biggest Minecraft Parkour Maps Ever Created.