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Minecraft Maps for 1.16

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.16, 1.16.1 & 1.16.2 (Java Edition).

Defeat your opponents in a giant moving maze.

This medieval style castle stands on an isolated plateau on a deserted and lifeless island.

Adventure through a treacherous archipelago ruled by the tyrannical Yellow King and collect the 6 discs of eternity.

The Neo-Gothic architectural style emerged during the Romantic period (1800-1850). We have tried to incorporate this style in the palace as much as possible

A full 16 objective ctm in the form of a collabration project, where the color theme of the area matchs the color of the objective.

The second map of the colorfire project, where everybody must build an area where the color theme of area reflects the color of the objective.

Travel through a changing maze filled with dangers and mysteries. Understand its mechanisms in order to find all 16 wools and 8 bonus. You can also play it in multiplayer for a totally different experience.

Hunted Hustle is a fantastic game! It's where Race for the Wool meets Bingo! Randomly generated terrain allows you to manage to craft 5 random items! But WATCH OUT! You can impede each other's progress with bows and firework crossbows! Can you Hustle, while being Hunted?

(MinecraftMaps.com) Parkour maps are entertaining, but jumping all the time without doing anything apart is sometimes very tedious, but this is STRATEGIC LEAPS!

The name says it all, this is an easy dropper map!

A recreation of Undertale Sans battle in Minecraft. Warning: contain spoilers of Undertale genocide ending.

A lost city built in the End dimension!

Defend waves of zombies with Unique Mage Wand!

In this custom map you'll spawn on a central island from where you'll get the necessary resources to progress towards the completion of the monument

I made this map to practice speedrunning for 1.16 Random Seed Glitchless (RSG)

The continuation of an Injustice.

Try looking for an answer in a world where no one is in your sight.

A "Simple" and completely "Normal" Escape The Prison Map Made by Rhogar_ (Thats me!) Traverse Through The prison to hopefully find your way out. Get help for escaping by your old prison mate Rhogar_ (Thats also me...) Have Fun!

 Renovate houses, bunkers, and gardens - just like the video game House Flipper!

You wake up in your room, with no memory of past events. Uncover the truths and mysteries in this story-based puzzle map.

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