Featured: Complete the Monument in these Minecraft CTM Maps!

Minecraft Maps for 1.15

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.15 (Java Edition).

Get lost in a garden that does not obey the laws of geometry and solve puzzles and mazes to progress your way to the next mind bender.

10 Buttons 10 Levels Complete Each Level And Reach The End to Win!

This parkour map challenges players while doing parkour, through things such as trivia, PVE, and item locating.

Structure Parkour is a satisfying parkour map ! Browse all the new features of 1.15.2 through a parkour map based on the structures of Minecraft ! More information in the description.

Fractured Parkour is a challenging parkour map built to test the limits of your parkour ability in the few remains of a broken world.

Icy Heat is a 2 objective HARDCORE ctm map, you need to place the red and the lime wool in the monument to win.

This is the first Parkour Map I created. It has 5 Levels (Worlds) with over 650 Jumps. Each World is themed by a Mario World.

Back in medieval times the demon Abaddon came and captured a kingdom, enslaving the population and corrupting the island. You, a knight from a far off land, has washed ashore and is nurtured back to health by an innkeeper. With an uncontrollable sense of justice and determination, you set off to free the land and slay Abaddon.

A three map deathrun, where the goal as a Runner, is to avoid traps and escape. As Death, you need to kill the Runners before they get to the end.

This is the first map I share, so I created a little parkour map with some features I used to use in my private maps like rocket jump or platforming potions and more..

You are... somewhere. Probably. And there's... floating... stuff. You remember nothing. And you might never remember anything.

Hey! Thanks for looking at our map!This map has 60 fun levels for you to play.If you play our map,make sure to put a timer and post your time at finishing our map in the comments.

A medium-difficulty 1.15.2 CTM featuring customized loot and mobs, sixteen deadly dungeons, and 8-12 hours of gameplay!

Diamond Duke requires your services. It appears that Diamond Duke's power and pride, diamonds, are in trouble.

This is not a minecraft map... or is it?

"Escape Now", the new puzzle -escape room style- map, made for 1.15.2 single player. Are you good enough to escape from this multi-scenario escape room?

This is an art nouveau hotel with major red stone integration. A functional keycard system leads you to three types of rooms.

A cannibal escapes from a mental facility, no one knows who he is or where he came from, and for some reason, he's out to get you, so you have to escape him before its too late.

Compete to be the last one standing on 12 explosive maps! Pickup bonus items and burn the competition. Can you survive the Wildfire?

Try to hold the tag for as long as possible. Pass it to your teammates while trying to avoid opponents.