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Minecraft Maps for 1.15

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.15 (Java Edition).

Beautiful and realistic Houses with detailed interiors! 

As a journalist you want to solve the mystery of the Ghost Man. Whether you will succeed, you will see when you play the map!

"Hidden Buttons" are back! Are you ready to face the challenge of finding another 10 buttons? This time levels are even bigger and more challenging!

Are you looking for a horror map for 1.15.2? Just search, you've found it! Custom Map created by Nxtor2

All you have to do is get the Red and Blue characters to their respective end point. It can't be too hard, right? Make your way through 18 levels with singleplayer teamwork based puzzles, including switches, bridges, teleporters, and more!

Welcome to Golden Minigames! There are 8 different replayable minigames that you can play that includes an Adventure, Find the Button, Dropper, True or False, Trivia, Maze, Player Versus Environment, and Which Doesn't Belong.

The sequel. Return to a series of puzzle rooms to save a friend! A story-driven single-player map with puzzles added to the mix. Playtime: under an hour.

QuarCo-op is a co-op Minecraft map for 2 players. Cooperation is needed to complete the game. There are 20 + 1 levels full of puzzles. Don't wait, download the map now!

4 soups - 4 rooms, very strange beginning. Can you cook all the soups and find the Easter Egg?

Hey is pink your favorite color? no? yes? either way this map will be alot of fun and challenging at the same time. Try it out for yourself to see how cool this map will be

The Ultra Puzzle map is a map which tests your logical thinking, parkour skills as well as minecraft knowledge.

Survive in the middle of a deep, endless ocean; starting with a small wooden platform!

This map uses the Depth Strider enchantment to make a fluid and fun parkour map, there is many ways to complete the course some harder than others.

There are 8 different biomes and you need need to try and reach the end without dying in as little time as possible

Tower Jump 3, a parkour map were you have to parkour your way up the tower.

Continue your adventure with up to as many as 3 friends. Experience custom music, epic boss battles, interactive dialogue, intriguing minigames, intermediate puzzles, and much more!

You had seen UNFAIR Maps by Nico and Happy, but What about a new creator. This map has 3 EASTER EGGS! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Download it.

The "21" DLC in resident evil 7 recreated in Minecraft. Support multi-play or you can just challenge to a AI villager. Use your mind and survive.

Very hard map, if you pass it you are very good!  

There's Never A Challenge Too Hard for you throughout these 8 levels. Simply get both Red and Blue to be atop an Emerald Block and you'll finish the level- but beware- some obstacles lay in your way.