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Escape the Mansion

Created by Dilena

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Map Info

You wake up in a strange place, not knowing how did you get there and with the evil mysterious voice challenging you to escape.

At first it could look like an easy task, but the house holds many well hidden secrets that you have to find and escape this nightmare.

Map Details

Creator: Dilena
(57 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.3
Size: 7.9 MB
Added: 2019-06-29
Downloads: 8,006
Category: Puzzle Maps

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+4 Therealduck1 Not gonna lie, you took the fun out of playing a map.

I literally had to fix your entire map with command blocks that don't work, especially taking time with the one which is supposed to give you a button for the gold block door since didn't know the map was broken

Overall, the map was pretty terrible, nothing worked, there were way too many empty chests and was frankly boring.
Not reccomened

2019-07-12 16:01

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+1 TheMan Many players struggled with this as commands were designed incorrectly and some clues were pointless. Pretty bad map.

2019-07-11 03:54

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0 Random Got stuck at the beginning. Got no glue how to open the door. I think it has something to do with the diamond armor since there is a torch in it but i don't know what to do with it. And does the sword play a role in it somehow?

2019-07-10 22:19

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0 Zodazzle I got stuck after the white wool key I think, but it doesn't matter. Also as a future tip, but make sure players can't break paintings. I snagged 56 paintings, which makes me wonder if I'm insane for taking paintings, or if the owners of the mansion are insane for having that many paintings. Also I trampled on their farm, so if they are still alive (I have no clue because I didn't finish the map), then they are gonna be in for a starving winter.

2019-07-06 10:39

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0 Morphy Okay honestly this was pretty terrible. The design included 100's of chests that were empty and just frustrating to rifle through. The command blocks did not always work (wooden button behind bookshelf supposed to give you a stone button for the gold block) and really I never worked it all out. It's not fun to look under every box for a small chest or button for every puzzle. The books were the only really good part, well done with those.

2019-07-06 01:48

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+2 kurfjr2 any hints on how to get into the basement??

2019-07-05 00:07

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-1 purpleowlcat The map was alright. The build was nice, although most rooms were under-utilized. I searched the attic for about 15 minutes with its 50 chests and barrels, including in spectator and there was nothing in any of the chests. There were also items that seemed pointless, unless nether stars were for scoring. The combat seemed thrown in and would spawn in "fears" every time you failed at the basement, meaning by the time I byp[censored]ed the maze there were about 30 of them. The rest of the gameplay was just "find the button". This is fine, although it could be more diverse. While using chests for decoration is fine, and they don't all need a purpose, there were about 20 for every chest with something useful in it. There is a difference between difficult and tedious. The other command block problems have already been mentioned, and it is just a quick fix. Its not a bad early map though and this definitely took some work, so don't be discouraged.

2019-07-04 16:23

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+1 TheUltimateDestroyer I sucked at the map I'll just say that now but I think the build was great and I made a video on it anyway.

Video -

2019-07-01 19:07

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+1 Muddy Stomper Map was so bad it gave me OSD!

2019-07-01 07:20

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0 Nilash I'm stuck after getting the button that says can be placed in white wool, then there is another room with black wool, i see it has stuff inside and my gut feelings tells me i need to open that to proceed but got stuck

2019-07-01 06:32

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0 Dilena Quoting C03man:
I'm really lost on trying to find the yellow wool key, any hints?

It is in one of the rooms downstairs

2019-06-30 18:46

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0 mine_boy60 The button behind the bookshelf doesn't work properly. The command needs to have @p instead of your name

2019-06-30 01:03

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+4 oops there is a button behind a bookshelf that gives you the button to the goldenblock door but the command says the map makers name and it need to be @p so evrey player gets it

2019-06-29 20:02

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0 C03man I'm really lost on trying to find the yellow wool key, any hints?

2019-06-29 18:59

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