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Elemental Realms

Created by Dirk van Winden


Map Info

You're now (part of) the Atomic Heroes Team, and you are called for a mission. A few scientists, researching the Elemental Realms, have made a Golem too strong. You can't defeat it yet, first you need to find "Elemental Essences" to weaken it.

However, they're spread over different worlds, and you have to complete side-quests to gather them. Talk to the different leaders of the Realms, and fight enemies, find items, solve puzzles, acquire skills, and complete quests to collect the Essences. Yeah, it might take a while!

With custom (optional) resourcepack here.

Since there are no real rules (everything is on lockdown and cheats are on if you want) I'll skip those.


  • 8 quests through 8 completely different worlds
  • 4 bossfights plus 1 final fight
  • Compatibility for both Singleplayer and Multiplayer (Multiplayer works much better though)
  • Custom advancements, weapons and armor that help in battle
  • Puzzles that aren't too hard, but pretty hard
  • And lots of hours of adventure!

A Quick Note

This map is not available on Realms (ironic) but I'm trying to get it on it. If you found any bugs, glitches, difficulty spikes, or you don't know what to do, say it and I will fix everything. Oh and don't complain about the puzzles, they're all possible! Thank you.


Made for Minecraft 1.12.2

Elemental Realms

(142 votes)
Creator: Dirk van Winden
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 5.5 MB
Added: 2017-10-09
Downloads: 5,042
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Legolord00 How do I get the miner's pickaxe? I've looked everywhere and I have no clue how to find it, and I think I need to get it so I can get the diamond key. If anyone knows how to find it please tell me. This is in the Life Realm by the way.

2018-06-20 19:10

0 NotAFlamethrower Quoting someiguana:
I'm having problems finding the 3 diamonds in the fire realm, where do I find them?

They're in the Lava Lake. You'll need the Fire Miner and Flamebreaker Armor Lv. 2 to get them. You can find all three buried in lots and I mean LOTS of gravel.

2018-05-29 21:08

0 NotAFlamethrower In the fire realm how do you get into the castle to see the Blaze King??

2018-05-23 22:10

0 Venom Quoting MinoLeite:
In the Air realm , how do i get on the roof of the tower ?

You have to use the fireworks with the elytra

2018-04-13 02:15

0 ClaireMik So I been stuck in the fire realm in quite a long time, I mostly got everything and watched other players on Youtube do it, but when I put the lever on the pump (obsidian) and started spamming and clicking it for a LONG time, nothing happened. I am really confused, Cooler said to keep on clicking it, but it doesn't seem to work!

2018-03-17 22:34

0 TheSurround Hey! i did a playthrough of your map, it was pretty good :), here's the first video of my playthrough...h ttps:// /-1bH8lbObtQ

2018-03-07 20:57

+1 johnnypgamer why the villager always talk so slow

2018-02-23 01:10

0 buddersparklez I've played your map before and whenever I go to the technic realm, I can't ever talk to three of the robots (security, life, and destroyer bots), if you can find a way to some how fix that if you can, then that would be great! (I've also completed all of the realms except for technic and magic, I've never been in the magic realm because I wanted to get the technic realm done first before moving on. When I couldn't get those 3 robots to talk, I just gave up on it because they all were not working.) Again, if you can somehow fix those 3 robots in the technic realm that would be greatly appreciated! :)

2018-02-04 00:29

0 Jason27Noc64 Quoting DALLMYD:
hey dirk
im stuck in the tchnic realm i need to find 3 parts. ive got 2 now buti dont know what the thirth one is anymore! could please help me out?
PS Ben je nl?

Basically you shoot a bunch of arrows at the cleaner bot and you will get everything along the way

2018-01-29 00:12

0 TheK0ntr0ller Hey! I am planning on doing a let's play on this map. Roughly how long is it? Just curious! :D

2018-01-18 16:43

+2 slimeman_cz There are so many bugs i thing, like in technic realm i cannot talk with 2 robots (Destroyer and Life)

2017-11-20 14:08

+1 Azteranzo Quoting hello:
In the fire realm, does it matter where you place the pump lever to pump out the water on the obsidian? Because I've been doing it for a while now and nothing has happened.

Spam click the lever until you get water

2017-11-05 13:42

0 Azteranzo How do I find the pigman village?

2017-11-05 12:52

0 Felippe In Magic Realm, after I used the Portal, It just disappeared. Is this a bug or have I done something wrong?? (the telepoint came back)

2017-11-05 05:30

0 xXDiaDragonXx The text is supppeeerrrr sloooowwww!! is there any way to speed up the text??

2017-11-05 04:32

0 MinoLeite In the Air realm , how do i get on the roof of the tower ?

2017-11-03 21:49

+1 someiguana I'm having problems finding the 3 diamonds in the fire realm, where do I find them?

2017-11-03 09:14

+1 MS514 How do I advance in the Air Realm, I have the colors Purple, Red, and Yellow, but now I'm stuck. Someone help!!

2017-11-02 03:35

0 hello In the fire realm, does it matter where you place the pump lever to pump out the water on the obsidian? Because I've been doing it for a while now and nothing has happened.

2017-10-27 20:15

0 sup wait when i "vanish" does it means i finished the map?

2017-10-26 16:03

+1 DALLMYD hey dirk
im stuck in the tchnic realm i need to find 3 parts. ive got 2 now buti dont know what the thirth one is anymore! could please help me out?
PS Ben je nl?

2017-10-25 12:18

0 DALLMYD i have broken 3 of the 5 parts in the magic realm but now im stuck. What do i do now?

2017-10-24 15:38

+4 MS514 Where do I find the 7 and 8 coolplants in the fire realm?

2017-10-23 14:10

0 hi Quoting CookiesandCraft:
I would really love to keep playing this map but i'm stuck an i think there might be a bug : are all the chests supposed to be empty ? I've been desperate to find food as i keep starving to death, and i'm stuck in the fire realm, can't find my way up the 2nd flower and i don't know where to find the replacement for the pigman. Help please !

at the start the is a sign that says 10 bread, click that for food

2017-10-21 23:47

+3 Nice_Guy1 In the tech realm, how do you get the cleaner bot to clean?

2017-10-16 16:40

+1 help me how do the air puzzle for the first puzzle so confused i got to red purple and yellow

2017-10-15 19:10

0 DraconLupus91 Quoting A Youtuber:
How do I break the flowers in the fire realm?

keep going, in the pigman village there is a gardener, they will give you a tool.

2017-10-15 19:00

0 DraconLupus91 Quoting Sean:
How do I say yes to the quests?

Open up your chat, and then click on the green yes button. If that wasn't working, I don't know.

2017-10-15 02:41

+4 Clayton Okay, I WOULD say this is a good map, but there are several bad design choices peppered throughout it that made me unable to continue without cheating. And I've only played 3 of the 8 realms so far!

First of all, in each realm where there's those signs that give you food and weapons, they should say "click to get iron sword" instead of just "iron sword". I spent way too long running around without a means to defend myself. Same thing with the special weapons you get for completing each realm.

In the Fire Realm, I had no idea I could just run into the fire gardens and jump into the water and be fine. I and most other players would see the sign saying "heat level 3" and think "Oh, I can't go there yet." Either give us something that indicates we can actually go there or change the way to get the last two coolplants.

In the Water Realm, if you go to that parkour section of the intelligence test without the burner, you're stuck there forever. Make it that you can't go there at all without the burner.

Similarly, if you go to the spot in the intelligence test with the sponges and have the frost walker boots, the entrance gets sealed over forever. Put some torches in the area so the ice melts.

A third thing in the water realm: when that one guardian asks you to bring iron boots and says "they can be crafted", that's misleading. You just find the iron boots already crafted. People are gonna waste time looking around for iron.

A fourth thing: Since unlike the Earth Realm you don't have a means to break spawners, the crystals in the skeleton's den are basically impossible to get.

But the biggest problem with the water realm is the number of crystals vs how hard some of them are to find. Some I only knew about through spectator and two I couldn't find at all. Make it that you only need 15 of the 20 crystals to progress the game, and reward the player for getting all 20.

The Earth Realm has a similar problem, there simply aren't enough emeralds. You need 30 emeralds to get both the key to progress and get the sword upgrade, and you either put only 29 in the entire map or one of them is way too well hidden. Just add a couple more emeralds around to give players some more leeway please? I'd also say the same for diamonds, but the things you get for them are optional.

And as I said, that's only 3 of the 8 realms. I'll make another comment talking about anything else I find later.

2017-10-15 00:11

0 Firethrower08 I was in the fire realm, then I went in the water at magma field, I got the wither effect and it says "You're on fire!!!" whenever I respawn, the same thing happens

2017-10-14 06:08


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